Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dave Pack Also Speaking Out Against Bob Thiel

Poor Bob, he is getting hammered on all fronts. Can we say p-e-r-s-e-c-u-t-i-o-n!

Dave writes:

Here is why Thiel disavowed his previous position and hid the facts. He saw the same thing we have seen since our posting—WIDESPREAD DISAGREEMENT IN LCG WITH ROD MEREDITH’S FALSE TEACHING ABOUT THE FALLING AWAY! He probably got the same avalanche of emails from LCG members that we did. He wanted to be in agreement with the large number in LCG who know this doctrine is WRONG! 
How many wrote him? Enough to make him (1) flip-flop, (2) alter his posts to hide his first position, (3) attack us for reporting the truth—and (4) go public against LCG’s leadership. 
Not surprisingly, Meredith weighed in on Bob Thiel, seeking to distance LCG from “their man,” but of course choosing something other than Thiel’s “falling away” position to do this. A recent weekly Bulletin stated that Thiel is not an official LCG spokesman, and that he “has written a number of things” (postings and books) with which LCG’s leaders do not agree. Let’s summarize: LCG allows a lay member to write ridiculous, divisive, heretical nonsense, but remain a member. Why? Because he can periodically be “useful.” Thiel’s books are speculative, heretical nonsense about prophecy by a man working presumptuously without God’s calling, completely out of his depth. We ask again: Why would LCG permit this? Why would they look away as a lay member takes to himself such AUTHORITY—and for years? 
The answer: Because its leaders produce so much ridiculous, divisive, heretical nonsense themselves—on prophecy and numerous other doctrines! On what basis would they stop such a man when they have lost track of so much prophetic truth themselves?


Anonymous said...

you guys are bad! :-)

Anonymous said...

Lots of doctrinal changes going on in all the 'groups'.
Some jumped ship at CGG over doctrinal changes on born again etc.and harsh disfellowshipments.
Will be interesting to see what comes of all this

Anonymous said...

David Booklet Trained Pack said:

"Thiel’s books are speculative, heretical nonsense about prophecy by a man working presumptuously without God’s calling, completely out of his depth."


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the on-going tempests in the xcgs require ever smaller teacups to contain them. Dr. Bob is history in the LCG. He presumed to publicly think for himself, however addled he may be. Independent thought and action always will be perceived as "rebellion" and failure to submit to "church authority" in the long run. Now Bob will have no choice other than to start his own work.

Anonymous said...

thinking for oneself ,even if addled or not correct, whatever that means, is not a COG trait. Tolerance is not tolerated. No one knows how it all is and allowing free thought is a threat to organization. Life would be better if each side could allow the other their views. Time will tell and clarify all things

Douglas Becker said...

A great falling away from British Israelism?

I can hardly wait!

Anonymous said...

So I guess Mr. Pack would have KO'd Dr. Thiel on the spot - probably on the first offense.

Doesn't the Bible have both I Corinthians 1 and Romans 14?

Anonymous said...

"thinking for oneself ,even if addled or not correct, whatever that means, is not a COG trait."

I think you meant something like, even if correct and NOT addled. Thinking for oneself is not that dangerous if it IS addled and incorrect. It's when you ARE correct that you become intolerable.

None of these "ministerial" types in the COGs have ever done any of their own thinking. All they do is ape the same old ideas spoonfed to them by a man who died 26 years ago and counting, who in turn stole those ideas from older people who came before him. The end result is that there are a lot of con men out there peddling the same old stale ideas, and there's no one producing any new ones.

All the products and ingredients on the shelves of the COG's "thought pantry" are dusty, stale, and waaaay past their expiration date. Even the things that look like "new" ideas were cooked up using those same expired ingredients. Bob Thiel, LCG, RCG, PKG, UCG, and COGWA certainly don't seem to have any plans to rotate their inventories.

If anyone were to come along with new ideas made from fresh ingredients, they would be such a threat to the intellectually lazy and unproductive "ministerial" types that they probably wouldn't last long. Kind of like the Pharisees vs. Jesus. By comparison they will appear to be the hucksters, carpetbaggers, and charlatans that they are, which they cannot allow. They only weapon they have against truth and productivity is "authority." If anyone ever starts tugging at the red thread of truth the threat must be targeted as "rebels" and eliminated.

Assistant Deacon said...

"Mr." Pack?

Please, let's not encourage the man.

NO2HWA said...

Call him "Dave," he absolutely hates that.

Byker Bob said...

For those who wonder what is to become of Mr. Thiel, now that he's on the hotseat, here is my prediction: Dr. Thiel will repent of his Armstrongism, and will reach out to Dennis Diehl. Since they are in similar professions, they will create a new physical therapy facility, and will name it "Thiel & Diehl".


Painful Truth said...

Thiel needs to act fast! Overthrow Meredith as he is now reported to be "senile" and then secure your apostolic future with pay raises for the ministry, circuses for the members, and beatings for the children.

Just a suggestion Bob...