Monday, January 28, 2013

Prophet/Chief Overseer Bob Thiel: "I will Soon Be Reaching Over a Billion People" and Other Nonsense UPDATED

(Update in red below)

The absolutely absurd and delusion arrogance of prophet Thiel continues today unabated by reality.  He has posted the “statistics” on his new worldwide reaching ministry that has already touched the lives of more people than any other COG in existence.

Soon after he defected from the Living Church of God, the prophet made this claim:

…I posted a prediction that I felt that in its first 30 days the Continuing Church of God would reach more people with the COG message than any non-GTA group that came out of the old Worldwide Church of God as well as any group that came out of the old Global Church of God.

Today the prophet says he has accomplished this by appearing on three radio stations.

When I made the prediction, only one radio interview was actually scheduled, and one was for a program with a relatively small listenership.  As it turns out, I was invited twice to be another show with a much larger audience.  According to the lowest estimates of audience by the two radio hosts (and yes, they could exaggerate, though they assured me that they were not doing so), on behalf of the Continuing Church of God, I was able to reach well over 2,000,000 via radio (the highest audience estimates were multiple times that large) in the past couple of weeks.
UPDATE:  On prophet Thiel's News Of Those Once Affiliated With Global Church of God he is also boasting that there is a huge possibility that he reached close to 11,000,000 people on radio during the three radio shows.  There is no way possible he reached 2 million let alone 11 million people!  It amazes me that prophet Thiel does not see the sheer stupidity in his pronouncements.  If he brought that many listeners to a radio station thy would be beating down his door for a daily program.

Yes, this has happened. According to estimates from radio hosts for interviews I did on biblical matters (mainly prophecy), over 2,000,000 people were reached via radio (the high-end of the radio audience estimate was 11,000,000). And according to internet collected statistics, over 100,000 unique computers were reached in the past 30 days from CCOG-related websites. Since the total of the radio and internet reach appears to be more than other groups, this has happened as predicted here. Those who want more specific details can read the article CCOG met COG proclamation goal.

Prophet Thiel is either delusional in his “outreach” or deliberately lying.  To claim that three little radio stations brought him in 2 million listeners is a lie!  Even New York City, with over 15 million potential listeners cannot garner that many listeners to a radio station.  Here is now radio stations figure their number of potential listeners.

To see how many listeners top radio stations have in the U.S., select a city from here:

...and look at its "Metro 12+ Population"; for example, the population for New York is 15,730,000. Now multiply this number by .01 to get the number of listeners that are listening in one second to the top station. So for New York... 15,730,000 X .01 = 157,000 listeners. So this is about how many people are listening to the top New York station in one second, which means at this very moment.

For another example, go to the last city on the list, Casper WY. It has a "Metro 12+ Population" of 63,500. If you multiply this by .01 you get 635. This means that roughly 635 people are listening to the top station in one second.

To see roughly how many people are listening to the number one station in an entire week, multiply the "one second" number by 10. For example, for Casper WY the number one station has 635 people listening in one second, so it has 6,350 people listening in one week. For New York, the number one station has 157,000 people listening in one second, so it has 1,157,000 people listening in one week.  Radio Media

Given the above information there is absolutely no way in hell that prophet Thiel reached 2 million people with his absurd message.  Presented with this information he is deliberately lying when says his ministry will soon be reaching “billions” of people!

We will see which doors God opens for us in the future (cf. Revelation 3:7-9).  But ultimately, and probably for a very short time, we may reach increased millions if not perhaps billions (cf. Matthew 24:14).

Prophet Thiel then goes on to quote statistics from his blogs and YouTube channel.  Even those numbers are not entirely accurate.  Some readers of blogs end up there because of pictures. Then they leave.  That happens on this blog.  I can tell by statistics on what brought some people here.  Then I am sure as soon as they saw it was tied into a religious bent they left immediately.  They do the same to prophet Thiel. 

If you look on the right hand side of this blog you see flags of all the countries that readers here have come from.  Even this is arbitrary since I never put that information up until well after 100,000 people had already checked us out.  Just because it says 198 countries are represented dose not mean they were all after COG info.  That kind of logic is the same absurd logic used by the old Plain Truth magazine folks who inflated numbers. 

