Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Prophet Thiel: Obama's Ability To Attack US Citizens Who Are Terrorists Soon To Be Used Against COG?

In yet another pathetic attempt to read news through his newly found and doubly blessed prophetic eyes, prophet Thiel has an entry up today about the Obama Administrations over-reaching rules regarding its right to kill U. S. citizens who are members of terrorist organizations without due process of the law.

Prophet Thiel lists many concerns that have been in the news lately by various news organizations and media personalities. There are a lot of concerns being voiced about this new action that many see as a serious violation of previously held citizen’s rights. This is nothing new that his prophetic brain suddenly was inspired to write.

Prophet Thiel in typical COG conspiracy theory laden death and doom fashion concludes his blog entry with a simple paragraph that initially looks benign but is in actuality a prediction that Church of God ministers and churches could eventually be attacked and killed for speaking the "truth."

The wanna-be prophet writes:

Those in the USA who feel that they are protected by a variety of ‘constitutional’ rights are learning that their government is narrowing those rights.  Today it is high-level membership in al-Qaida or similar organizations, tomorrow it could be other unrelated groups and perhaps some who are not as high-level.

Either way, the citizens of the USA do not have all the rights that their government used to claim that they had.


Anonymous said...

Bob isn't far off the mark, though I doubt the COG's would ever be targeted, given that they are not as politically active as other Christian denominations. Of course, this all started with Bush and Patriot Act, and is continued by the current Democratic administration. No hope in the two party system. War and loss of civil liberties is something our politicians can all agree on.

Paul Ray

NO2HWA said...

Ray: You are right. The problem with Thiel though is that he is setting himself up to be a martyr for the truth. Real prophets of God are killed for speaking out and Thiel thinks that is what he is doing and that he will ultimately have to pay the consequences.

Until we see a drone take out a certainly building in Arroyo Grande we all know that Thiel is a bag of hot air.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, standing firm against American football will definitely get them tortured and killed! ha.

Anonymous said...

COG ministers are pretty much drones themselves.

Anonymous said...

Thiel drones on and on...He need join ON and ON Anonymous

Byker Bob said...

Thiel is more likely on a list someone is keeping to turn over to the Germans when they come.

Not that they ever will, mind you, but it's what the ACOGs taught and think.


Painful Truth said...

I agree with Paul Ray. We here in America are the new Nazi's. Or should I say, our fearless foolish leaders are the latest version of jackbooted thugs with a boot on our collective throats.

As to Thiel, he is nothing and never will amount to anything of importance. I wonder if his wife has started packing yet?

Douglas Becker said...

but is in actuality a prediction that Church of God ministers and churches could eventually be attacked and killed for speaking the "truth."

No danger there since they don't speak the truth.

And anyway, the churches of God is a hive full of drones.

Head Usher said...

"The problem with Thiel though is that he is setting himself up to be a martyr for the truth."

I can't see anyone lynching this guy just because he doesn't like football, and there are hundreds of higher profile political dissidents out there more convincing than Dr. Boob. As soon as we arrive at the disjointed segueway, "Does the bible have anything to say about this?", it's instant eye-roll time for 99.99% of viewers.

If he wants to be a martyr, he's queueing up at the back of a fairly long line. Jenna Marbles is probably ahead of Dr. Boob.

Anonymous said...

maybe they think they martyrs will get 70 virgins like the Moslems. I wonder where they keep getting the virgins and what happens to them after they aren't virgins? Maybe they are recycled somehow.

Byker Bob said...

I've heard mainstream Christian pastors speculate that they might one day be jailed and persecuted. However, this is generally because they and their churches are more active in transformative efforts directed towards the community, local schools, and in relief from social crimes such as providing shelters for teenage prostitutes who seek freedom from the sex trade/slavery industry. They also speak out against some of the societal changes which pressure groups are attempting to re-educate the public towards, and these issues are much bigger than football!

Compared to these types of activities, it is usually quite laughable that an ACOG minister would overestimate his and his church's activities and noticeability to the extent that anyone would even know to speak out or attempt to persecute. It's another area where one could fake early apostolic activities and conditions to elicit parallels, supposedly proving that such and such church is the true one today, but without the actual risks or likelihood of being noticed, let alone martyrred or persecuted. Probably the worst thing Thiel has to look forward to is someone throwing eggs at his car or toiletpapering trees surrounding his house or office.

Certified kook David ben Ariel was much more of a risktaker, writing to German politicians exhorting them to live up to their prophetic roles, and calling Arnold Schwartzaneggar's office. So was Rohan. Thiel, at best, has tunnel visibility, restricted mostly to those once associated with Armstrongism. That has been his traditional target for COGwriter, and he's a small, unordained fish in that pond, but aspiring to grow into a big one through a faked prophethood.


Anonymous said...

"They also speak out against some of the societal changes which pressure groups are attempting to re-educate the public towards..."

I wish American pastors would speak out against really important things, like our foreign policy of the last 50 years, and the frightening infringement of civil liberties by Bush/Obama. Some do, but most of them are fixated on hot button issues like same sex marriage and abortion- the same issues that keep the Right and the Left at each other's throat and the nation divided.
While we continue to fund dictators and initiate or encourage war (and the horrors that come with it) all in the name of security and freedom, Liberal Joe and Conservative Bob can't see past girls kissing girls and abortion. Much to the amusement of the GOP and DNC.

The persecution of Christians in this country will never happen as long as they are protected under the Constitution. Unfortunately, the Constitution has been under attack for decades under both Republican and Democratic administrations and was dealt a terrible blow through the Patriot Act. If Christian pastors want to ensure their freedom, they need to start denouncing the Patriot Act instead of lesbians, which is their own "football."

Paul Ray

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,
You are making an ass out of yourself. Please stop causing more damage to people who are seeking a spiritual experience in life and getting your merely religious ideas experience.