Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dave Pack: 24 "proofs" Regarding August 30, 2013

Here is the list of 24 "proofs" that guarantees that Davey's August 30, 2013 prophecy is 100% true and will happen.  Tens of thousands of COG members will soon be streaming into Davey's cult compound in the must superfantabulous reunification EVER!

1) Understanding the meaning of the prophecy, starting with Haggai 1:2, automatically carries the requirement of taking a position on it. This cannot be avoided after one learns it. Think about this. The position of the remnant is that “the time is not come” to rebuild God’s House. Are they right or wrong? God indicts their thinking, meaning they are wrong! If the prophecy is not now, the net effect would be that God agrees with the remnant’s view. Worse, so should those currently in God’s one Church because they now know the meaning of the prophecy. Think this through. One does or does not agree with the remnant. God does not—and we do not. The time is now! Let’s go further.
Davey just set himself up for failure with hsi first "proof."  He acknowledges that the COG does not see the "time has come" for rebuilding anything. 

2) Directly related, why (or how) would God command the remnant to “Go…build the House!” (Hag. 1:8)—but not mean NOW? How could He mean some undetermined future year? Why would God tell them (twice) to “consider their ways”—but not mean that they should do this now? Try to imagine God saying, “Consider your ways, but take your time. There’s no hurry. In fact, take years to think it over—even though you have been out of My Church for 20 years! You don’t have to DO anything now.”

3) Also related, if God waited 2,500 years to reveal the prophecy’s meaning (3,000 years when various related much older Psalms are considered), is not His waiting done? Does His revealing it not signal that He has reached the time to fulfill it rather than having reached a point one, two or three years out?

Davey's god apparently is a tired worn out wuss after sitting in Wadsworth  close to 3,00 years waiting for Davey to get his act together.

4) Next, why would God wait longer? What would He wait for? The remnant is absolutely ripe for deliverance.

5) Internally, and this is no small thing, God’s Church is truly ready to expand the Work in a BIG WAY. The prophecy features this as the MAIN PURPOSE of the remnant returning! Without the prophecy’s fulfillment, this expansion would be delayed one year—or more! Why would God notify His Church of the prophecy’s existence at the very same time our staff is ready, our websites are ready, our literature is ready and even God’s college is ready for more students if the prophecy were not imminent? Why would God notify His Church if HE were not ready?
Davey has just written in his escape clause above.  If August 30 does not happen, it could be a year or more till things shape up again.  God has NEVER notify the RCG to get ready.  Davey's delusion mind heard the voices and appointed himself, just as Bob Thiel appointed himself as a leader.  Both are impotent little men trying so hard to be taken seriously by the COG and all that happen sis they both get laughed at.

6) Related to this, the buildings on our campus can very soon handle significantly more staff than we have now. This is already true without the other two buildings scheduled for completion in the late fall. However, this extra size works perfectly if the prophecy occurs this year.

7) Also related, but separate, our infrastructure is ready to receive and serve a much larger flock this fall! This includes field ministry being ready, but also other things.

8) Maturing interest from many in the world due to one year of explosive television expansion requires many more laborers in the ministry by this autumn.
Davey's EXPLOSIVE television coverage has soon to being in hundreds of thousands of faithful.  Never in the COG's history has television every brought in tens of thousands of followers.  It wont happen this time either. Davey will not be drawing in any of the public to his cult.  All he has been cable of drawing so far is less than 1,500 people who were already COG members.  His cult is comprised of nothing more than church jumpers.

9) The Restored Church of God is experiencing an AWESOME period of growth and development at this time—in the runup period just prior to the prophecy’s fulfillment. This is putting it mildly! To us, this is powerful indication that we are on the right track for this year—that God is not only pleased with His Church, but that He is helping it get ready.

10) If the prophecy did not happen this year, the remnant would remain another year (or more) undergoing ever worsening false ways. Worse off, they would have a commensurate shorter time to spiritually recover before the Tribulation. Think worse condition, less time to recover.
If Davey's prophecy does not come true COG members will have one  more year to suffer under the legalistic churches they are already in.  They will have one less year to recover from their sins before the tribulation happens.

11) If reunification occurred next year (or any year after), those with God’s Spirit would have one more year cut off from God’s Church. This carries the potential for more to quench the Holy Spirit (I Thes. 5:19) and lose salvation.
COG members will have one more year to be separated from Davey if his August 30 prophecy does not happen.

12) The readers of the Haggai prophecy announcements (this is #21) who believed them would be the most disillusioned and the biggest candidates to QUIT everything if God did not return His people to one House this year! This would work directly against what God is doing—directly opposite His overall purpose.
Davey says his god would be an utter failure if August 30 does not happen.  He knows he will loose those diehard members who believe everything he says.  They would then know Davey is a lair and leave him.