Just because a PT was mailed to China does not mean the nation had been reached by the “gospel.”  It means ONE person received it. Huge gospel impact!  The PT also assumed that every magazine was read by 6-7 additional readers. The PT Newsstand statistics was the biggest lie the magazine came up with.  Just because 50 magazines were put into a rack does not mean 350 people read them.  Hundreds of thousands of magazines went straight into trash cans.  Hundreds of thousands sat in garages and warehouses in boxes unopened.  Just because a production run of 7 million was printed doesn’t mean 7 million magazines ever made it out.  As one department head of accounting said years ago, “We can make numbers mean anything we want.”

The prophet then goes on to brag about the huge impact his books are having on his ministry.  The fact that he has written so much in blogs, for internet “newspapers” and published a few books happened because God had a covert plan for him.  According to prophet Thiel God was apparently greatly disappointed in Rod Meredith and other COG’s that he began inspiring prophet Thiel to start writing.  God’s plan in this was that once prophet Thiel's writings became “prolific” then He would “doubly bless” him and send him out with a new Church of God.

Prophet Thiel writes:

Another critique was that we of the Continuing Church of God had an unfair advantage.  Which was?  That unlike others who had left the old WCG/GCG/LCG/etc., I (Bob Thiel) had the legal right to my previous decade or so of writings.

That was considered by this individual as a major advantage I and CCOG had over others.

So, let us consider this.

First, unlike most others who started began a group, I was not on the payroll of a church. Second, I am still not on the payroll of any church.  Third, since it was not my intention to start a church, could it not have been God’s plan to have me start with so much material?

Consider that there were probably at least 200,000 people who at some point in time had affiliation with the old Worldwide Church of God, and between 10,000-20,000 who had some affiliation with the old Global Church of God or current Living Church of God.  Out of all those people, there was just one with such an extensive library.

A coincidence?

Or perhaps God’s planning?  It was certainly not my intent over the years to write articles, etc. so that someday I could end up heading up a group like the Continuing Church of God.

Prophet Thiel wants all of his readers to know that he has always been a volunteer.  Apparently "appropriate" men of God do not take a salary.

Consider that I did all this work over all these years on an unpaid volunteer basis.  Could that possibly be the type of person God might wish to use further?

What prophet Thiel fails to let his readers know now is that he is no longer a volunteer.  He is accepting tithe money which he uses for his videos, books, articles and for him self.  Soon he will be travelling (on church expense) to visit his little churches.  Then it will be travel to Feast sites where he will be put up in the best of the hotels being wined and dined at great expense.  We have all seen it happen before. There is no reason whatsoever that prophet Thiel is any different than the other splinter personality group leaders.

The prophet next moves on to his Obama book. This is the book that contributed to Rod Meredith sending out a letter to the membership tell them to take Thiel's words with a grain of salt.

Prophet Thiel claims that by offering his book recently for free on Kindle, that he has now reached untold hundreds of thousands of people with a “warning” because his Kindle edition has links to his articles, blog and videos.

…4,619 people downloaded the second edition of this book.  Now the Kindle edition has the same content as the 160 page print edition (Barack Obama, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States-Second Edition for Second Obama Term)–thus thousands of people received a lot of information–including links to various CCOG-related websites in that Kindle-edition this month.   Thus, since the formation of the Continuing Church of God we have been able to reach even greater numbers of people about many of the prophetic warnings of the Bible…

Prophet Thiel ends with this:

The message is getting out, and we in the Continuing Church of God are working hard to fulfill Matthew 24:14 and Matthew 28:19-20.  The Continuing Church of God intends to strive to fulfill Matthew 24:14a, and I believe will be the primary group (the Philadelphia remnant is not restricted to a single corporation) that God will use to accomplish this. Yes, we have quite a way to go, but have done a lot so far with so very few.

