Saturday, October 27, 2012

UCG Money Problems Curtail HQ Travel

UCG took a huge financial hit when COGWA formed.  UCG still is struggling to get back into a solid financial situation.  Despite having 9,000 people attend their Feast this year, they still did not bring in everything they need in tithes and offerings.

Kubik sent this out to the ministers:

We are seriously trying to reduce our financial outgo in Ministerial Services and instituted a number of cost reductions.  The conference following this one was to be in the Los Angeles area. We have postponed this conference until after the one near Portland which is scheduled for April 21-23, 2013.  Also, we have carved out another area in the Mountain states for an eighth conference.  It is cost-prohibitive to fly these elders and wives to the West Coast.  The entire cycle for face to face conferences will then be approximately two years. 

Also, we have greatly curtailed all travel under the supervision of MMS.  I was planning a major international trip in January and canceled it. I have asked all our senior pastors to do the same until our expenditures and revenue come into balance. In the meantime, we are asking our senior pastors who care for churches in the United States and overseas to use Skype, DVDs, and other communication means to stay in contact with their distant congregations.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I just saw a Jack in the Box commercial (Loaded!) that was filmed on the old AC Pasadena campus. Hall of Ad in the background.

Glenn Parker

Anonymous said...

I love it how God has to wait until Fall to warn through the hurricane. In Winter he gets bored and throws snow but only in the northern hemisphere. get a tornado to shape you up and in summer, well.....reruns of the World Tomorrow

Douglas Becker said...

2012 has certainly been a good year for us.

Judgment, if any, has been happening.

Anonymous said...


Lay off almost all of the paid ministry. Have almost all clergy be local men and women chosen by each local congregation. Stop all conferences and regional meetings. Stop all classes that do not pay for themselves. Stop producing any printed materials - go electronic only. Get rid of all fleet cars and all housing subsidies to ministers. Keep the feast in local areas only. Don't borrow any money. Don't build any buildings unless you can pay cash or pay them off within 5 years. Jesus is coming back within 5-10 years anyway.

Douglas Becker said...

I guess more trips to the Ukraine are out of the question.

Hard to make any money if you can't go there in person to lobby.

No wait.

The Sabbath keeping Ukraine churches have been around for a lot longer than Armstrongism. Some of them are keeping the Feasts, but with a twist: They see the Feasts as bringing people to Jesus as the Messiah.

They will be fine on their own without any outside help from cash strapped proponents of British Israelism to foul them up.

Douglas Becker said...

So that $1 million initiative of faith to bring the gospel to Islamic nations is on hold?