Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dennis Muses...Should Christians Vote?


New Restored Version
"And how can anyone preach if they goof up being sent? Therefore it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who vote with them!"
Roamings 1: 16


You laughin' at me?  So you think I'm funny?  Do I amuse you?  I still got 3 days...

Fury: Van der Roost | wax classical

You're scoffing aren't you?  I don't like scoffing.

So you think you can scoff at Joshua as spoken of by Haggai the Prophet?



Pics of the Day: The Angry Baby Edition | Decibel Magazine

I did my part...It's Christ that let me down...I had it all figured out...but nooooooooo.  Christ had other things to do it seems...Probably trying to get people's attention with wind, rain and fire or some dumb ass idea as that...



Well let me tell you something you losers....



Chatty Agnew
I did my part...



Angry Baby Faces 18143 Hd Wallpapers in Baby - Imagesci.

I worked really hard on this theory about me.  I put a lot of hours in on this study.  Four whole years!!!   I had the manpower, the telephones and the lawn looked great. I should have worked out!!!  It was the most awesome analogy ever taken from scripture!!!

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Oh pulllllease...not you guys too!  Where are the other 8???

Grown men in diapers a watertight concept | Adweek 

Over in Charlotte waiting to talk to Rod who!!!!!!!!!!!

Cry Baby and Let Slip the Dogs of War | DadCentric 

Wrong answer!  That is unacceptable!   I don't trust you.....get otta here!

6 Funny Pictures Of Stupid Babies Angry - Funny Babies Pictures

Yeah....and you leftover losers can take a hike too.  You never liked me anyway.  Ya all cost money....I'll do this myself


4 Online Shopping Tips for the Thirfty Mommy - City Hits

I still got bullets left from big trigger pulling....

Edgar Rafael Moreno | Respect Authority

Still..I'm kinda bummed...So it didn't work out like I what...

দ্রিঘাংচু - কাঠের খাঁচা এর বাংলা

Hey!  You still think I'm funny?....I'm still right you misunderestimate me..

Scary Baby Pictures: The Baby From Mars Is Not Me, Maybe
If no one believes me... yet vill I be Jooooshhhhhua!

Saturday Evening-August 31, 2013
Restoration Weekend






Anonymous said...

Very creative, Dennis - thanks for the laughs!


Anonymous said...

All of Dave Packs victims should file a class action lawsuit to regain some of the money he defrauded from them by his intimidation and deception. He has played on a lot of peoples desire to obey God as best they believed, and he took advantage of them. He did it knowingly, fraudulently, and with intent.

He was hoping he could create a self fulfilling prophesy and use fear of end times events to scare more clarion call victims into supporting his lifestyle. Instead, he has exposed himself for the lying huckster that he deep down inside truly is.

No more can he claim that all of his previous employees who tried to warn others about him are liars, and he is pure as the driven snow. Pack is as impure as the driven slush.

Pack needs to be held accountable by those in his congregations that he has deceived and defrauded. Both his current victims and all previous victims.

Nemesis of Pack

Head Usher said...

"I worked really hard on this theory about me."

Right on the money, Dennis.

But then, this is what narcissists do, isn't it? I look at it this way. If the bible really were the prophetic word of supernatural being, and this book really did talk about a few specific individuals far in the future using coded language, what are the chances that any of these prophesied persons would realize that they had a prophetic identity in advance of the fulfilling of their prophetic mission, as opposed to in hindsight, and perhaps by others? For any mentally healthy individual, the sort of knowledge that some divine being named you in a book from thousands of years ago would be such a mindfuck that it would totally interfere with all normal and productive thought processes. As Morpheus put it: "Neo, sooner or later you're going to realize, just as I did, that there's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path."

It takes a narcissist to announce to the world his staggering, divinely assigned identity, ordained since the foundation of the world, in advance of the completion of his mission.

Retired Prof said...

Head Usher, your mention of the term "coded language" brings up a point that has been bothering me. If Haggai actually is written in code, and if Dave Pack has deciphered it, then what he should do is publish the code so that anyone else can understand the 21st century meaning.

