Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bob Thiel: Shocking News! One Youtube Viewer Liked My Video

The non-ordained and self appointed false prophet Thiel is having fits of ecstasy today that ONE viewer liked a video he put up in 2009 referring the present Pope resigning. That was such an earth shattering event that prophet Bob dedicated a post to it today.

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“Near or after 2012 the last pope will arise”, and Benedict resigns Feb. 28 2013…Wow! he hit the nail right on the head three years before it happened! Popes don’t retire, they die in office!
What I stated in the YouTube video back then was:
…the Malachy list…
If that list is intended to be complete, and that is to be fulfilled, the next pope will be the last pope and he is likely to arise sometime near or after 2012.
Wow!  Spooky!

Prophet Thiel wants you to know that because he is soooooooooooo accurate in his prophecies that you had better be concerned when the new Pope is elected.  The new Pope will quickly morph into the anti-christ. He will then rally the Germans into invading the U.S. where they will be allowed to make slaves of the young nubile women and strong young men.  The rest will be relegated to concentration camps where meat hooks will abound. 

Soon after this happens the non-ordained and self appointed Second Witness will be killed in the streets of Jerusalem where he will be resurrected 3 ½ days later at which time he will rise to meet his Jesus christ in the air so he can come back and kick some  so-called Christian ass.

Anyway, the YouTube I did in 2009 was related to the promotion of my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect.  Since it was released in September 2009, world events have aligned with over 30 predictions in it (a list of which is at the beginning of the article End of Mayan Calendar 2012–Might 2012 Mean Something?).

We are close to the end of the 6,000 years that God gave humanity to rule itself on its own.  This means that the next pope, who will apparently rise up shortly as I somewhat speculated years ago, certainly may be the final Antichrist of biblical prophecy.  If he is the last one, he will be.

You need not live in fear though. If you join his little cult you will be given a place in Petra where you can gather at his non-ordained feet and be taught.  You will then be given a world to rule over with a rod of iron as you are now a glorious God all because you joined up with the most perfect Christians ever to grace the planet. Woo Hoo!

Continuing Church of God The group striving to be most faithful amongst all real Christian groups to the word of God.


Joe Moeller said...

Guess I better buy that GERMAN LANGUAGE course from ROSETTA STONE while the price is still low!

Will be more valuable than gold when the Assyrians come and invade America, according to Thiel.

Stock up now!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Painful Truth said...

vergie71 6 months ago

A very borring stupid book

Well said!

Byker Bob said...

Almost doesn't cut it.

What these people just don't get is that the Armstrong gospel has always been based on the supposed understanding of, and knowledge of prophecy, how it supposedly relates to the USA, and how it appears to relate to world news. The problem is that one would not be correct in basing one's continuing allegiance to Armstrongism on the accuracy of its prophecies. That is a house of sand.

Had HWA used the Noah mode, leaving timelines open (which is the patch most stalwart members have employed in their backpeddaling spin), then one could respect these folks, assuming that somehow what they said may eventually occur. However, HWA and his imitators did not or do not do that. He set dates, attempting to be specific as exemplified by the prophets, and this proved to be his undoing to everyone who held him accountable rather than giving him a pass based on the idolatry of his imaginary apostleship.


Anonymous said...

I don't care a lick about how accurate or innacurate this guy is with prophecy, speculation, or whatever. His attitude has completely turned me off more then anything else. To get on the blog and brag about one, yes, ONE stinkin' you tube viewer in what amounts to nothing but a brag-fest is the biggest show of a lack of humility that I have ever seen.

Why is it that every single COG "prophet" that comes on the scene seems to have a complete lack of humility? The answer to that is because nearly all the COG ministers have had a problem with pride and ego, and these COG leaders are no different.

I really don't give a care about anything at all about what they teach, their doctrines, their prophesies, this that, everything else, by their fruits you shall know them so it is said, and all I see coming from any COG minister is overwhelming ego and pride that makes me want to vomit. All I have to see is their fruits and I don't really give a care what comes out of their mouth. Anybody can teach, anybody can interpret, but it's what in the heart that matters and all I see is...


Joe Moeller said...

Well , it appears that at least Mrs. Thiel, using her online YOU TUBE personna name, LIKED Bob's video and left a nice comment for him.

Good for him! ...
"Everybody loves somebody Sometime" - Dean Martin

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"Why is it that every single COG "prophet" that comes on the scene seems to have a complete lack of humility? "

Because he believes that he is right, and carrying out the wishes of the creator of the universe, all to the approval of this supernatural being.

Paul Ray

Anonymous said...

Paul said:

"Because he believes that he is right, and carrying out the wishes of the creator of the universe, all to the approval of this supernatural being."

But that same supernatural being according to the scriptures requires humility. Where's the disconnect?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if BT mentioned in that You Tube that the Malachy list is a forgery and has been a manipulation from its "discovery" ? And why would he think a Catholic should be a true prophet of God...upon whom he/we should rely as God's messenger. Is the Catholic group bad or not bad? Which is it? Inspired or not inspired? Godly or ungodly? More cherry picking by WCG rubes.

Anonymous said...

When you say BT all I can think of is Bacon and Tomato.

Thanks. Now I want a BLT sandwich.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Bob is going off the deep end.

How does someone praying for you to receive a double portion make you a prophet?

He's reading tooooo much into it, and those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear are well aware of that.

Douglas Becker said...

There's a sucker born every decade, so Thiel only need wait two more years for the next one.