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Is LCG's Gaylyn Bonjour The Cause of Thiel's New Found Prophet Status?

Prophet and potential witness of the two witnesses, Bob Thiel, talks some more about himself and how Gaylyn Bonjour from LCG HQ is the cause behind is new found "prophet" status.

  • On the morning of December 15, 2011, upon arriving at the Charlotte HQ of LCG, Bob Thiel asked to meet with Gary Ehman as he wanted to get anointed for some non-debilitating matters as well as to ask him to pray that he be granted wisdom for his meetings with the HQ evangelists.  But he was not in.  So instead, Bob Thiel asked to meet with Gaylyn Bonjour (with whom he never had any discussions prior about him possibly being some type of prophet).  Bob Thiel asked Gaylyn Bonjour if he would do the anointing and pray that God would grant him wisdom for the meetings.  He agreed.  But while laying hands upon Bob Thiel, Gaylyn Bonjour also happened (it was not planned nor did Bob Thiel say anything to encourage this) to ask God to grant Bob Thiel a “double-portion” of His Holy Spirit and anointed him.  Bob Thiel then attended a meeting with the evangelists and he did not then have time to discuss what this might mean with Gaylyn Bonjour.
  • On Sunday 12/18/11 night at a family wedding reception, without discussing the matter, Bob Thiel stared at Gaylyn Bonjour for a few moments, without saying anything and then asked, “Do you have any idea of what you may have accidently done?”  Gaylyn Bonjour said, “Yes, I think so.”
  • The following Monday morning was Bob Thiel's first opportunity to speak with Gaylyn Bonjour privately for more details about the anointing.  Bob Thiel asked him if it was his practice to pray that God grant a double-portion of His Spirit to people that he anoints, he said, no he had never done that for an individual before.  Bob Thiel asked him if he had any idea of what he may have been inadvertently led by God to do, and he said yes.  Gaylyn Bonjour also said that the only “double-portion” he recalled from the Bible was when Elisha became the replacement prophet and ecclesiastical leader for Elijah (2 Kings 2:9)—Bob Thiel told him then that this was his recollection as well.  Notice it was Gaylyn Bonjour, and not Bob Thiel, who first stated this as a conclusion.
  • In March 2012, it seemed time to mention the 12/15/11 anointing and what Bob Thiel had tried to tell him about his wife to Dr. Meredith and he was able to do so in telephone conversation.  Yet, first Bob Thiel called Gaylyn Bonjour to let him know that someone may end up talking with him about the anointing.  Gaylyn Bonjour was fine with that and also said that he felt that the “double-portion” was related to “the passing of the mantle.”  This gave Bob Thiel a lot of pause to consider since that time.
  • On March 23, 2012, Dr. Meredith called Bob Thiel and Bob Thiel mentioned the anointing, some of Gaylyn Bonjour’s comments, and the prediction related to Dr. Meredith's wife.  The biggest concern Dr. Meredith seemed to raise was that the anointing was from someone below evangelist or regional pastor level.  But biblically, as he knows, only a member of the eldership is required to anoint one as a prophet (cf. 1 Timothy 4:14) or apostle (cf. Acts 9:10-17).
  • In April 2012, during normal personal Bible study, Bob Thiel was reminded about the time when Jehu dismissed an anointing to become king by one of God’s servants because he thought the man was some kind of a nut (2 Kings 9:11).  There were apparently higher ranking ecclesiastical authorities at that time that God did not as directly use.  Yet, that did not change the fact of the ordination, and Jehu became king (and no, this document is not trying to say that Gaylyn Bonjour is some kind of a nut, only that when he performed the anointing he was a duly ordained minister of the Living Church of God and once hands are laid upon someone, this cannot be undone)—hence Bob Thiel concluded that it would be wrong and quite presumptuous of him to overlook or somehow discount what was done.  He personally had been cautious about whether or not he was possibly some type of an evangelizing prophet and getting an unexpected anointing suggesting that role from someone who had no idea that Bob Thiel was praying about that, or possibly in that role, indicated that this could not be ignored.  This seemed to be God’s timing and answer.  Especially because Bob Thiel had prayed about this so much in November and December 2011.
  • On June 29, 2012, Bob Thiel conveyed to Gaylyn Bonjour, Dr. Winnail's written comment in that letter suggestion that the conclusion as to what happened when he was anointed by Gaylyn Bonjour on 12/15/12 was “presumptuous.”   Gaylyn Bonjour found it astounding that Dr. Winnail would have indicated that Bob Thiel may have been presumptuous about this.  Gaylyn Bonjour felt that Bob Thiel was exercising proper caution and that to ignore what happened would seem to be against the will, and possibly plan, of God.  Gaylyn Bonjour also stated to Bob Thiel that it is God, and not men, who “appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets“ (1 Corinthians 12:28).
  • On August 26, 2012, shortly after agreeing that a variety of errors that Bob Thiel brought up needed to be corrected, Dr. Winnail told Bob Thiel, “We all think that you might be a prophet.”  In order in order to determine who “We all” was, on September 7, 2012, Bob Thiel asked if this was a reference to all three of the LCG Charlotte-based evangelists and Dr. Winnail concurred.


