Friday, February 22, 2013

E. W. King Acolytes May Only Marrry Within His Group

E. W. King lays it on the line for all true believers in the TRUE Church of God - the Worldwide Church of God/Speaking to the Remnant. Since Speaking to the Remnant is miniscule in nature this will and has created an issue.  When you only have a handful of followers who are you going to marry?  I guess this is the reason King is still single.

This has been an issue with many COG's.  Even David Hulme spoke out against marrying outside his group. The young people in his group and Kings are not finding any mates because their groups are so incredibly small.  Families have intermarried within Armstrongism to such a degree that a few more years down the line there could be genetic health concerns.

Please find somebody in the true Church to marry. If you do not you will be placing yourself in turmoil and pain. False religion promotes bad relationships. What the true Church of God promotes will be hated by the world. If you get involved with somebody in another religion they will begin to hate you. What we [true Christians] are practicing is not like anything of this world. Many will become jealous of the true believer. If you put Jesus FIRST you are a strange person to them. This will never change!

Emotional attachment is false attachment. It means that one is compromising their true beliefs. How can that person be truly happy?  A woman that puts herself in a relationship where the man does not respect God's true relationship is living in misery. Do not do this! It makes no is criminal [that is what sin is]. Marriage is for life according to the Bible. If you do not understand this than do not get married.


Lurker said...

Put Jesus first? When has ANYONE in the COGs done that?

anonymous commenter said...

God gave divorce through Moses because he recognized how hard people could be and sometimes how manipulative they could be. No one can read another person's heart. It can take time for some things to appear.
While it is great to have belief in common with a spouse, just being in the same church or 'group' does not mean you do have that at all.

Churches use marriage and divorce issues as a method to control people. I wish people would not knuckle under to this abuse.

Joe Moeller said...

Also implied by E.W. King is that you cannot have affairs or flings outside of his group either.

Nothing worse that cross denominational adultery.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Velvet said...

"I guess this is the reason King is still single."

Hmm, now what is that verse in Timothy where Paul says the deacons(ministers) of the Church "must be the husband of one wife" ??

It's painfully obviously this King fellow (though I've never heard of him before) is neither a deacon, nor in the Church any longer (nor are any of the other splinter group leaders or members), so I guess that is hardly surprising.

Joe Moeller said...

Well , thanks to E.W. , I guess I will cancel my subscription to E-Harmony.Com.

I will spend my evenings taking cold showers and giving myself vigorous rubdowns with a large terrycloth towel as was suggested by HWA in the Autobiography.

Also sleeping on my back as was recommended in the book "Missing Dimension in Sex" to take care of any "pressure".

Its all so simple really!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Velvet said...

" Families have intermarried within Armstrongism to such a degree"

This is absolutely un-Biblical, and NOT something the Church ever taught when I was growing up. How can these wackos justify an abomination like this??

Joe Moeller said...


A churchwide encompassing singles event, for ALL singles in our fellowship WORLDWIDE will be held at EW King's headquarters studio apartment on this coming Saturday night.


Our 3 single men, (all over 60 years old) and our one single girl (who will be legal age this coming July) will be playing "spin the bottle" , "Twister", and "Duck, Duck, Goose" in an evening of delightful fellowship.

Remember-- membership cards and your decoder ring must be presented at the door in order to attend.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Painful Truth said...

"If you put Jesus FIRST you are a strange person to any of the 'cog's'" how this should have been stated by false prophet EW.

Velvet said...

Funny, James, I would say that's absolutely true of the Evangelicals in the Church NOW. As opposed to when I was growing up, when Jesus was absolutely (He still is) the Head of the Church without question, and where we heard sermons about the LIFE of Jesus, and how we were to celebrate Jesus' LIFE (by emulating it).

Not celebrating His death only, the way the professing Christians of the world do.

Douglas Becker said...

Yes, confine the insanity genetically to the group at the shallow end of the gene pool: It will die out quicker that way.

Or you could pray and ask God for a mate... nah, that's too religious.

Maybe some stalkers from United will stop by.

Anonymous said...

What has worried me for a while is whether some people have remained virgins their whole lives because they couldn't find a mate in WCG. I see mention of peoples names who I went to AC with, who never married and are still in WCG, like 30 years later. I can't help but wonder whether they missed out on perhaps the most wonderful human experience available to us. I mean sex not marriage. Of course the 2 might happily go together, but if one doesn't occur would one have to forego the other??? Might be good to be a 20 year old virgin, but at 40 one has missed a lot, and at 60 it is almost too late. Of course none of the leaders missed out did they? Thankfully I made sure I didn't miss out myself.

