Saturday, February 16, 2013

False Prophet Thiel Bloviates On Petra and That He Will Be One of the Witnesses In The End-times

If you have an hour and twenty minutes to waste you can listen to the non-ordained self appointed false prophet Thiel bloviate on the church fleeing to Petra.  In conjunction with his boring video he also posted about Petra on his blog.

Today’s suggested sermon by the Continuing Church of God today is at the ContinuingCOG YouTube channel and is titled Might Petra be the Place of Safety?
It covers information such as:
The Bible teaches that a portion of the Christians will be protected in a wilderness area during the Great Tribulation.  Might this place be Petra in Jordan?  Which places do the show can and cannot be the place of safety?  Is the idea of Christians fleeing to an area with caves during the reign of the Beast and Antichrist an old one or a modern invention?  Which Christians get this protection and which do not?  Will those who do not go be subject to persecution?  Do Catholic prophecies warn against this place of protection?
If you are not close to Petra when bad things start to happen, you should not flee to an island!!! False prophet Thiel's god is going to make them all sink
Since the Bible seem to forecast near total destruction to the islands of the world (Revelation 6:12-14; 16:17-21), no island seems to be a likely place (more information can be found in the article Islands and Bible Prophecy).

The non-ordained self appointed prophet writes:

It is also of interest to note that those that escape will be assembled–they are not lone independents–this is also consistent with Zephaniah 2:1-3

All of you foolish people in the hundreds of independent COG's are in for a great shock when you arrive at Petra and find you were not part of a great assembly of TRUE Christians that can only be found in the Continuing Church of God.  Oh wait!  You will not even be there.  Only those assembled with the Continuing Church of God will make it!

Gather yourselves together, yes gather together, O undesirable nation, Before the decree is issued, Or the day passes like chaff, Before the day of the LORD’s fierce anger comes upon you, Before the day of the LORD’s anger comes upon you! Seek the LORD, all you meek of the earth, who have upheld His justice. Seek righteousness, seek humility. It may be that you will be hidden in the day of the LORD’s anger.
The Hebrew words translated as Zephaniah means “Yahweh Hides” or “Yahweh Has Hidden” (Holy Bible: Vine’s Expository Reference Edition, p. 826). Notice that a decree is issued, apparently by a church leader–and I believe that the leader will be part of the Continuing Church of God. This would seem to happen after the gospel has been preached enough to the world as a witness (Matthew 24:14), Jewish sacrifices are stopped, and the abomination is set up (Daniel 9:27; 11:31) per Jesus’ statements in Matthew 24:15-16.

So now we have the non-ordained self appointed prophet setting himself up as one of the two witnesses to the world.  Are their any more titles he wants to take on?  Is there anything left?

Apparently the self appointed prophet has spend several thousand dollars worth of tithe money into redecorating his video set.  Gone is the crooked book case with its tattered books laying on end. Now the super duper set includes a minuscule decorated copy of the commandments that looks like it is ready to jab him in the head.  More flaying hands, elevated bibles, rustling of notes, momentary lapses of mental facilities and more. High standards do not seem to be a hallmark of the Continuing Church of God.

How many more decades to COG members need to sit there and hear the exact same sermons over and over? It's the same proof-texting, the same catch phrases, the same scenarios, the discussions of Petra, the church eras, the tribulation, etc.  Nothing about living a life like Jesus who ate with whores and outcasts.  Nothing about doing good for their neighbors.  The Hebrew scriptures reign supreme and Jesus is an inconvenient truth.


Douglas Becker said...

Here we are: Thiel is 40 years too late. People left for the Place of safety in 1972.

Explanation: The Place of Safety is getting out of Armstrongism.

Some people have left for the Place of Safety last year. More this year and next.

Douglas Becker said...

Has Thiel accepted Jesus as his personal savior yet?

Byker Bob said...

Has anyone done a numerology check on Thiel's full name to determine whether he is a candidate for Beasthood?


Anonymous said...

Satanic ministers don't like me. Ever. There's a good reason why that is.

Anonymous said...

Thiel has distilled Armstrongism down to it's speculative elements. Might Petra be the place of safety? Perhaps this particular German fellow is the Beast? He's made an entire religion out of an AC dorm room bull session circa 1971.

Head Usher said...

What a gigantic load of self-serving manure Bob Thiel has served up for our dining pleasure today. Might a Jordanian tourist trap be the place of safety? I don't know. He might as well ask if the place of safety is in the land of Oz and speculate about whether Sam I Am has disqualified himself from being there because he ate ham with his green eggs.

"Notice that a decree is issued, apparently by a church leader–and I believe that the leader will be part of the Continuing Church of God."

