Thursday, December 13, 2012

COG Prophet Declares: My Prophecies are Coming True!

God's greatest end time prophet is so accurate that all of his prophecies are coming true!  I am not talking about Dave Pack who perceives himself as God's most super-duper Church of God leader since Jesus.  I am not even talking about Gerald Flurry, God's greatest beer connoisseur prophet centered in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma.  I am not even talking about Weinerdude Weinland, God's most favorite convicted felon.  Meredith has become so irrelevant that he is no longer on the radar anymore, so he's not being discussed either. I am not even talking about James Malm who has bastardized the law to his own perverted purposes.

I am talking about God's greatest prophet, E. W. King!  I stand in awe of his most amazing prophecies.  Never in the course of human history has a prophets predictions come true in such amazing ways!

God's prophet writes today on his blog:

In my prophecy forecast for 2012 I stated:
“Many countries are experiencing violent acts. People are full of stress and confusion. Since my last prophecy forecast we have heard of school shootings and other bizarre shootings taking place not just here in the US but around the globe. This unfortunate activity will continue, sad to say.
And the sad recent reality is that on December 11,2012:
Gunfire rang out in the mall food court, instantly transforming a casual afternoon of holiday shopping into a nightmare. The shooter, armed with a rifle, was dressed in dark clothing and wore a hockey-style face mask.”

“As panicked shoppers fled for cover, workers ushered some into hiding places within stores, or helped them to the exits. The first officers to arrive formed groups and rushed into the chaos, rather than waiting for the more heavily armed SWAT team.”

I have talked about this type of behavior and the fact that it would increase.
While these incidents are unfortunate, they are NOT prophecy coming true.  These are events that can happen at any time and any place.  Its not prophecy coming alive in front of us.

Prophet King continues:

I also predicted in my 2012 prophecy forecast the following:

I predict that more riots on American streets will take place. We have become much like Greece economically speaking. We do not have the moral strength to rise up. All those currently running for president have no real moral vision for America. It has become a world of global greed and corruption.”
And just recently we find out:
“In evaluating Tuesday’s union melee in Michigan, as protesters physically attacked supporters of right-to-work legislation and collapsed a large tent set up by the conservative Americans for Prosperity…”
“This week, menacing union goons unleashed threats, profanity and punches in Michigan, which is now poised to become a "right-to-work" state. Obama met the initial outbreak of violence with the same response he's given to every other union outbreak of violence under his reign: dead silence.” Read the story
We have also seen trouble in the NFL sports world which I predicted in the 2013 forecast. Are you awake? COGSR members are seeing things before they happen while others ridicule us.

Union goons have been doing this kind of stuff for decades.  Granted they seem to have more  power now, but you cannot look at it as major prophecy coming alive either.

I also see that we seem to have hit a sore nerve with Prophet King.  He doesn't particularly like being made fun of, but as God's greatest prophet he will take the ridicule gallantly.

If King was really a prophet he would NOT be dwelling on silly everyday events like sports controversies but upon major things that will catch the worlds attention in dramatic ways.  Union goons in the US, France or UK are not earth shattering events.

If anything, King, Malm, Pack, Flurry, Weinland and the others are nothing more than prophets of baal.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to coldread the world with 100 vague statements that are so broad they're a net bound to snag at least one or two fish in the next 12 months. And when I do snag a fish, I'm going to claim that it was prophecies revealed to me by god that came to pass! Amazing! I won't remind anyone how many of my gigantic nets failed to catch any fish at all, of course.


Anonymous said...

Can I try? Ok, here goes..."I prophesy that a great calamity will befall America in the next two hundred years!" Whoa! That was fun! Again! "I prophesy that economic conditions will worsen in America!" It's like stealing candy from a baby.

Paul R

Retired Prof said...

No2HWA, you say, "Union goons have been doing this kind of stuff for decades. Granted they seem to have more power now. . . ."

Nope. The power of unions has been declining. Yhe New York times reported on membership in 2010:

"The number of American workers in unions declined sharply last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday, with the percentage slipping to 11.9 percent, the lowest rate in more than 70 years."

There was a slight uptick in membership in 2011, but it does not herald much of a trend.

Huffpo reported

"Still, unions' share of the overall workforce fell, from 11.9 percent to 11.8 percent, as state and local governments trimmed thousands of jobs to address budget shortfalls. That's the lowest percentage of union workers since the Great Depression in the 1930s."

Notice that the 2012 protests by union members in Wisconsin and Michigan were powerless to overturn union-bashing legislation.

Assistant Deacon said...

True, Prof. Conversely, the teachers unions keep humming along, bringing public education to its knees.

Not teachers, mind you. Teachers unions, or, more accurately, the leaders of teachers unions. Big difference.

Ewwww King should proclaim the continued decline of public education in America. That's a no-brainer. Pardon the pun.

Douglas Becker said...

COGSR Stays Awake

Now that really is news!

E. W. King is so boring that it's a wonder his cult members don't nod off during his sermons.

Of course, we're assuming he doesn't nod off during his own sermons -- not actually a valid assumption.

Head Usher said...

The assumption that his cult has members might not be valid. I have a feeling this guy is little more than a one man show - for now.

But if he keeps talking, eventually some odd gaggle or another will eventually be attracted for reasons that probably have more to do with childhood abuse and emotional dysfunction than anything lofty. If you ask me though, that's the sort of person HWA always attracted, weak people looking for a father figure. Religion provided a way to monetize that service, and he was more than happy to provide it in return for a percentage of your income. So COGdom has already concentrated that element - his target demographic - out of society, so it's richer hunting ground than average. I suppose that's why he's trying to prove himself to "the remnant" with his ludicrous magic 8-ball prophecies.

Anonymous said...

Where does King live? What city/state?

Anonymous said...

The reason God has not been able to establish the KOG is because Jesus is sitting ON his right hand and he can't get away...

Byker Bob said...

Well, more generalized prophecies, more like a modern psychic than like the specifics provided by OT prophets. Elisha would probably be so urinated off at EW King, and his impostership that he might even send bears after him.

Seriously, I suppose Uncle Roddy is breathing a sigh of relief that the shooter wasn't a young LCG member.

As far as analyzing this latest mass murder, there will be no end of discussion. Gun laws provide for some very strict background checks prior to buyers being able to take possession of purchased firearms, but here we have an example of someone not unlike the drunk driver with a suspended license who gets around the law by driving someone else's car. This young man killed his mom and stole her guns.

One factor in this is that often, as our society becomes more "understanding", and "tolerant" the law of unintended consequences kicks in. Not so long ago, people with mental disorders were stigmatized, and often incarcerated in mental facilities. Rights advocates have changed much of that, in fact it has been speculated that many of the homeless are mentally ill ones who are allowed to be on their own so long as they have no past records of violence.

Also, the human psyche is very fragile. One can be sane today, undergo some sort of break, or even bout of depression, and then indulge in very damaging behavior.
We all have our own opinions, of course, but mine is that I look forward to the time when the human race reaches enhanced condition, being restored from fallen condition.


Anonymous said...

King....if you read this blog, you are a pathetic, stupid, mentally ill , bastard that needs to get a life and a job separate from religion. We don't fucking care what your think or how you feel. Grow up and drop out. You are a fool and idiot who misuses the Bible and comes to stupid conclusions that don't matter one bit. You are a stupid ass.

Anonymous said...

This man is an idiot, an ass and a fucking fool. You are not special, you have no special insights and any jerk could see what you see. Leave people alone you stupid fool and grow up. You are not special, you know nothing and you need your ass kicked to wake you up to reality. Stupid ass.....and more