Thursday, October 18, 2012

James Malm On Repenting Quickly If You See A Sabbath Breaker

If you happen to walk up to your Elder at church this week with a question and he says,  "Let's go to lunch and talk about this" rebuke him immediately!  Otherwise you will be lead into damnation!

Any man who tells you to compromise with zeal for God and his commandments is a FALSE TEACHER who is leading you to damnation! If you are disciplined by an elder for your zeal for God’s commandments, know this:  You shall BOTH face a greater judge who shall save the zealous and destroy the son of wickedness who persecutes the zealous, unless he repents.

The COG elders who will NOT keep his commandments as he has instructed; when you see a Sabbath breaker and consented to his actions by partaking with him:  Repent quickly lest you be torn and destroyed!


Anonymous said...

...when you see a Sabbath breaker and consented to his actions by partaking with him: Repent quickly lest you be torn and destroyed!

Well, at least Malm can't idolize HWA, who ate more than a few meals with Sabbath-breakers. But was HWA "torn and destroyed"?

Douglas Becker said...

What is the fate of false prophets.

Anonymous said...

Forget about your neighbor, the needy, the fatherless, the widow, etc. True religion has nothing to do with them. If they were an hungered and asked you to feed them, and it were a Saturday, and you were to buy them a sandwich or a pizza, you would be leading them into damnation! Better to say, "Be warmed and filled" and be on your way to dutifully make your sabbath obeisances.

It is very important to understand that pleasing the deity is all about strict ceremonial ritual purity such as clean meats, sabbath and holy days, fasting on atonement, eating unleavened bread on EVERY SINGLE DAY of the seven days, blowing your own shofar every high day, making your own wine and unleavened bread for passover, paying exacting attention to how the Hebrew calendar was kept 3,500 years ago to make sure you as an individual are performing all your rituals on the right days, and more! Much, much more, actually. In fact, just think, if you were to spend even so much as one half hour relaxing in front of the TV during the week, by how much your sabbath observance would be degraded by such dereliction and negligence in your preparation?

Attaining the utmost and perfect ritual purity necessary for appeasing the deity is much more than a full time job, it's a life of 24/7 devotion. Your fellow man and his petty needs is nothing more than a distraction placed before you by satan. Pay no attention to them. If they too were living lives of ultimate ritual purity like you are, instead of lives of dissolution, devoted to unwittingly worshiping satan, then they wouldn't have time to think about anything, especially not their problems (such as being hungry), just like you don't have time to think about their problems and also appease the deity at the same time.

Life is full of tough decisions, but we have to keep the big picture in mind and make sure to keep our priorities straight. Which is more important, appeasing god, to bowing to the pressures of the needy, the fatherless, and the unholy? In the words of jesus christ, "Let the dead bury the dead." Now, get thee to the synagogue! Or the Odd Fellows hall. Or the Scottish Rite Temple. Or the Masonic Temple. Or the Elks Lodge. Or where ever they're performing the ritual sabbath service ceremony.

Byker Bob said...

Seriously, this guy needs to get into the New Covenant!

I find it odd that he advocates correcting or shunning elders who go to lunch on their sabbath, but not those (including himself) who make ridiculous prophesies.


Anonymous said...

Eating Sabbath meals in restaurants is somewhat of a sacred cow to those churches associated with HWA. It makes no sense to me. God is quite clear that it is wrong, but somehow, only the kooky ministers seem to get it. They then make a laughing stock out of themselves with their odd ways, such as predicting the end.

I'm sure God will straighten it all out at the proper time.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed, by the way, that there is a growing resistance to eating out on the Sabbath by the rank and file.

Oh there are those that simply do what the minister says, and those will always be with us, but it appears that more folks are actually reading their bibles, and therefore turning away from going out on the Sabbath.

I've heard a few sermons in the past couple of years where we are told that it is perfectly acceptable to "enjoy a meal out on the Sabbath".

I figure that if they have to start teaching it from the pulpit, there must be a problem (in their eyes). People must be starting to resist doing it.

Douglas Becker said...

I'm sure God will straighten it all out at the proper time.



Anonymous said...

I'm thinking a "Sabbath Tazer" is appropriate here. It would have a smaller jolt but enough to remind the reprobates they just made a Sabbath mistake.

Every member could be taught to say "Don't Taze me Bro!!!!!" which may in itself prove to be a Sabbath mistake inhibitor.


Retired Prof said...

BB says, "Seriously, this guy needs to get into the New Covenant!"

For those who need some kind of covenant, this is good advice. Remember, though, Bob, how necessary for your development it was to abandon covenants altogether for a while.

Highly unlikely Malm himself would try that move, but it may be a necessary step for some of his followers.

Byker Bob said...

Yes, Prof., I agree that such a time of purification would indeed be very helpful to Malm and those who find themselves in a similar predicament. In fact, I dare say they would be unable to make any sort of spiritual progress at all without some sort of rest of fallow period.


Allen C. Dexter said...

Let's see. Yesterday was supposedly the Sabbath. Old Covenant, New Covenant -- ho hum.

I had a lesiurely breakfast, then watered what needed watering, trimmed some bushes and trees, cleaned the kitchen floor, went out to buy my regular lottery tickets before the deadline and relaxed the rest of the day with the internet and TV.

Never cracked any Bible. Didn't listen to any high on himself preacher. Nothing interfered with reality.

Overall, it was a great Saturday.

Assistant Deacon said...

God is quite clear that eating in restaurants on the Sabbath is wrong?

Did the priests and Levites trot off to Joseph's Diner once too often? Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

It's about buying and selling, conducting business on the Sabbath....