Monday, September 17, 2012

Religious Nuts

I get all kinds of email from wacko's out there in regards to items of interest from the various COG's.  Many obviously have severe mental health issues.  Others are prime examples of what black and white legalistic religiosity will do to people. They have all the answers and everyone else is wrong.  They are saved and the rest of humanity is damned. God speaks to or through them with some secret message that the world supposedly needs to hear..  The list could go on and on.

Over the weekend I received this from a guy who calls himself Junior Watchman.  His magical god is ready to dish out punishments upon all who disagree with him.  Anytime you see the word "Watchman" in the title of an Armstrongite you know that a few screws are loose. 70 years of modern COG history proves that.  How many hundreds of "watchman" have popped on to the scene since William Miller made an ass of himself?

Baby Watchman writes:

Is not the truth of Jesus Christ.
You ever been a victim of satanic ritual abuse and survived to tell about it?
You ever been introduced to the sons of the serpent who rule the world?

Most of what you say about ‘wacky conspiracy theories’ actually have much more truth about them than you realize, but alas, it’s expected because those who were never part of such things, speak on things they don’t even know from such a position.

Here’s some advise, either stop lying… or every dog has it’s day, not by my works, but by God’s own’s decress when you bear false witness.


Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like any number of ministerial visits I had to mental hospitals to see various people who had religious ideas they just had to share with me.


Anonymous said...

where does God say, "every dog has it's day"? Missed that one.

I know he said, "a bird in the pews is worth two on the co-worker list," but the dog thing escapes me...


Anonymous said...

Who watches the watchman?

Anonymous said...

Who watches the watchman?

we do

Anonymous said...

I can't see much help for that letter-writer. Even if he goes for help and gets it, he sounds like the type who won't stay on his meds.

Noah Vail

Anonymous said...

I agree with Noah. He's not likely to get better.

Somebody needs to watch him, though. He writes the kind of word-salad that bespeaks a future atrocity.

N. E. Feckschel

Anonymous said...

This reads like something written in a foreign language and translated by a poor computer translator.

Is English his native language?