Sunday, July 14, 2013

Philadelphia Church of God: Do Your Brats Behave In Church?

Those fun folk at PCG always have to play second fiddle to Davey Pack lately.  They are working over item to produce more articles that Davey has on his site.  It must be so humiliating to know you are second best in everything.

Anyway, one of the latest articles is Do Your Children Behave In Services? by Joel Hilliker

During Sabbath services in a congregation with a number of children, life happens on two levels. Only one carries on at the eye level of the average adult.

If you’re not paying attention, you’ll overlook the fact that there is a parallel world, often very active, happening just a few feet closer to the ground. You’ll overlook it, that is, until it breaks your concentration on the sermon or interrupts your fellowship.
But for those of us who produced these children, we have a responsibility we cannot abdicate. We must not become so engrossed in our adult world at services that we lose track of what’s happening with our children.

Each of us must ensure that they uphold God’s Philadelphian standards at Church services.
 Yes Sir!  That Philadelphian standard is a firm smack on the bare bottoms of these rebellious snot filled kiddo's.  If you had been doing your job right during the week by making you children lay still on a blanket on the living room floor for 2 hours they would not be causing such distractions.  Proper living room training is that if they cannot sleep or play SILENTLY for 2 hours then you are to beat their little asses till they remain quiet.  Satan is the author of rebellion and you have to beat Satan out of them.
To that end, very young children must be blanket trained at home. Set the blanket on the floor and sit in a chair facing it. Train your child to play silently on the blanket without getting off. (At home you can verbally label everything outside the blanket as “no” and discipline quickly when the child tests these boundaries.) Establish a routine so the child can fall asleep by himself on the blanket even while someone is speaking. These habits simply cannot be taught at services. They must be trained and enforced in your own home during the week.

Your child must NEVER distract you from the sermon by God's Mini-me Apostle.  His words are God's words and if you are messing with your snotty brats you will miss important code words that will help you know things the rest of humanity does not know.

Keep an eye on what’s happening in your children’s world. Anytime you notice their behavior during services slipping and beginning to impinge on your attentiveness to the messages, then be prepared to put in more “homework.”
In other words, spank them untill they submit and stay on that blanket.

They then quote from The Plain Truth About Child Rearing.  I can't believe that they still promote this disgusting filthy book.  That alone shows how sick PCG is.

Begin by training them to sit still in a chair. Again, practice at home. The Plain Truth About Child Rearing says, “Teach your child to sit still at various times during the day for periods of 5 to 10 minutes, or even longer. On occasion, have your child sit still, allowing him to look at a picture book, or color, or some similar pursuit, for as long as an hour or longer. In this way, you can begin to instill a vitally important habit in your child at a very early age.”
By 5 years old you child should be sitting in a chair for two hours without making a sound and diligently taking notes....

During Church services, by around age 5 (again, these are only rough guidelines) a child should be able to sit in his chair at least through the sermonette, perhaps even through announcements or longer. Before long he will have no trouble sitting for the full two hours.
Once a child begins reading and writing, you should gradually challenge him to apply these skills within Church services, in using the Bible and taking notes.
Teach your child to take notes during services first by having him copy scriptures and key phrases from your own notes. Start by only having him do it during the sermonette. Gradually increase your expectations, having him take down more of his own notes for longer stretches.

Depending on your child’s academic ability and maturity, sometime between third and fourth grade is probably a good target for him to be able to listen and take notes for the duration of services.
All one has to do is peruse the different Facebook pages to see how kids were treated for failing to remain quiet for two hours on their blankets.  These are adult snow telling how they were beat, smacked and punched while at church for being noisy.  They despise to this day what they parents did to them by forcing this silliness upon them.


Byker Bob said...

I'm guessing that Flurry doesn't allow working moms? There is no way a woman could have a career, child in daycare during the day, and have time to indulge in this nonsense.

I believe I'd rather be Amish or live on an Indian reservation rather than be part of Flurry's church. In fact, it would even be better to be Hare Krishna!


Anonymous said...

For crying out loud, we're talking about children here, not dogs! You know, all of this wouldn't be an issue if the church simply had a Children's Church program where they might actually be taught about things that matter to children in a way they can understand! Verbally labeling everything as "no" and disciplining against going around these boundaries is absolutely and completely stupid, not to mention NEGATIVE. AGAIN! This is a child, not dog training!!!!

Besides this, the right thing to do would be to implement a children's school program that is fun and educational for the kids, so they can, oh, I don't know, look FORWARD to going to church? maybe learn about something positive instead of hearing some dude hold the lectern and drawl on about things that he is far too young to understand, boring them out of their little minds. That's one part of Armstrongism I could never understand. They forget that 2 hours in our time is 5 hours in children time. It's ridiculous when they COULD be using the time to teach them things that they could understand instead of forcing them to stare at chairs, lights, and that dude that goes on and on and on and on and on to them. Maybe teach them about JESUS!!! (I can imagine them SHUDDERING at the mere thought!!!!! They'd rather stick to the Old Testament, I'm sure.)

I could say far more, but this just proves to me and in my thought that they seem to be way more concerned about authority and rulership then implementing a program that could actually make church enjoyable and benefit them.

Marge Simpson said...

Until Joel behaves in church, I won't make the kids behave either.

Anonymous said...

I remember witnessing one PCG parent who reenacted the 'trick of quieting a baby' scene from HWA's autobiography, by placing his "fountain pen" in the hands of his infant daughter. Talk about mind distractions, I still have flashbacks of fools, and nightmares of babies ramming ink pens up their tiny nostrils, and poking their eyes out.

Anonymous said...

“They then quote from The Plain Truth About Child Rearing. I can't believe that they still promote this disgusting filthy book. That alone shows how sick PCG is.”

. . . And talk about HYPOCRISY! The booklet quoted was written by Garner Ted, whom they otherwise would put forth as someone who was ALL WRONG; whom they’d point to proudly, saying, “We were NEVER like him!” The booklet must have some sort of stature in their minds because it comes from that time when everyone supposedly was “in agreement” about everything – a time only existent in some people’s imaginations.

Thank you, again, God, I’m now on the OUTSIDE of this looking in.

Byker Bob said...

What if one of their children happened to be autistic, or suffer from some other developmental issue? These people have totally separated themselves from the types of specialists who could make proper diagnosis and be of genuine help. They only know one way to deal with a disruptive child, and that is the word no, accompanied by repetitive spankings until the child's spirit has been broken. Good luck on that with Asperger's!

There is a really good chance that any number of their kids is ADHD, and they have no way of knowing.

Oops, forgot! Leave em at the mall.


Assistant Deacon said...

Hilliker just looks like someone who could wear the brown uniform and swastika with a gleam in his eye.

His writings only serve to complete the image.

Rod meet kettle. Kettle, meet Rod.

Lurker said...

The COGs just don't value children and young families. Which is doubly sad because of their family of God doctrine where they hold up the human family as the pinnacle of creation. And because those kids are the onky chance in hell they have of attracting new members.

Visited a baptist church for the first time last weekend. Kids went to something geared for them, I got to listen, everybody was happy. Should have tried that years ago.