Saturday, July 20, 2013

James Malm Tells Service Provider Not To Work On Servers On Sabbath

The web sites of apostle Malm have been attacked by Satan several times this week causing them to crash.  Satan is apparently really pissed that Malm is spreading the truth once deliver which is now clearly ignored.

Ever the uberlegalist that he is, he demanded that the service provider that hosts his web sites to NOT do any work on his sites on his sabbath.  The arrogance and hypocrisy of this guy knows no boundaries.

The Outreach Site has been  down since Wednesday.  Apparently there is a major malfunction in the server and they are now going to migrate the site to another server after the Sabbath.  This may take a couple of days still.
Here is their message:     “I will go by your wishes and not do anything to your server until the Sabbath is over. However our next step is I believe to move your website to another server.  The current datacenter doesn’t want to service your server anymore due to it overflowing the network, we’re not sure what caused this or if your server is tainted.  We would migrate the website from your present server to a new server in our new datacenter with all it’s data.”


Anonymous said...

James Malm expects "non-Christians" to observe the Sabbath? Really? When will he ask what they ate for breakfast or inspect their homes? The apostle Paul, when he told the church at Corinth to discipline a member for unchristian behavior said, "What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church." He shouldn't expect non-Christians to act as he thinks Christians should.

Douglas Becker said...

For those of you who wish to be thoroughly confused, is apparently sponsored / managed by a company in Panama, but the servers are on located in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The obvious solution to this is to ask what time zone the servers and admins are in and then determine when the Sabbath is to insure with full compliance with the Olde Testament Christianity proscribes.

This is so important these days, what with multinational company Gentiles located all over the world, with the possibility that the service personnel are working on a totally different day from you in the United States.

Of course, when you commit idolatry and then to keep the Sabbath, it's kind of difficult to justify this sort of irrational behavior, but appearances must be kept up to be a Pharisee in good standing (in good standing, but not with God, mind you).

There is a lot of this server thing down with crashed raid going around these days -- and you have to know that it's because of the sins committed by the Armstrongists affecting everybody.

Douglas Becker said...

"But who among you, bringing the Truth of the Lord to the World, would not replace RAID modules on the Sabbath to save the Sinner?"

Byker Bob said...

Malm should develop a David Pack style questionnaire.

Are any of the computer techs gay, or involved in gay marriage? Any adulterous heterosexual relationships? While doing the work, might the computer tech be ingesting a BLT, or ham and cheese on rye? If a lady tech is involved in the product, has she ever had an abortion? Will all who are compensated for this work be tithing on their compensation? Will any workers please pray with James for special insights and blessings while making the repairs? Has anyone been derelict in their duties, or untrue to their calling in the field of computer science?

Obviously Phariseeism is a never ending cycle, and there are a plethora of additional questions, but, I'm sure everyone gets the picture!


Anonymous said...

There is no one who is bigger clown for Armstrongism than James Malm. He is the quintessential adherent, and the perfect exemplar of everything that is wrong with the Armstrongist theology. It's no different in spirit than the pharisees, and the bible makes them out to be such villains, yet Malm expects that using the same strategies, it will make him into a saint instead.

Sure, James, regulate the lives of everyone around you. Tell everyone when they can work, when they can't. Force your right to practice your stupid religion to overflow and spill all over everyone else around you. What if you found out the person working on your server was gay!! Oh noes!! Must finds new non-gay IT guru!! LOLz.

Painful Truth said...

I'm staring to wonder if we are going to have a Waco a year from these twisted bastards! The Acog's are melting down. What will they do in the event of a financial meltdown? Force kook-aid on the people?

Anonymous said...

James, you should also insist that the technician be sure that no backup scripts are running into the Sabbath, and check your crontab file to ensure that no server tasks will be performing any work after sundown. Be sure to tell him that you will also permit absolutely no "daemons" running on your server and they should all be immediately cast out. It should also be relocated to a booth for the Feast of Tabernacles, starved of power for Atonement, and have its feet washed for Passover.

Byker Bob said...

Here's a good one! Many Christians in our modern world have assorted translations of the Bible downloaded on their electronic devices. Or, they might access these over the Internet, along with various references like Strong's or Naves. In James's opinion, when they turn on a monitor, let's say while doing a topical tudy on circumcision, are they kindling a fire in their home? Are they causing others to work on the sabbath by doing their Bible Study online? How about the people at the electric company? If it is 113 outside on the sabbath, aren't you making someone you can't see work by turning on the AC?

And, what is God doing during any human time (He is free of what we call the time-space continuum) one might designate as a sabbath, depending on your particular latitude and longitude? He must be sustaining the universe, or the processes which keep it operating in an orderly fashion. He must also be answering prayers. In Genesis, the Hebrew word for "rested" also means "finished". God finished His work of creating. God does not get tired, and there is work involved in sustaining, or maintaining. I believe James Malm is losing this very key aspect in his slavish attempts at legalism. But, then again, why wouldn't he? So did HWA.