Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Welcome to Nerdvana: Demons, Sumo Wrestlers, Flying Paint, and Nerds, all on God's Holy Pasadena Campus

How appropriate that the Pasadena campus is now being used by another Armstrong! Curtis Armstrong, who played Booger in "Revenge fo the Nerds" is the host of the new TV series King of the Nerds that was filmed on the Pasadena campus.  Sword fighting demons, flying paint, drunken nerds in Ambassador Hall, sumo wrestlers, and more.  It can't get any better than this!  Gooooooooooo Booger! You rock!

Watch the official TBS trailer here for even more great footage.(I could not embed it for some reason)  Herbert is rolling in his grave right now!

I look forward to about 10 years down the line when Nerds 2 is filmed in Edmond, Oklahoma and Nerds 3 will be filmed in Wadsworth.  Oh happy day!

It is my understanding that the prequel to the Nerds is currently being filmed in Arroyo Grande, Ca.


Anonymous said...

Love the quick pan across The Word of God Is the Foundation of Knowledge on Ambassador Hall. Talk about spitting in a cults face! I love this!

Anonymous said...

This is the ULTIMATE spit in the face!!! Think about this! You cannot have orchestrated this any better. I mean, would Herbert have approved of ANY of this??? of course not, and that makes it all the more funnier and more hilarious!

In the first episode, they had all the nerds jump in the fountain to clean off the face paint! Would anyone have been able to get away with that in Herbert's generation? What was the penalty for taking a wade in Loma's Precious Fountain anyway?! They ALSO had some kind of a 20s flapper short skirt girl making chess moves and in the first episode! When I saw that, all I could think of is Ol' Herbert flopping his jowels and saying "Get out! You're removed from the campus!" or something like that! No one, ever, could have thought of a better slap to Herbert's face then this!!!!

When all the contestants walked in the redwood room, they oooh'd and awwww'd ... and one girl who said "This is just like my college dorm room!" ... little did she know ;)

If anything says Herbert's reign is over, THIS says it. Hey all you COG people posting pictures of the campus and fountain, look! It's OVER! Nerds have taken over the campus, and who knows what kind of stuff went on in there during taping! Too bad so sad, but to me, I'm laughing my head off about this! The only thing that could top it is if I was a season 2 contestant. LOLOLOL

Nerdvana rocks!

Anonymous said...

Rod Meredith must really be depressed about this desecration of the Pasadena Campus. The Germans will no longer want to use this oasis in the city as their headquarters for the occupation.

Sue said...

I love this blog! Some of you are so irreverent! After decades of being around holier than thou ministers it is great to see them get their comeuppance!

Anonymous said...

Oh can you even imagine ANY of those stuck up ministers watching this?? I mean, look at the post a few before this one where JEANS were banned because fingers were pointing toward things!

I can just see Pack watching this shaking his head. I'd love to be a fly on the wall and listen to his commentary on this.

Byker Bob said...

Hopefully, interrracial couples will be dancing on the walkways,
and they'll be playing the old album rock classic "God Gave Rock n Roll to You." as the soundtrack.


Redfox712 said...

"Love the quick pan across The Word of God Is the Foundation of Knowledge on Ambassador Hall. Talk about spitting in a cults face! I love this!"

When was that?

Anonymous said...

Also, the new tv show 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, filmed a small part in the beginning of the pilot episode at AC. The screw up son of the President sent sky rockets into a dorm room window to set the building on fire. (not real fire, sorry)