Anonymous said...

God Haunted nonesense if there ever was ......

Anonymous said...

The main difference between a prophet and a psychopath, says Ralph Hood, who teaches psychology of religion at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, is “whether or not [they] can get followers.”

Christian writer C.S. Lewis said that Jesus was either the son of God or “a lunatic — on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg
It surely cannot be the case that the determining whether someone who claims special spiritual powers is mentally ill depends on whether or not s/he is able to gain followers. The followers, after all, may not recognize the illness or may be ill themselves. Reverend Jim Jones had followers but this did not make him any less of a psychopath."

Finally, it should be noted that ethnographers have long wondered whether shamans self-select on the basis of what we would today recognize as mental illnesses. Numerous articles have been written on the subject, with the general consensus being that many shamans would be considered mentally ill in a modern setting, but that others do not display the classic signs of schizophrenia or mania. It may be the case that pre-modern societies dealt with the mentally ill by considering such people to have great spiritual insight and encouraging them to engage in shamanic practices."

According to all medical encyclopaedias and psychiatric reference books, schizophrenia is any of a group of psychotic disorders usually characterized by withdrawal from reality, illogical patterns of thinking, delusions, and hallucinations, being accompanied in varying degrees by other emotional, behavioral, or intellectual disturbances. Schizophrenia is associated with dopamine imbalances in the brain and defects of the frontal lobe and is caused by genetic, other biological, and psychosocial factors.

"Just about everything of what is said in the Bible and the Koran about the founders of those two creeds, points in the direction of a biochemical imbalance in their brain. These men showed systemic signs of delusion in their behavior. "
Jesus and Mohammed were Schizophrenics Charles Sabillion

Let's say that you had a time machine and brought Jesus or Zoroaster back to our modern world. If they were to preach the same stuff they preached before, there is a high likelihood that they would be put into a mental asylum. After all, we have plenty of insane people who claim to have "seen" or "heard" or "spoken to" a god or gods and they are all certified insane precisely because of their claims. How do you know that the insane people in mental asylums did not actually speak or hear a god or gods in the same fashion as Jesus/Mohammed/Moses/Zoroaster/et al?

Anonymous said...

I think I found just the thing for Prophet Bob to take - The Narcissistic Personality Inventory:

Anonymous said...

Also, when Prophet Bob isn't praying, fasting and studying the Bible to see where he personally fits into the larger scheme of things, here's a book he might read:

Anonymous said...

When a Christian reads the Bible, he sees writings about other people, which he uses to judge himself.

When a narcissist reads the Bible, he sees writings about himself, which he uses to judge other people.

Anonymous said...

Sam Vaknin in his book, "Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited" makes it clear that people like Booby Thiel with the narcissistic personality disorder don't really have much hope of ever getting any better: The prognosis is poor and alarming.

