Thursday, January 31, 2013

Prophet Bob Thiel With New Video: Should Christians Watch Football?

Prophet Thiel waxes on about how he was not allowed to play football while in high school and other silliness.  He quotes HWA on how much he disliked the game and why he only allowed flag football at the colleges. He also knows for sure that football will NOT be allowed in the World Tomorrow/millennium.

According to prophet Thiel, Jesus, Paul and John the Baptist were ALL against the damnable game!!!!!!

Should Christians watch the sport of American tackle football?  Are other violent sports such as boxing appropriate?  What does the Bible teach?  Did early Christians watch violent sports?  What did Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and John the Baptist teach?

One good thing is that he has taken our criticisms of his flailing hands to heart.  He must have them velcroed to the desk.  You can hear him peeling them off everyone once in a while to raise up to make a point.

In the Continuing Church of God you cannot be an appropriate male if you watch football and probably will be close to committing the unpardonable sin if you watch the Super Bowl this coming weekend.  Real Christians don't watch football!  Particularly if you are an appropriate male and need to give opening and closings prayers on Saturdays! 


Anonymous said...

Is the prophet using a spray tan now? He looks weird! Or is he wearing make-up? If he is, is he sinning? Do appropriate men wear make-up?

Redfox712 said...

My word! I am amazed that Thiel seems determined to condemn American Football.

I read that article HWA made where he pompously condemned certain sports years ago. It made me mentally distance myself from certain sports, but I must say I was never a sports person. I am so glad that I am free of his narrow minded opinions on this subject. So I know exactly what Thiel is using to justify his pompous condemnation.

Thiel was already getting mocked for condemning American Football. I would have thought that he would restrain himself after seeing that. But instead he seems determined to live up to our caricatures of him.

That only confirms to me that Thiel is even more stupid than I thought.

Redfox712 said...

Oh how vain of him! He's got one of his books of Armstrongite rubbish in the background in a desperate attempt to make himself appear educated.

Thiel, we know that your books are largely based on the many lies and fallacies of HWA's teachings, who lied about and misunderstood many things. That is where you derive your alleged knowledge. That is what your useless books are based upon.

They are tapestries of nonsense.

DennisCDiehl said...

"And this Gospel Against the NFL shall go out to ALLLLLLLLL the world, and then shall the end zone."

Far more people get far more hurt and damaged for life by shoddy and unqualified and ignorant theologians than ever get hurt playing football

Assistant Deacon said...

Spiel yanks Luke 3:14 out of context, and it just goes downhill from there.

That he would focus on this so early in his menstruey suggests that he is more steeped in proof-texting and agenda-setting than he is in teaching a gospel of any sort.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the Prophet's Valentines Day Message. That will bring billions more into his fold. I understand Bob has a program on baseball too. His God doesn't like filthy garments and slidding into bases is simply wrong if you read the Bible correctly.


Anonymous said...

That's the truth MT!

Jock Strap

Anonymous said...

In watching the news, it's been good to see that the issue of football-related concussions is being addressed in the sports community.

It would be(a double-dose of) appropriate for the religious community address the issue of COG-induced brain damage, such as Bob Thiel's.

It's ironic that the COGs induce a loss of COGnitive function.


Anonymous said...

What does he want guys to do- play with dolls?
I'll bet he has a couple of Ken dolls he calls "Bob" and "The Baron", and he makes them kiss and stuff.

Joe Moeller said...

At least he didnt say anything against pro wrestling and roller derby watching, so at least Im safe!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

PS- The room is more slanted than ever and reminds me of an amusement park fun house!

Anonymous said...

not a good speaker. I can't imagine enduring a 2 hour sermon with him

Silence said...

B-but the COG is full of obsessed NFL fans, including within the ministry! It's the COG's version of Sunday worship, at least for those in UCG and COGWA.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of these people doing their self-imposed reasonings of things that are totally within the realm and right of ordinary people to make up their own minds on.

Is football in the Bible? No, it is not. Is football a personal choice? Yes it is. Is football a doctrine? Absolutely not.

Boxing is violent. Baseball can be violent if you slam into someone running a base. Croquet can be violent if you have two crochety old men who have had bad days or didn't take their geritol. Tennis is another game where you can get hit by a ball, is that a problem too? What about all terrain biking or bike racing when all the bikes pile up? Come on now, seriously. If a football player wants to play football that's their liberty, freedom and choice, and they well know and accept the risks. It has nothing to do with salvation, or being a Christian, or anything of the sort.

Even more ludicrous is the idea that WATCHING football is somehow a Christian offense! That's by far one of the most ridiculous, idiotic, and stupid doctrines ever to come out of the mouth of a COG wannabe, past, present, or future.

Herbert Armstrong loved wrestling. Wrestling is probably on the same level as football all together. So Bob, if you were able to take your petty little beef with football with Herbert Himself, he would have shook his big ol jowels at you and let YOU know that you have NO right to spout off a personal choice as something Christians should not do. Quit being a sheriff, "Prophet" Thiel, and leave your own opinions to yourself and get on with your piddle party playing "pretend" as an un-ordained accidentally anointed double-portioned "pastor" with your internet buddies.

Byker Bob said...

Boy Howdy! Thiel is really living out his fantasy, isn't he?


Anonymous said...

What if an ACOG minister (or prophet) does violence to Scripture? Isn't that just as big a sin as football?

Velvet said...

Waait, waitwaitwaitwait WAIT. Sports are a sin now? The tradition in the Canadian church always was, get home from services, eat supper, and then (after sunset, which it usually was) turn on the hockey game! I think the CCCoG here probably won't get much traction north of the 49th, if that's the case.

That said, hockey was a lot less violent back then, or at least that's how I remember it. I tend to watch the playoffs, and one or two games here and there, but if the violence ramps up too much, I get disgusted, and usually turn it off.

The comments about the spray-tan and the gravity-impaired camera are comedy gold, BTW.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to feel sorry for Dr. Bob.

He's taking the verses out of context. There is no intent to do harm to anyone in playing (or watching) a football game. Everyone is out there of their own free will, and it's on Sunday, not the Sabbath. (just for the record, I despise the game and never watch any of it)

Just like getting in the car to go get a gallon of milk, there is no intent to do anyone any harm, but accidents happen.

It's the same with swimming, hunting, fishing, or anything else we do.

C'mon Bob, let Herbert rest in peace. He is dead and can do nothing for anyone, so focus on what God has written for us in the bible.

Anonymous said...

"Even more ludicrous is the idea that WATCHING football is somehow a Christian offense!"

That is the bread and butter of COG ministurds. If there's anything that runs counter to my will, then I'm going to tell everyone that god is going to be offended with you if you don't do what I say. I want you to send me money, so I'm going to tell everyone that if they don't send their money to me, then god is going to accuse you of stealing from him. And if I don't like football, I'm going to tell everyone that if they watch football, god will be angry with them.

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned for Bob's prophetic ministry against NASCAR and the NHL

I trusted the Bible for years and it tore out my soul, broke my confidence and crushed my trust....can we stop bothering with that too?

Anonymous said...

Will Prophet Bob also condemn tomorrow's Puppy Bowl? It is two hours of confusion and random violence, and we know what God thinks of confusion and violence!

Anonymous said...

for your god's sake, man, if you're going to make these youtube clips, get a Production 101 textbook and block/frame your camera correctly! This setup makes the presenter look like a midget!

Byker Bob said...

Probably a better question would be: "Should Christians watch Bob Thiel?"


Anonymous said...

I believe watching Bob Thiel is "da bomb"!