Face-palm. What a transparently arrogant thing to say. Why do you "believe" this? I know why. First of all, for no reason, and second, because you want your ego to be stroked. Sure Bob, an ancient book of fables refers to you and the shining radiance emanating from your ass.

What an embarrassment.

Joe Moeller said...

Hard to tell but is Bob wearing makeup??

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Jack said...

The point of all these false prophets is to make religion look stupid. They do a bang up job of it.
They get hooked by ideas of their own self importance.
15 minutes of fame is very intoxicating I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Bob Thiel anagrammed is:
Hobble It
Bible Hot
Bib Hotel
Bile Both
Blob He It
Seems pretty cool

Anonymous said...

Bob Thiel anagrammed is

El Hobbit

Anonymous said...

Thiel said: "The Bible teaches that a portion of the Christians will be protected in a wilderness area during the Great Tribulation."
Baloney. This is pure propaganda and not in the Bible. HWA used this to attract people who wanted to save their skin and to scare people into not leaving, and the false leaders are still doing it today. I even got it from an LCG council of elders member when I left LCG. "I'm afraid you're going to go through the tribulation." Wow, I didn't realized God was going to check the computer rosters before deciding who to protect. It is the woman who gave birth to the man-child who will be taken to the place of safety. If you think that's the church, you're an idiot. If you think that is the Philadelphia era of the church, you're a complete idiot. The church is mentioned in v 17 as the offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ, and they're not going to a place of saftey. In fact, they are going to be overcome by Satan, and are called upon to exercise patience. Put your faith and hope in Jesus Christ, not some man that wants to manipulate you.

Anonymous said...

Thiel said: "...and I believe that the leader will be part of the Continuing Church of God..."

If only I had a dime everytime I heard a member of one of the ACOGs assert such nonsense about their own cult I'd be a millionaire by now! For example I recall a few years ago one UCG bloke tell me he believed the 2 witnesses will belong to the UCG!

Well I have one simple question for all of these people within LCG/UCG/RCG/CGG/COGWA/CCG/PCG etc that believe that the 2 witnesses will come from their oh so special group: PROVE IT!!!!
It's illogical, unbiblical and impossible! It doesn't make--even mathematical--sense that God Almighty is going to select 2 men from every one of these 100+ cults--all of which believe the 2 witnesses will come from within their own ranks!
It boggles my mind that they believe such things that they CANNOT prove!
And they say Xians that perpetuate the belief iin Santa Claus are demented!
Pots & kettles really...

DennisCDiehl said...

NO one ever accused the WCG/COG ministry of critical, logical or too deeply thinking.

I thought fundamentalist and literalist reading Christians were not to worry about being physically protected or preserved? What's the point? Even King David said, "Hide me in the grave." That's pretty safe.

Where in Paul's musings do we find being protected and saved phsically? He was going to be changed in a moment and twinkling of an eye, until he realized he wasn't and died.

My mom spent the second half of her life hearing about all this Place of Safety BS and I often reminded her it was just an idea. She'd listen to be because I was one of "them" lol. Mom died peacefully in her sleep yesterday morning and is safer now from this nut case world than any Place of Safety would ever be.

As a WCG minister, I quietly knew I'd never follow any HWA directives to buy into such a stupid concept. And you know how Gerald Waterhouse and I got along...:)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that, Dennis. I will be thinking about you.


Joe Moeller said...

Hey...I like that anagram game!

"Continuing Church of God" anagram is ....

"Find Outgoing Church Con"!

Hmmm, is this the secret message??

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"Continuing Church of God" anagram is ....

Touching of Chronic Dung

Coughing Cooch Nun Drift

Incur Cooch Nun Dogfight

Confounding Hot Chic Rug

Hey, maybe the last one is a clue about his problems with set design!

church of god person said...

Much sympathy Dennis

RSK said...

I remember growing up in WCG and one day asking my father how the "woman who brought forth the Child" could actually be "the Church", it didn't seem logical to me. My father thought about it and said "You know, now that you bring it up, it doesn't sound like it makes sense to me either."
So I asked our local pastor, who told me to refer back to "many" of Armstrong's sermons (this would have been about 1990) and nothing else. Well, I did sit through a few, but I never did find the explanation - if there ever was one beyond the assertion of such.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess what's important about that story is the Pastor couldn't explain it either, so he sent you on a wild goose chase, and that made his "problem" [you, asking pesky questions] go away.

The way I remember that being interpreted was that the woman was the church, and the child was jesus, which kind of makes sense if you think of the nation of Israel as the OT "church." BUT what still doesn't make sense is the nurturer being made up of nurturees. Meh. It's just a bunch of ancient jewish stories. It doesn't really mean anything at all.

RSK said...

Well, Mr Armstrong says... (insert the exact same non sequiter that caused you to ask the question in the first place). I SAID, MR ARMSTRONG SAYS... heh.