Saturday, July 20, 2013

Van Robison on "Deceased Splinter Groups of the Worldwide Church of God"

Yes folks, splinter groups of the WCG are dead.   They think they live and are vibrant, but in reality they are deceased.   They are dead because they do not speak for God/Jesus Christ, but for their own folly.

Church rulers of all WCG splinter groups are ego driven human beings, who pretend to be humble servants of God/Jesus Christ.   I can guarantee that 100% of all heads of all WCG splinter groups will R.I.P. in the graveyard, the same as all other human beings.   That makes all heads of WCG splinter groups DEAD rulers, even if their time on earth is just a short short away.

Why anyone would follow a DEAD religious ruler is not very smart.   The same of course is true for all those who worship politicians as if they speak truth or speak for God.   All humans are terminal and I have yet  to meet a human being who does not die.   Sooner or later the pastors and elders of every church on earth will kiss the dirt, the same as you and I.   Why anyone would place confidence or blind faith in a preacher
in a pulpit is beyond me.

Most church goers have no clue who the character in the pulpit is, other than the fact that he stands there and pretends to speak for God.  He does not, but he deceives those in the pews that he does, while the "tithes" are collected and he lives a comfortable life, at the expense of very stupid human beings who waste their family money on a complete fraud.   The pulpit master acts like he knows what he is talking about, but in reality he does not.   He is just a parrot and speaks for his own benefit and wealth building.   Send in the "tithes" and he is the clown in the pulpit.

Every WCG splinter group head thrives on FEAR instilled in the simple minded, who follow this man as if he were God in the flesh.   Remember that many thought HWA was God?   And many more thought GTA was God? Oh boy what horrific deception and both HWA and GTA, found their final destination in R.I.P Graveyard.   Boy oh boy, how childish adult human beings can be so deceived.

Van Robison

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Anonymous said...

Armstrongism is based upon fear. It is in all the articles, in the tv programs, in their magazines and in their sermons. It is totally graceless in all aspects.