Friday, January 4, 2013

Bob Thiel: Don't Believe Everything Rod Meredith Says

It seems that Rod Meredith has sent a letter out to the ministry denouncing Bob Thiel and his recent self appointed prophet status.  Meredith denies making some of the comments that Thiel is attributing to him.

Meredith says he might have made some of these statements while in a "sufficiently incapacitated" state of mind after his stroke.  While I discount Bob's self appointed "prophet" status, I am quite sure that Bob's recollection of Meredith's comments are accurate.  This is not the first time Meredith has run off at the mouth and then denied he said something.  The Leona McNair court case is a sterling example of his big mouth. He has a long history of doing this.

From what I have learned, it seems that Charlotte sent an email related to the "Bob Thiel prophetic chronology" (shown in the 12/28/12 p.m. update on this page) to its ministry. This was sent along with a letter from Dr. Meredith in which he flatly denied making certain statements (that he did make) and having certain views that people including himself and Dr. D. Winnail told me that he had. He also suggested that at times he may have been sufficiently incapacitated that I should not have relied on certain of his statements to me. Instead of getting in a "he said she said" battle about this, this tells me that some in Charlotte strongly hope that people will not believe all of the facts that are in the chronology.

The following, which I received in an email today, offers a certain insight that all people who are interested in the truth should consider:
I took the keys and sermon discs etc back this morning to our assistant pastor (Our Pastor is in Australia at the moment). I was expecting to get questioned but wasn’t at that time. Later he rang me back to inform me that he had rung our pastor who told him to contact Charlotte. He was sent the letter that you were expecting to be sent to pastors and they made a big deal about the fact that you were declaring yourself a prophet and one of the two witnesses. I’m happy to say that God answered my prayers and gave me the words to reply to him (I’m not normally good at that). I said to him that it was LCG elders who suggested you might be a prophet and he responded that we shouldn’t rely on what Dr Meredith said after having his stroke. Of course if we can’t rely on that then we can’t rely on what he said in his sermons at that time either. I also told him that Dr Winnail had suggested that he also was one of the two witnesses and he didn’t have an answer to that.


Douglas Becker said...

Meredith says he might have made some of these statements while in a "sufficiently incapacitated" state of mind after his stroke.

Objective evidence suggests that Meredith makes nonsensical statements whether or not he had a stroke, had diabetes or laser eye surgery.

He's been a false prophet himself for over 50 years.

Assistant Deacon said...

And Thiel followed, promoted and defended Meredith for years. What does that tell you about his mental state?