Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ron Weinland Finally In Prison!

February 1st will be a date known forever in Armstrongism as the date the first COG leader was put in prison.  With luck, there will be more leaders down the line making friends with Bubba.


Byker Bob said...

How is Weinland regarded by his fellow splinter group leader peers? It is almost expected that one splinter group leader will call another "Laodecean", find fault with how he changed HWA's doctrines from one's personal choice of a snapshot in time, or fault him for his understanding of church government.

But, is Ron Weinland seen as being so radical a departure that he should be considered a criminal for evading income taxes, or a kook for the stupidity of his prophecies, a megalomaniac for declaring that he is one of the two witnesses and his wife the other?

Or, is he just seen as one of the guys? Kind of normal, and perhaps being unfairly persecuted?

The answers to these questions might provide considerable insights into the greater Armstrongite movement, and its juxtaposition with Christianity at large.


Anonymous said...

David C Punk needs to be his cell mate. Pack is a fraud. He says false things to get money from people, that is a crime. Please keep after Dave and lock his sorry ass up too. We need at least one more locked up, that will make it so so so clear what a bucnch of crooks these Armstrong fakers are.

Steve Kisack said...

I think all of Herbert's hirelings should be looking behind them with fear that it could happen to them as well, being the corrupt thieves, liars, and greedy conmen that they have been for years. All of the COGWA, UCG, GCI "ministers", as well as Flurry's, Meredith's crew, and any others that I have failed to mention should have their sorry swindling asses locked up!

Anonymous said...

Religious Matters: Terra Haute

Institutions schedule religious services and meeting times for inmates of many faiths. Religious programs are led or supervised by staff chaplains, contract spiritual leaders, and community volunteers. Chaplains oversee inmate self-improvement forums such as scripture study and religious workshops, and provide pastoral care, spiritual guidance, and counseling.

Inmates can observe religious holy days and wear and use religious items consistent with their faith as long as this is consistent with policy and with the security, safety, and good order of the institution."

I can't imagine Ron's first Chaplain visit and I hope the Chaplain has done his homework on Ron. Ron won't go to church there, he'll try to start one.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see comments applauding this person getting his just reward. I personally would feel sorry for him if I did not understand the psychology of religion. If this ordeal would bring about a repentant attitude it could be seen as a stepping stone to a person’s spiritual growth and development, but realistically it will enhance the idea that their religion is what it should be and he is the suffering servant doing the work of God.

All of the exposure given to these people and their organizations may encourage a few people who are disillusioned with the organization to leave, but for the most part those who have supported these organizations have their spiritual needs met in some way. The greater the exposure the longer it takes for them to die out.

At least this seems to be what I have seen in history.

Anonymous said...

All criticisms of RW aside, and he does earn them, when push comes to shove, I can't imagine the moment he realizes he is no longer in charge of anything. There is moment or already past now where he is taken from the car into the facility. He gets a physical rude or otherwise. He gives up personal belongings and is given an outfit. There has to a moment when he is lead to a cell and waits for it to open and the moment he has to walk in and hear that first slam of iron on iron. There has to be a moment where he left alone standing there.

Perhaps he is made out of steel or perhaps he is in such denial it really is no big deal to him as he said last week. But I think reality will hit and it will be a challenge to say the least.

Get up when you're told. Eat when and what you are told. Talk to a counselor or be in a program and do it over and over and over for 3.5 years.

The contrast and change to me would be mind blowing to experience. I wonder what he thinks in his quiet moments. He will have so many of them ahead.

Perhaps I just perceive this from m personality and from how I might feel and he would not feel or be the same way. But it has to be a devasting personal experience after all the free wheeling Ron has had time to do for the past five years on his own.

Anonymous said...

Well, other cult leaders like Warren Jeffs, Sam Mullet and others are imprisoned and still run their cults from behind bars.

But it's not quite as glamorous an experience as they had before imprisonment.


Anonymous said...

The message this sends the COG leaders is that it is okay to rip off and cheat the bretheren, but we'd better pay our taxes.

Joe Moeller said...

The "First Night" from the Shawshank Redemption script...

Three tiers to a side, concrete and steel, gray and imposing.
Ron and the others are marched in, still naked, carrying
their clothes and Bibles. The CONS in their cells greet them
with TAUNTS, JEERS, and LAUGHTER. One by one, the new men are
shown to their cells and locked in with a CLANG OF STEEL.

RED (V.O.)
The first night's the toughest, no
doubt about it. They march you in
naked as the day you're born, fresh
from a Bible reading, skin burning
and half-blind from that delousing
crap they throw on you...

Red watches from his cell, arms slung over the crossbars,
cigarette dangling from his fingers.

RED (Morgan Freeman) (V.O.)
...and when they put you in that
cell, when those bars slam home,
that's when you know it's for real.
Old life blown away in the blink of
an eye...a long cold season in hell
stretching out ahead...nothing
left but all the time in the world
to think about it.

Red listens to the CLANGING below. He watches Ron and a few
others being brought up to the 2nd tier.

RED (V.O.)
Most new fish come close to madness
the first night. Somebody always
breaks down crying. Happens every
time. The only question is, who's
it gonna be?

Ron is led past and given a cell at the end of the tier.

RED (V.O.)
It's as good a thing to bet on as
any, I guess. I have my money on

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

Yes, Anon. What you just said! Sadly, that is probably the real answer to all of the questions I posed above.