Yes prophet and Chief Overseer, you certainly do have a long way to go!  Your videos have to be the most appallingly bad ones we have seen posted from a COG ever. When you shoot your videos in you den with a ratty old bookcase with its books turned on end and that seems to be leaning, it does not make for good visuals.  PLEASE go to this church supply catalog and buy a PROPER lectern to preach from.  Is the one you are using made from plywood or what?  Tacky Bro!  Tacky!  If you buy a proper size lectern then you can sit that lap top on it and not have to worry about it falling off.  PLEEEEEEASE cut down on the hand jesters!  Oy!  You don’t need to flip those wrists around so much. The gay people I know that have seen your videos have picked up on that one right away! I don’t think that is what you want “appropriate males” in the Continuing Church of God to be doing.

One thing we all know for sure.  Living Church of God is breathing a great sign of relief right now.  For the rest rest of us this is a highly entertaining episode in COG history.  There has been none like it before in COG history. It is also rather sad to watch a man mentally melt down for all the world to see.


Anonymous said...

Every time I post a YouTube video I have a potential reach of billions.

It seems recently this crazy Korean singer has shaken up the industry with a single he released called "Gangham Style". It seems, according to the news, that this lil video somehow caught on, and made Psy a multimillionare and his gospel of goofy dancing that COG people would find quite offensive has gone out to all the world as a witness to all dancers, and then the horse dance shall come!!!

You see, it's been reported that this nonsense video has made the news everywhere. You haven't. Maybe you can learn from this!

I would suggest that you preach your gospel in a horse barn, make a catchy jingle. Then dance that little horse dance I saw him do on the Today Show a few months ago while proclaiming your "different gospel". Yes, Thiel Gangham Style. That's got a nice ring to it! Maybe the Elders can yell "heeeeeyyyy prophet thieelllll". Oh, but that's not all! Turn on the advertising. See, in this way, if you get your billions of views, you can also pull in somewhere around 15 million dollars for "Gospel Proclamation". You guys are just doing it ALL wrong.

Hey, I'm not lying here! See, Psy, the Korean rapper singer who made that song I saw on the Today show, he did it! because... because you know what? Your dribble you preach is just as much nonsense as his song no one can understand which has REALLY massed WELL over a billion views. No one can understand what he said in America, but most "carnal, secular minded people" seem to love it for god knows what reason. See, Prophet thiel, On Youtube, if you reach billions, you're rich. And how many have you reached so far? And how many REALLLLY listen to your radio interviews - and more than that, how many even agreed with it?

Thiel Gangham Style! Try it! Because your preaching is just as nuts, just as hard to understand, just as crazy and just as strangely entertaining as his video!!!!!

Oh and by the way, rumor has it you really do not want to watch that video. It might make what seems to be a seemingly self righteous COG attitude cover my eyes this is BAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDD recoil in fear of what your eyes have unwittingly beheld. So take it from me, stay away from the video, and stick with the example, and present the gospel Thiel Gangham Style. Oppa!

Byker Bob said...

Well, that does it. From now on, I feel compelled to refer to this new splinter as "Theilego Church of god". And, yes, that is god with a small "g", as the real God has nothing to do with it.


Corky said...

"Real God"...that's kind of like trying to pick out the "real Santa" in New York City on Christmas Eve.

I wonder who the real tooth fairy is...

Anonymous said...

You are correct about the radio numbers. Realize that only about 10% of a given market is listening to the radio at any given time during the day. At night this is only about 2% of the population.

Ratings indicate what percentage of that percentage are listening to that station. For instance, an abitron of 1.0 means one percent of the radio listening audience is listening.

For a radio program to have 2 million listeners would require it to be on a major syndicated program on 100s of stations, similar to a Rush Limbaugh etc.

A New York radio station with an arbitron of 1.0 would have an audience of about 20 to 25 thousand.

A small market town with 250k population might have and audience as low as 250 to 500 with an arbitron of 1.0.

I have worked in the radio industry, and was a broadcaster in a previous life. Many people in the industry do not know how ratings work, so lets just hope that Thiel was misled by a dumb radio host and that Thiel was not being deliberate in his statements to deceive, but was rather ignorant of his statements.

Internet impression hits are very cheap and do not mean a lot in terms of impact. It is very hard to monetize or convert internet hits, and it takes MILLIONS of hits to be an impact player via internet. They do not equate equally to something like a letter or a phone call or being added to a requested email list for instance.

Thiel is exaggerating everything just like the XFL or the WFL did with attendance numbers at their early football games before going bankrupt. Hits do not equate into followers or impact except in the loosest of ways.