His advice to all of us who find a narcissist in our lives:


Anonymous said...

From my experience with schizophrenics and eccentrics in my own family and also psychopaths I have met in the workforce and other places, I would say the main difference between being "mentally ill" and being something else like inspired or a genius is along the lines of control. No matter how nutty a person is if they can keep self control and manage to appear normal all will be well and if they are at all charismatic they may actually become leaders or politicians or great people with vision. Those who fall apart and lose control of their hallucinations and become full of self-doubt get locked up, even though they may be the more honest amongst us. One can always practice this type of self-control with drug use which mimics insanity, or a less toxic form of practice can be achieved through religious experience.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but the hell Bob Th(d)iel makes a living??? He seems to spend all of his time dreaming up these grand ideas and publishing them. What are his sources of income? If he is really a doctor, how much time does he spend in his office???

Anonymous said...

So... is being a false prophet a mental disorder?

Maybe we could get it included in the DSM-V along with British Israelism.

Redfox712 said...

False Prophet Bob Thiel was never ordained by LCG and he knows that. He was never trained by LCG and he has no credentials to act as a minister and he knows that.

This claim of being mystically ordained may seem like a silly and delusional thing. But actually it is his way of claiming authority to lead members.

As far as I am concerned he is just using a series of bizarre events to pretend that he was ordained, appointed by God, or some other such thing, and therefore argue he has the right to lead 'God's Church.'

Thiel's claims that he was mystically ordained in December 2011 reminds me of how Gerald Flurry claims he was divinely inspired to write Malachi's Message. Inside old WCG he was small fry and he knew it so when he was kicked out of WCG there was little reason for anyone to follow him. So he wrote this cockamamie book (which he largely plagiarized from Jules Dervaes' Letter to Laodicea) claiming it as proof that God was supporting him, instead of any other WCG figure who was closer to HWA. Bob Thiel is trying the same trick in order to lure followers to support him and fund him with tithes.

While with LCG Bob Thiel advocated second and third tithes, in common with LCG. So it seems reasonable that he will ask for all three tithes in time like a scam artist.

He knows the fact that he was not ordained will be a major stumbling block for him in attracting members for his personality cult. Most COG organizations, even the pathetically small ones, are often lead by people who were at least ordained in old WCG or another related sect and therefore have some authority to claim to lead followers, unlike Bob Thiel. (Of course it seems to me that most of these ministers are quite dysfunctional and authoritarian when leading their followers but I am merely comparing their claims of authority compared to Bob Thiel.)

Assistant Deacon said...



Anonymous said...

OMG is Gaylyn Bonjour actually a man?!?!?! Reading these posts I thought it was a woman's name!!!

It reminds me of Gaylord Focker!!!

Poor guy! He'd have nicknames like Gay or Lyn--making him sound like he's homo or a girl! WTH were his parents thinking naming their son Gaylyn??!!

Rev. Wyndsyr Knaughtington said...

Mr. Anonymous,

You of all pepole are not one to ridercule a man's name! FYI, while "Gaylyn" is a derivivative of Abigail when givn to an English human girl - it is quite a differnt story in France where the name Gaylyn means "Studly Pants". So when you make the herroneous assmuntion that Gaylyn Bonjour is apt to receive shame because of his name, the reality is that it is a big esteem booster - i.e. "Gaylyn Bonjour" = "Hello Studly Pants". I hope you take this spanking in love and do not hate me for it - we all have to submit like a girl to each other.

Anonymous said...

I think it's inappropriate to make fun of a person's name.

Bruce Hunghorse
Ezekiel 23:19-20

Anonymous said...

well I know a 'Galen' This is a Scottish name an ancient proud strong name, made famous by one of the originators of western medicine. Now if anyone spells his name wrong like Gaylen ---- he is a big guy with a bad temper so be warned.
As for Gaylyn, not quite sure about that, but then it is French, they have a different view on things and often give men pretty names which sound weird to English ears.