Friday, July 5, 2013

Dave Pack Is Still Pissed That COG Members Give Their Tithe Money To Everyone But Him

Dave Pack has a long reputation of being focused upon Money.  Money makes his world go around.  God and Jesus, do not figure into the picture.  Sure he pay slip service to his god and even mentions Jesus Christ - occasionally, but MONEY occupies his mind and almost all articles, booklets and web postings.

Having absorbed dozens of false doctrines and ideas to which they had grown accustomed, these ministers left at the last possible moment, when they saw the sheep leaving without them. They saw themselves about to permanently lose their paychecks if they did not immediately follow thousands of tithepayers out of the WCG. But, not wanting to appear to be followers—and horrified that many who were leaving were either joining or contemplating joining one of the two large, established, slightly more doctrinally conservative splinters of the time—they quickly jumped in front of the departing flock, claiming to be their leaders.

However sincere these men may be—then or now—recognize that they have a long history of PROFOUND BLINDNESS—and WEAKNESS! They have proven that they will not give up their power, authority and influence. They will not stand firm and teach strongly against the pulls of the world. And of course they spin stories about me to frighten as many brethren as possible into remaining frozen where they sit—because this keeps the tithes rolling in. It keeps what could be called a deception for the ages continuing—the receipt of hundreds of millions of dollars (perhaps about $1.25 billion) that belong to God and not these terribly COMPROMISED MEN.

Dave is not concerned about the money he collects goes to his god, instead, Dave uses it for his own purposes.


Assistant Deacon said...

"dollars...that belong to God"

The sheer stupidity of the notion that God needs, demands, or even wants money from anyone is beyond comprehension.

It's not what tithes or offerings were about, and, therefore, none of it remotely translates to modern times.

Bunch of blowhards.

James said...

Very telling words by apostle Pack. Money is not a tool with him, its a way of life.

Anonymous said...

Dave laments:

" It keeps what could be called a deception for the ages continuing—the receipt of hundreds of millions of dollars (perhaps about $1.25 billion) that belong to God and not these terribly COMPROMISED MEN."

Well what kind of a weeny God can't go and get his money if he wants it so badly? I mean if God showed up and said, "Give me my money now or else," Dave tendst attribute attitudes to God that actully only he has.


Byker Bob said...

He's also the pot calling the kettle black. He was defrocked and disfellowshipped by those whose authority (for whatever reasons) he had readily accepted throughout his past. But, sadly, he didn't just go away. He started his own splinter which he said (on his own "authority") was not a splinter. Semantics aside, he did exactly what he is accusing the others of having done. He explains away and rationalizes what he did, as do the others.

I've often wondered where one would go, assuming that suddenly (don't worry, this is NOT autobiographical!!!) one were to become reconvinced that HWA really did restore 18 truths and was actually God's apostle. How could you even begin to make such a decision? For lack of a better term, the strictest ACOGs are run by flaming a$$holes, others involve all of the bogus and failing prophecies being made by self-ordained prophets and apostles, and all have doctrinal changes which are somehow never labeled as such. There is no viable alternative, period. It's dead, and whether they acknowledge it or not, they are all in it either for the money, or self-aggrandizement.


Head Usher said...

Just bear in mind that when Dave says that all this "tithe money" belongs to "god" that whenever Dave refers to "god" he's talking about himself.

Why does Dave set his sights so low? Why does he only count as a loss the "tithe money" from COG people that pay their "tithe money" to someone else besides him? Why doesn't he count the lost "tithe money" from the other 2.1 billion "christians"? Why isn't he upset about that? Why do the other 7 billion people in the world who don't even pay "tithes" at all get a free pass? Shouldn't he be demanding that everyone in the whole world owes him "tithes"? Why is he only demanding 1.25 billion instead 10% of the gross global product? Is it because that would make it obvious how ridiculous Dave Pack's whining for Old Testament "tithe money" really is (which, as all the COG ministers including Dave teach it, isn't even remotely biblical)?

Good luck with that Dave...

Anonymous said...

Today's letter:

"On top of all this, brethren foolishly sent tithes to God’s enemies who were teaching them “damnable heresies.” The men leading PCG, LCG, UCG and COGwa are God’s ENEMIES! (You have actually read this in these announcements from Mr. Armstrong’s own pen.)"

I guess next he will say Armstrong is "looking down on us" as the catholic church says about the dead. Does he ever read his stuff out loud? What a reprobate mind!

Byker Bob said...

Here's a title he didn't ask for: Count Pakula, draining the souls and assets of those who mistakenly look to him as a spiritual guide! The weak, the tired, the poor, the beat up by life come to him for a spiritual recharge, and instead, he takes what little they have left, and then leaves them to their own devices without so much as an apology, even berating them as they fall. Surely, this is the worst sort of betrayal, worse than setting up one's spouse for gang rape. Thus is it with all false teachers, all false prophets, because in the end, they are like Gehazi, in it only for themselves!


Former RCG said...

Pack has deluded himself into believing that everyone is teaching false doctrines except him. How does anyone prove that he is all that he say's he is...Joshua, an Apostle, the end-time messenger to Laodicea...(am I missing anyone)? When did Christ run around and say all that He was? Where can I find scriptures of Him exalting Himself? Where does He tell us of all these true prophets in the end-time? Oh, let's not read the words of Christ....let's just quote HWA all day long...that will make it all better.

Anonymous said...

While doing undercover work in the PCG, I hardly ever gave GF more than a $20 bill on feast days when he spoke, and just enough "tithes" to maintain membership during my assignment. GF called me out publicly once, not by name of course, but he definitely knew there was a patient spy in the midst of the congregation, only he couldn't do a single damn thing about it; and when it was time to disengage, I left on my own accord.

As for D. Pack, I'll give that bedlamite an imaginary fiver to deliver Flurry's lunch to his office, just for an added hilarious PCG exchange. Where as GF is a high-value asset to the mission, DP is only relevant as entertainment.