Friday, August 9, 2013

Dave Pack Says He Is FINALLY Going To Shut Up!

Dave Pack has come forth with what he claims is his LAST announcement to the unwashed, unrepentant COCGers who continue to laugh at him.  I will not hold my breath on that one.  He is such an arrogant narcasssit that he will just have to say one more thing....then another.....then another....and then another.......

He also arrogantly claims what he has been prophesying is one of the greatest prophecies of the Bible.  Leave it to an Armstrongite to find the greatest prophecy of the Bible to be Old Testament law related instead of the birth of Jesus, his, ministry and mystery of the resurrection.  Jesus and his wimpy-ass message is not worth talking about. Law trumps grace every single time in Armstrongism.

This is my last announcement in this long series covering one of the greatest prophecies in the Bible—the reunification of God’s people. Much has already been covered. There is no value in restating all that has been written. Twenty-four previous announcements are available on our website. This one will be much shorter, covering final points.

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Byker Bob said...

LOL! After stating and restating ad infinitim, he finally states that there is no value in stating and restating!

If Dave does truly ST*U, it will be the biggest blessing this month! I don't take him at his word, though. Humbly waiting speechless on the sidelines is not in his dna. I believe there is much more comedy to come!