Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gerald "Six-Pack" Flurry Not Happy With This Blog

Gerald and crew are NOT happy with this blog.  Certain individuals are reporting back to me that I have been the topic of several conversations and they are not happy with the exposure they are getting.

Really guys.  Are you that shallow and sensitive?  You really need to "butch up" if that is the case.  Emasculated COG ministers are really a sad thing to watch.

They particularly did not like the blog entry about online dating.  They have now made that set of stories only accessible by password.

I was also told that they are not happy that I make fun of them for ignoring Jesus.  I see nothing in the entire line of articles that deals with anything remotely related to Jesus.  Sure there is the "Jesus came to preach the kingdom of God" thing, but after that sentence Jesus is sent to the barn yard to slop the pigs.  While there are no articles on Jesus, there are plenty on Saul, Samuel, David, other OT men and Herbert Armstrong.

If these guys don't want to be mocked and made fun of by the rest of the COG's then STOP writing such asinine articles and focus on Jesus. The only contact most COG's have with Jesus is when they beat the crap out of him on Passover night and leave him bleeding on the stage.  That is where he is left till the following year when he is raised up, dusted off and beat up again.


Anonymous said...

Write a post about online drinking, or maybe online nepotism, and Flurry might approve.

Or maybe online bribing of a police officer. Or online plagiarism -- that would be right up his alley.

Or online worshipping of a man, his Baccarat crystal candelabra, his Steinway piano, his gold lettering, or his rock.

Boo-hoo, Gerry boy. Ya' done brought it on yourself.

Byker Bob said...

Hey, Gary, I'll stand next to you anytime you decide to become a lightning rod for these groups. They may not know it, but we've got God's protection against them! The reason the leaders of PCG are a false personality cult it that they filter our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through Herbert W. Armstrong, when it should be the other way around. Looks like the wolves don't want to be held accountable, and they surely don't want to see their tithe slaves freed.


RSK said...

(shrug) I'm not trying to criticize, but telling em to "focus on Jesus" is exactly what drove those guys out of WCG in the first place.

Former PCG/RCG said...

Gerald Flurry and his brother Joshua Pack are paranoid schizophrenics. Flurry always talks about people attacking him, demonizing him, blah, blah, blah. Pack writes articles about "Those Who Leave And Whisper" and "Do You Believe Obvious Lies"? They both talk about how persecuted they are. You aren't being are being exposed as lying false prophets!

Anonymous said...

Poor flurry sheep, you thought you found the key, but are now confined within a mighty city gate. Do you dare wait out the night, to sleep until the walls break at dawn, then perhaps attempt a leap of escape? What use is your breaker, who is sheltered amongst the sheltered sheep?

All freedom loving sheep, who are scattered, await your arrive; just be aware of Davey Joshua, he knows a lot of passwords, but desires to have the key.

Anonymous said...

Hmm well if they really have nothing to hide & believe they are speaking "THE Truth" then why hide it?
This is 1 major reason why I gave up on these ACOG cults. They go on about that they're "preaching the gospel" but if you disagree with what they promote & show Biblical evidence against their Armstrongist fantasies they react in a juvenile, defensive & cultish way. They may ignore you, disfellowship you & basically engage in "emotional extortion" to guilt induce you to conform! I detest how they act so braggadocio about their "evangelistic" activities & yet they shut the doors & disallow the public into church services! And yet if you don't attend they throw Heb 10:25 at your face (way out of context too mind you!)!!! The hypocrisy, double standards & cognitive dissonance in these cults proves they are TOXIC to any Christian's spiritual, physical or psychological health!

Anonymous said...

I am sure it does not help that people who left are finally speaking out about PCG. Most blogs have focused on the many other COGs because Flurry is so paranoid and secretive. It has been tremendously gratifying to see him called out on the carpet. They are an elitist, self-serving group that have goons for ministers. The people are constantly berated for not being perfect while their head families hide secrets about their imperfections. They raise their children to be arrogant, pompous fools. The members that try the hardest to serve and please are sub-citizens that they make to feel privileged to even be in the presence of self-directed greatness. It is all window dressing and evil at that.