Anonymous said...

so who is EW King anyway, and where did he come from?

is he another one that left an organization and started his own group so he could run the show?

Velvet said...

"so who is EW King anyway, and where did he come from?"

This is also my question; I've never heard of this guy before encountering him here.

As for anon wondering/worrying about all the singles in WCG, 99% of them are either widowed or divorced. Seems to be a 50-50 split on which.

There is a fairly large percentage of second marriages in the Church as well, but I grew up in the era of repealed D&R, so while it's a bit shocking to me now, it's definitely not my place to judge.

One of the scheming, two-faced Evangelicals in the UK (he is part of the phalanx of ministers that is trying to lead the faithful down the broad and wide path, by teaching things the Church never taught, and passing it off as what the Church actually taught) yelled and pounded the pulpit last year at the Feast, that divorce was only acceptable in situations of physical abuse. So take that for what it's worth. (Not much, in my books, coming from the mouth of a ravening wolf like him.) Which is the opposite to what I heard, growing up.

Byker Bob said...

Well, first of all, most of the Christians (non-!COG and non-Jr.) with whom I interact primarily celebrate the resurrection!

Armstrongism seems to take its guiding principles more from the book of Ezra than from any other scriptural source. In some cases, however, unbelieving mates can often come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ through their believing mates. Unfortunately, Armstrongism does not teach personal evangelism, so such possibilities would never occur to E.W. King, Gerald Flurry, or others. But, Paul had much to say on this topic in II Corinthians.

Normally, I'd applaud those who attempt to preserve traditional values. This is something that I believe will become more and more important as GLBT groups lobby for laws which allow transgender or cross-dressing persons to use whichever public restrooms, or public school lockerrooms that they prefer. That is the latest effort from those attempting to inflict a homosexual agenda on free societies around the world. They even label it as an end to discrimination.

Somewhere, there is balance. The ACOGs take it way too far to the opposite extreme, as King's statements demonstrate.


Velvet said...

"seems to take its guiding principles more from the book of Ezra

I quite disagree. I came across my old Bible some months ago (the one I got when I was old enough to sit up in the chairs and start taking notes), and the most well-thumbed part of that Bible (representing twelve years of weekly and annual/Holy Day Sabbath sermons) wer
the New Testament books. We heard about the life of Jesus, and how He interacted with His disciples, the unconverted, and the Pharisees, and how we were to emulate Him in our daily interactions in our lives

Nowadays, the Evangelicals preach a lot ABOUT the Bible, but they hardly ever read from it. And even when they (very very rarely) preach about Jesus, instead of preaching about Him directly, they,,,talk AROUND Him?

I can't quite explain it. Like, a minister will take an account from an incident in the Gospels, but they will focus on the people AROUND Jesus, to the point of excluding Jesus from the centrepiece of the sermon altogether

Which is diametrically opposite to the sermons I remember from when I was growing up. In fact, the closest to what I can remember hearing, are some of UCG's sermons; but the vast majority of those are hit-and-miss as well, due to their departure from doctrinal and governance truths of the Church. But the certainly preach the life of Jesus more than the Evangelicals do!

Velvet said...

"does not teach personal evangelism,"

Neither does Jesus.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Velvet said...

"That is the latest effort from those attempting to inflict a homosexual agenda on free societies around the world."

Why would you even worry about this? Is it because you're in the world, and have to deal with it more or something?

It has never been a big issue to me, because it's like this: The end of days is prophesied to be "worse than the days before Noah" so it's definitely going to get a lot worse than that....but Is. 1:9 (quoted by Paul in Romans 9:29) says the seed of the Church will be the only ones left who will not make such choices in their lives. That certainly was true for the Church I grew up in
(I realize Doug's experience was different, and I'm sorry for that.)

Besides which, even these people you decry in your comment will get a second chance at repentance and forgiveness, in the Second Resurrection, so why worry about what they're doing in this life, before they're even aware of redemption?
Matthew 7:1 offers the instruction on how to deal with people who (unwittingly) make the wrong choices in this life, because they have been influenced by the powers and principalities of the air.

Velvet said...

Sorry for the typos, etc. I can't find a good browser that wants to play nice with Blogger on this tablet.

Anonymous said...

It has been reported that Mr. E.W.King has 7 wives to fulfill some prophecy in Revelation and Isaiah. I was told that he doesnt call them wives..they "only want to be called by his name" as it states in Isaiah.