Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dave Pack: Is He Ready To Go To Extraordinary Means To Make His Prophecy Come True?

Davey seems to be setting himself up for abject failure this coming August 30. One has to wonder though if Davey is going to go to extraordinary means in order to make his prophecy come true.  Will his 16 men be agents to bring about August 30?  If I was a splinter group leader I would get out of Dodge on that day.  Who knows what some crazy RCG member might do!  There have been enough batshit crazy members over the decades that someone is likely to do something crazy!
Some summary review. Since the prophecy has been revealed, brethren have new knowledge. They know God disagrees with the remnant’s decision that it is not yet time to come together and build His House. With knowledge comes responsibility (Jms. 4:17; Heb. 10:26). Since God revealed the prophecy NOW, He clearly does NOT agree with the remnant NOW. If it were not to be fulfilled this year, He would essentially be agreeing with the very people He just commanded to change and come to work in His Temple. This would make revealing the meaning of Haggai pointless—because it would still not yet be time. Would God do this? No!


Anonymous said...

Dave has relatives who are ministers in UCG and LCG.

Is it possible that they have agreed to go to work for him starting on August 30, and that they will try to lead some UCG and LCG members into RCG? If so, that would give at least a shred of substance to what otherwise appear to be insane rantings.

More likely, though, he'll just say on August 31 that the Holy Spirit now only works in RCG members, which means that the prophecy was true, since if you aren't in RCG you aren't in the spiritual body of Christ any longer.

mruscan said...

Readers of this blog, do you thing Dave or RCG would really do something crazy in the churches? He would be shooting himself in the foot if he did. Why the heck doesn't some of the splinters leaders man-up, put out a public announcement and tell this buffoon to shut up! All a bunch of dickless wussies !

Anonymous said...

Readers of this blog, do you thing Dave or RCG would really do something crazy in the churches?

Consider Haggai 2:20-22:

And again the word of the Lord came to Haggai on the twenty-fourth day of the month, saying, “Speak to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, saying:

‘I will shake heaven and earth.
I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms;
I will destroy the strength of the Gentile kingdoms.
I will overthrow the chariots
And those who ride in them;
The horses and their riders shall come down,
Every one by the sword of his brother.

The complete Haggai prophecy includes brothers killing brothers in order to bring about the overthrow of rival kingdoms.

Whether or not Pack intends this, it is serious stuff in the potential hands of unstable "brothers" who might take it upon themselves to carry out Pack's expressed vision.

mruscan said...

To Anonymous 5:11pm

Ok, that's really scary. I'm glad I do not attend any splinter anymore. Its sure destruction one way or the other. As much as the COGs make me sick, I don't want to see anyone physically hurt. Is there any way to get some warning to them?

Douglas Becker said...

By the "remnant" he just absolutely has to mean the Church of God Seventh Day, which has lasted 150 years now and has more members than any one of the ACoGs and is still actually growing.

CoG7 has never heard of Davie.

Byker Bob said...

If he starts advocating joining the NRA as part of his ministry, then I'd start to worry. Actually, there were some Armstrongites who ended up forming or getting into militias in Texas and Montana, but to my knowledge they never did pose any sort of problem. They became separatists, survivalists, but pretty much left everyone else alone. The change in lifestyle was basically their little way of dealing with the German element of HWA's bogus prophecies.

However, when we're considering unstable cult members, it would be a mistake to not at least consider possible worst case scenarios. (Note the stylish split infinitive provided for the sake of literary emphasis!)


Anonymous said...

what better way for Satan to take a swipe at The Church than the average joe on the street, we're all the same, so someone like Pack makes himself very visible to the world, then goes off the deep end, and we're all painted with the same brush.

truth be known, we have absolutely nothing to do with Pack or his organization....never have, never will.

he may be good at relaying our core doctrines in print, but just because someone says what's true doesn't mean he's a part of the Church.

and he seems to think that the Church is a corporate entity...that alone disqualifies him as a legitimate part of it.

Anonymous said...

I can see Pack doing something extremely crazy....probably not doing physical harm to anyone, but something extreme.......that along with the mega churches out there where the leader is obscenely wealthy while the membership is in poverty, and the worsening economic conditions, could cause public sentiment to swing toward modifying the 1st amendment to "protect" the people from false churches....

there would be a litmus test for all churches, and any that don't follow the prescribed doctrines could be shut down....or driven underground.

I base this on the gullibility of humans that I've witnessed thru the years, along with man's natural covetous nature and the growing feeling that if someone has more than you it's "unfair"....

it's interesting to see how things play out sometimes.....

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pack is in Ohio State where Amish men were put in jail for abusing and brainwashing members. The leader got 15 years. The city has an eye on him, I think. Just sit back and watch.