Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dave Pack's Mind of God

In light of the blog post below about pastor-gods in the Church of God, here is a quote from God's most important man on earth who has the world's largest and most effective ministry ever to grace humanity.

Dave Pack

What a joy to spend all day with the brethren-Sabbath services, luncheon and then an extensive Bible Study answering the longest list of questions I have ever received at any Bible Study (some were still left unanswered). It is obvious that the brethren are studying and are interested in knowing the mind of God. This is a far  cry from my last years as a pastor in the early 1990s.


Anonymous said...

Dave covets other men's wives and manipulates the women in his so called church (cult group)to cause division between husbands and wives, but that makes him feel good. He does not care how it affects those families. Dave is a liar because he claims that HWA was some god sent man when Dave knows that HWA made many propheies in the name of god, and none of HWAs junk came true; Dave knows that but continues to tell his cult members that HWA was special so that now Dave can say that he is #2. I think that Dave is #2 but the kind that floats till it is flushed. Dave is a home wrecker.

Anonymous said...

"In contrast to the ideas of God endorsed and promoted by the various revealed religions, ranging anywhere from killing babies in the Old Testament to suggesting the practice of "turning the other cheek" in the New Testament, Deism offers a very simple non-dogmatic concept of God: an eternal entity whose power is equal to his/her will.

With the quality of being eternal, the entity of God obviously would have no beginning or end. Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity predicted places in the universe void of time, so the idea of eternalness is not unreasonable. As humanity learns more about science and the universe, our concepts of the Creator will correspondingly grow. This is the only way we can learn more about God: through the honest study of the Creator's creation, not through contradictory books written by men but claiming inspiration and revelation from God.

The antiquated practice of forming an idea of God based on purely past material experience, such as referring to God as "King", is also rejected by Deism. The extremely limited picture of God as the jealous and paranoid king of kings sitting on his throne upset that his subjects were going to reach "heaven" by building a brick tower is due to the limited vision which the Bible writers had of both the Creator and of the universe. This fear the Bible god had of the Tower of Babel is based on fear of humanities acquisition of knowledge. The Creator the Deist venerates invites all of us to learn as much as possible about absolutely everything, for this is the best way to learn about God.

Another problem with the idea of God as promoted by the revealed religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam is its depiction of God as a man. By limiting God to the status of a man, women are consciously and subconsciously relegated to a lesser standing in society. After all, if God is characterized as a man, then men are closer to God then women. Perhaps this accounts for the multiple instances of women bashing found throughout the various "holy books." By limiting the advancement of women through their subjugation to men, revealed religion has limited the advancement and progress of all of society. And a very sad element of this anti-progress mind-set, advanced by revealed religion, is that it claims God as its author. "

Douglas Becker said...

No one should go to someone like Davey who doesn't know God the Father to ask questions about the mind of God.

How could he know?

Anonymous said...

Mind of God=Mind of Dave=Oops, Wrong God