Speaking of football, I can see why Thiel is so much against it. His slight build and tenor voice probably meant that he got his butt kicked playing football as a kid in grade school , and he has had a grudge against it ever since. Probably the same reason that HWA did not like football either.

I am a believer in the Sabbath Day, and general doctrine similar to the COG 7th Day. It causes me embarrassment and makes me cringe when crackpots like Thiel, Pack, Flurry etc. muddy the water for those of us who are rational believers, who indeed possess critical reason and logic, and smear us all to look like nut cases. Thiel is HURTING the cause , not furthering it.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

I wonder who the real tooth fairy is...

Judging by their mannerisms, maybe it's one of these guys?

Tooth Fairies?

Or maybe it's this toothy bachelor?

Anonymous said...

As part of Ron Weinland's punishment in prison, he should be made to listen to every Bob Thiel presentation. That will make 3 1/2 years seem like the Millennium and the lake of fire a viable and sought after option...


VonHowitzer said...

Which of these is not like the other?

God: Moses, go free Israel.
Moses: Aw, God, do I have to?!!

God: Jonah, go warn Nineveh.
Jonah: I'm outta here!

God: I need a prophet.
Isaiah: I'm a man of unclean lips.


Anonymous said...

What lurks in the heart of ONE MAN who thinks HE MUST REACH BILLIONS with HIS Filtered, half baked, delusional crock of poo poo roni?

Does Bob have any honest friends who can inform him of :

1. Bob, your presentations are very weak and amateurish. Invest n a real microphone, get the laptop off the lecturn and quit waving your arms like the robot on Lost in Space

2. You really need to reconsider this prophet thing.

3. Please Bob, stop reading the Bible like a newspaper.

4. Please Bob, stop reading the newspaper and blog sites like the Bible.

5. Stop looking at the ceiling or the floor in your presentations. Look your audience in the eye. Rent an appropriate male if you have to sit there and be your audience if you have to.

6. Consider returning to LCG and saying, "I'm so sorry. I don't know what the hell got into me..."

7. Go to a real theological seminary and then get back to us. Be sure to tell them you are a prophet when you enter. If they are a non-prophet school, you'll have to go elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

At this point to claim those numbers would imply your message is popular. Just looking at your youtube views, you can tell that is not the case. We are looking at hundreds in most cases.

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm sorry, but after reading all about Thiel and the circumstances that supposedly led to him receiving a "double portion" of God's Holy Spirit I have to comment. I seriously can't believe that Thiel actually believes that just because some guy prayed over him that he'd receive a double portion of the Holy Spirit somehow means that he's now been "ordained" a "prophet"! Sadly it makes me wonder about the sanity of the man! The only person I'm aware of that asked to receive a double portion of anything spirit-like was Elisha who asked of the prophet Elijah to receive a double portion of the prophetic spirit that energized him. And what did Elijah tell Elisha so he'd KNOW that his difficult request had been granted? By witnessing Elijah's ascent into heaven in a chariot of fire (2 Kings 2:9-11)!!! Did any similar "sign" or "miracle" even "speaking in tongues" or "prophesying" manifest itself that all who were present would be all too willing to verify DEMONSTRATING Thiel's induction as a prophet of ALMIGHTY GOD?! No?! I didn't think so! Well then, he's deluding himself and I regret will take not a few with him for the train wreck of a ride he's hitched on! *facepalm*

Anonymous said...

You will all eat your words when GOD'S TRUE BOOB puts a shim under his book cabinet, making it straight.

On the other hand, it may take more than a shim to make Mr. Theil straight.


NO2HWA said...

Love it Norm!

Anonymous said...

"....rational believers, who indeed possess critical reason and logic..."

There is no such thing as a rational believer. Faith does not exist in an atmosphere of reason and logic. While some believers may possess critical reason and logic, they turn it off when it comes to their religious life and faith. They have to.

Paul Ray

Anonymous said...

99.999% of all humans on this earth have never heard of Bob Thiel. Im willing to bet that 1 or 2 years from now that 99.999% of all humans on this earth still will not have heard of Bob Thiel.

Anonymous said...

99.999% of humans don't know who Herbert Armstrong was either. That is a good thing.