13) Further desolation (Hag. 1:11; 2:16-17) from God of the splinter “houses” would practically wipe out the few remaining senior leaders in them. This includes pastors and elders, all of whom are NEEDED TO CARRY OUT THE BIG WORK!
Davey's god is soon ready to wipe out the foundations of the numbers COG groups out there leaving their senior leaders high and dry (or dead.)  Davey wants those remaining ordained men know that he will have a place for them in his engorged, expanding and ready to explode cult (after a stint in the reduction camps of course.)

14) The onset of all future years would never come with clarity—with any certainty! Would God leave thousands who are now aware of this prophecy in such a condition? Hardly.

15) Next, for those who will see the value of how to pursue spiritual matters, there is this: After fervently seeking God about it, not one reason the prophecy is off this year ever emerged in the minds of even one of our 16 Headquarters ministers! I (we) have NEVER prayed about, studied over, meditated on, fasted about and counseled with other ministers regarding a subject more than this one—in fact no other subject is even close!
16 idiots have all agreed that Davey's prophecy will happen on August 30.  On September 1, 2013 what will these fools be thinning?

16) Similarly, as questions emerged throughout our pursuit of truth with the many details of the prophecy, so many of these details kept coming clear as direct answers to prayer. And these were often immediate.

17) Recall Haggai 1:13: “Then spoke Haggai the Lord’s messenger in the Lord’s message unto the people…” Haggai is the messenger to God’s people, with what is an all-important message from God. Would not God make clear in such a unique message He describes as “the Lord’s message unto His people” the correct date for action? What kind of message would it be if people did not know WHEN TO CARRY IT OUT?

18) Since the apostasy, God had not wanted the remnant back in His Church, but now He does. He would first reveal the remnant to His leader, then tell him how they would return, and finally that He meant NOW. This was the order in which these things became apparent.
Davey's god apparently was sooooooooooooooooo pissed at COG members that he spewed them out for over 25 years til this time.  Now he wants them back

19) Imagine God not revealing the year the remnant is coming—but only the day and month. Vast amounts of time would have been wasted by His leaders studying and preparing for something that was not imminent. Would God put His Church in such a position?

20) Of interest, God revealed to me during ELUL four years ago my role as the modern Joshua.

21) Also of interest, I and The Restored Church of God learned about the New Testament remnant last ELUL (August). Let’s ask: Would timing of when we were shown the prophecy not be tied to its unique timing of fulfillment during the very next available ELUL?

22) We might ask: does the DEVIL know the prophecy is on? For those who understand how the devil works—that he counterfeits EVERYTHING God does—a variety of counterfeit theories have recently appeared about how God is going to reunite His people. Should not the devil be expected to do this at the time it would cause the most confusion? You will soon see that most of these theories are coming from men standing on the wrong side of this prophecy.
Satan is already pissed at Davey's prophecy and is coming up with alternatives to August 30.  Satan is working with the leaders of various splinter groups to encourage members to not listen to Davey.

23) With God’s people split up, it is now almost impossible to do a powerful Work. (This might be the one area where the splinter leaders would agree.) God’s Church is largely stymied in working with both brethren and the world because of the confusion and deception from top leaders about where God’s Church is, who has the truth, who is carrying on after Mr. Armstrong, who is doing the true Work, etc. (Reread #22.) There is no other way to proceed than for God to remove leaders who have lulled with deceit many thousands who were blind (Rev. 3:17) to begin with.
Davey's god sees no other way of accomplishing the august 30 prophecy than killing several of the COG leadership.

24) World conditions cry out for a big Work NOW!!!—not one or more years from now.
They world is NOT crying for anything Davey has to offer.  If they are crying it is over the sheer stupidity they see being promoted that a few messed up people will take as truth.  The  world does not want to see more people ruined by another dangerous cult and that is exactly what will happen.

I repeat: There are many more reasons for a 2013 fulfillment, with a few of a personal nature—and others involving God moving miraculously to reveal crucial things at certain times within an extraordinarily complex prophecy that involves hundreds of verses. I have not included all of these reasons because others would likely not accept them as legitimate. They are, however, on MY much longer list (now 56 total). And these reasons stand on bedrock in the eyes of ALL our Headquarters ministers.

32 more "proofs"????????????????  How crazy is this guy!   Another article all about himself and nothing about Jesus Christ.


Byker Bob said...

I was expecting something far more substantive, based on the authoritative tone of the initial announcements.

He has assigned prophetic status to an historical event, written himself and his group into that "prophecy" and has then presented as "proof" the fractured internal logic with which he and his yes men apparently troubleshot this boondoggle!

There just aren't words! I'm speechless.


Assistant Deacon said...

I love the "I (we)" statement. In his mind, whatever he thinks, they all think.

Off. The. Rails.

Anonymous said...

Dave has always loved the 42 reasons to be happy and 78 reasons I am full of shit approach to sermons. Sometimes he comes back with 24 MORE reasons I am full of ka ka.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy!
A word of advice to the wise in the RCG: You know you can tell when this David Pack fellow is lying is if his lips are moving!
Avoid this baiter and others like him!!!!!!