Thursday, September 13, 2012

Van Robison on "Have You Been Censored?"

Have You Been Censored?

Every church cult attempts to censor its church members from exposure to criticism, alternative thinking, other beliefs and sources that differ.   Living in fear that to read what others are saying is a sure sign of significant indoctrination and that you are being abused spiritually.    Cults instill paranoia in their members and followers.   Over the years there have been many cult church groups and there are many in existence today, among which are the splinter groups of the WCG and the original WCG itself.

I know this is true because I was once a member of the cult church called the "Worldwide Church of God", with its many strange and weird doctrines and teachings.   Of course at that time I was a young man, with little experience in understanding what religious fraud is.   Herbert W. most definitely lived the life of a human "King", but in the end, took nothing with him but his own rotting flesh, which is the end result of all human beings, including the "Kings", the "Presidents", the "Pastors", the "Senior Pastors", the "Dr. Pastors" and all others.

Virtually 100% of all "heads" and "pastors" of all churches on earth want followers, for no other reason than your $cash.   Take away the $cash and there would be no "heads" of churches.   It is that simple folks.  They may preach from the man-made Bible, but the bottom line is that they are NOT speaking for God/Jesus Christ, THEY ARE PREACHING FOR YOUR $MONEY!!!  Naturally they don't want you be be a "church hopper" and they will condemn "church hopping" from the pulpit?   Oh my, I wonder why?   They lose your financial support of course.

That there are ulterior and hidden motives behind the censorship of you being exposed to different opinions, thoughts, beliefs and so forth is more than obvious.  It is a weak attempt at keeping you under their control. 

Well poo!

Van Robison


Anonymous said...

When HWA shopped for visible, physical things to possess for himself, he always had to have the very best of everything. But when he shopped for ideas to sell to others, he went to the dollar store. Lack of censorship quickly reveals cheap plastic ideas to be the worthless knockoffs they are.

Byker Bob said...

Well, there is censorship, and there's "defacto" censorship. Over the years I've encountered a number of forums and blogs where they are totally correct in stating that they do not censor, however, those of the dominant philosophy on that particular board indulge in dog-piling dissenters, creating a strawman and naming it after the dissenter, and then appearing to attack him while they are in reality attacking their own imagination.

I say just be yourself in spite of all the stuff they throw at you. That's the best revenge, if indeed you deal in revenge.


Douglas Becker said...

Being under threat for a $100,000 lawsuit as a form of stalking and extortion certainly is considered censorship.

Allen C. Dexter said...

I don't worry too much about any threat of a lawsuit. Even my home is underwater financially. No lawyer would want to take such a case. So, I can speak my mind freely and never worry about being sued.

Anonymous said...

This is true Bob. I think the distance of the internet can certainly bring out the worst in some people. I picture them, a pale 36 year old part-time delivery truck driver who spends all his free time sitting in his underwear at a computer in grandma's basement. The internet allows him to throw insults designed to humiliate almost everyone he comes in contact with, meanwhile allowing him to keep secret all the humiliating facts of his own pathetic life, which he is busy compensating for all day by pretending to be somebodies on the internet, when in fact he is a nobody, a coward, and a loser. Making others feel like shit is the only thing some people are good at. I think we ought to be allowed to censor their genes by sterilizing them.

Douglas Becker said...

Yes, but this is all about entertainment.


Herbert Armstrong called it, "The Worldwide Church of Gossip" -- the very basis for the existence of so many of these blogs and assuredly the foundation of The Journal.

These days, if you've been censored, you can set up a website and start a blog.

Where you can be ignored by a much larger audience.

In her book, "Creating the Innovation Culture -- Leveraging Visionaries, Dissenters and Other Useful Troublemakers in Your Organization", Frances Horibe outlines the seven stages to censureship:

1. Arguing
2. Listening but not hearing
3. Laughing it off
4. Ignoring
5. Making invisible
6. Forbidding
7. Getting rid of the dissenter

Of late, I've been appreciating the Food Network Channel with Robert Irvine on "Restaurant Impossible" and Willie Degel on "Restaurant Stakeout". What has been lost on society, it seems, is the strong ethic of having someone in charge and who knows what they are doing. Taking responsibility and ownership has been lost in a wimpy sort of Generation Whine sort of way. Even the best of the CoGs would like protests go away and never have to actually fix the problems.

They pay for that, just like a failing restaurant pays for it in the same way: You need commitment, hard work, standards and accountability. Without that, you are doomed. And so it is with the CoGs: Ironically, they need a strong hand from somewhere to dismantle what is wrong and rebuild.

Fortunately, that will never happen, else we would be left with a Sabbath keeping Scientology which still has some power and influence in the world. It's good to have censureship so none of the problems get fixed, so that Armstrongism can die a long, slow, painful death of irrelevance.

Douglas Becker said...

Armstrongism, you've been Chopped!

Anonymous said...

Yeh, they're doing their FoT Chopping as we speak.