Friday, August 2, 2013

Dave Pack: A Human Mind Planning What His Impotent 'god' Cannot Do

In various scriptures there is the constant saying that we will neither know the time or the hour when Jesus will return and all hell breaks loose.  One can agree if this is to happen it will be an earth shattering experience.  Yet, Davie feels his Great Reunification is soooooooooooooooo important and miraculous that he knows the time and the date it will all happen.  A stupid little event in the blip of COG history is more significant than Jesus returning.  How dumb can Armstrongism get?

Consider. God would first have to notify—inform!—His Church in advance of His plans, and for many reasons. Again, Amos 3:7. The biggest reason is that His Church could not be ready for what would absolutely blindside it with sudden enormous growth, and growth coming without explanation. Our questions would be what is God doing and why—and when will it end. What does all this mean? Wherever you think God’s Church is, you surely would agree with this much. God would have to inform His Church of what He intended to do. The only question remaining for His Church—and this IS the biggest one we had among many others that were big—was WHEN—what was the YEAR He would gather His people to one House. Consider again. We would also have to know the year of fulfillment EARLY ON or we would waste a tremendous amount of time researching, analyzing and preparing for a prophecy that lay far in the distance. There would have to be enough time to prepare. I can report on behalf of God’s Church that the amount of time given us has been perfect. The Church of God is READY for events now on the horizon.
Dave apparently thinks there is absolutely no way that things can go wrong because he has spent sooooooooooooooooooooooo much time planning this all out.  Between his dreams and The 16's planning, they have laid out how it is all to happen.  Human minds planning what their impotent little god cannot do.


Black Ops Mikey said...

we will neither know the time or the hour when Jesus swill return


Keep the misprint -- it's hilarious and accurate in its own way.

Thanks for keeping it exciting!

Anonymous said...

"What does all this mean?"
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

"Wherever you think God’s Church is..."
If there is a god, and if he has a church, it surely isn't in Wadsworth OH.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Ah, bummer: The swill is gone.

Well, almost -- Davey's still there producing quite a lot of it.

Byker Bob said...

Would there be a difference between simply "letting go and letting God" or attempting to foment something someone tells us is God's will to happen?

That is why this whole set of events has been so ridiculous. Pack's "work" is no different from the fanatics who think that they can hasten the Lord's return by breeding the perfect red heifer, or Rohan feeling called to burn a mosque, or David Hoover taking on the name David ben Ariel and then going on a campaign to notify certain powerful Germans that they have a prophetic duty to fulfill. We've seen this all before!

Armstrongism has been a gateway to so much aberrant thinking. The very philosophy of all members having been called to rise above everyone else as priests and kings, the rampant explanation of so many unexplainables through the usage of "approved" conspiracy theories, the invoking and association of Satan when things go wrong, the propensity to lift written words from any source to make them say what they really do not say, inventing bogus history, using bad and not credible reference materials to support doctrinal points, extrapolating doctrine from prophecy, and last but not least, setting up leaders above Jesus Christ as having been sent by God to transmit revealed truth, all of these things act as an obstacle on one's journey as a truth seeker, not as an enhancement!

I believe that when God initiates the end time sequence, and as He does His work, it will be without the human hands of Armstrongism, or anyone ever having been involved with the Armstrong problem. The reason is that God works through credible sources, and the flaky track record and history of blatant disregard for inalienable human rights has rendered Armstrongism incapable of delivering any message, listened to or not.