So, Dave: give us the Rosetta Stone of the book of Haggai. We want to read there the names "David C. Pack" and Wadsworth, Ohio," for ourselves, then go on to verify to our satisfaction what roles they play in end time events. If you can't explain the code so that any competent reader who deciphers the book gets the exact same message you say is hidden there, then it is only natural for us to suspect that you are feeding us a line of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I think that the kind of people that follow DCP are like those that follow any of the TBN type tv preachers.....doesn't matter what they say or do, or get caught doing, their fanbase is very loyal and will not leave them.

Byker Bob said...

Just a small clarification. The guys waiting to receive counselling from Rod used to belong to RCG. Unfortunately, after Clarion Call, the only thing they have left IS their skivvies. Among other things, they hope for marginally better financial conditions for their families. Bob Thiel is attempting to get their email address as we speak, and Bubba just whispered to Weinerdude that the one in the middle is kind of cute.


Anonymous said...

"It takes a narcissist to announce to the world his staggering, divinely assigned identity, ordained since the foundation of the world, in advance of the completion of his mission."

And it takes an idiot to believe him! The only thing "restored" about RCG is the sanity of those who dare to walk out the door. How beautiful indeed are the feet of those who vote with them.

DennisCDiehl said...

Good point Usher. The code of it all I am sure is just for Dave to break since it is about him. It would only be understood by Dave as an in house code. If Dave were to explain his code busting meaning to the public on TV I imagine he'd not get a very warm reception. If he tried to explain it to the ministerial association in Wadsworth they they would throw him out as less than theologically credible.

Douglas Becker said...

Beautiful are the feet of those on the mountain... that run away from false prophets.

It's time to Pack it in.

One day for three leaders to die -- it's a tight schedule and if it's going to happen, somebody's going to have to commit suicide before tomorrow's sunset.

I think Davey caught a bad code.

Douglas Becker said...

Nah, guys, it's not just narcissism.

This looks like a full fledged psychotic break.

The meltdown of 2013 continues....

Anonymous said...

Anon wrote, "I think that the kind of people that follow DCP are like those that follow any of the TBN type tv preachers.....doesn't matter what they say or do, or get caught doing, their fanbase is very loyal and will not leave them."

Anon, it's not just "those that follow any of the TBN type tv preachers", either!
Of all the various Christian denominations, Catholics have one of the very highest retention rates despite the many sex abuse scandals frequently in the news. Of those leaving Catholicism, only 2-3 percent cite sex abuse as the reason. Go figure.

And when you mentioned "TBN type tv preachers", it reminded me of scam TV prosperity preacher Peter Popoff.
James Randi exposed him as a fraud on Johnny Carson's 'The Tonight Show' in 1986.
(Randi and and crime scene analyst Alexander Jason had gone to to a Popoff crusade with a radio scanner, and tuned in to - and recorded - transmissions between Popoff's wife Elizabeth who was backstage, and Popoff's earpiece receiving device. That scam made it appear as if Popoff was getting info from God about the people's names, afflictions, etc.)
In fact, Popoff's wife Elizabeth's transmissions from backstage also included using racial slurs, and told Peter to "...keep your hands off [her] tits" when speaking about a particular woman, and laughed hysterically at a man's visible tumor (the man was dying from testicular cancer).
Popoff even staged a burglary at his own headquarters, and on subsequent broadcasts of his show, he tearfully begged for more money to help repair the damage.

The reason I write this is to agree with your point that it "doesn't matter what they say or do, or get caught doing, their fanbase is very loyal and will not leave them."

After Randi outed Popoff on The Tonight Show, Popoff declared bankruptcy, leaving over 800 credit accounts unpaid.

However, some years later Popoff had made a resurgence!
His org was taking in about 3 million dollars a year before Randi exposed him, but after his resurgence, the income jumped to about 23 million dollars a year!

Financial data is not available for Popoff's ministry following 2005 because Peter Popoff Ministries changed from a for-profit business to a religious organization in 2006, making it tax-exempt. Popoff purchased a home in Bradbury, California for $4.5 million in 2007. He drives a Porsche and a Mercedes-Benz.

Currently, Popoff's "People United For Christ" has a "Did Not Disclose" rating with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB concludes their review of the organization with the following warning: "Since making his comeback to television, Popoff appears to have resumed his faith healing sessions in a manner identical to his method prior to his exposure as a fraud. If you feel you have been victimized by this organization, please report your experience to the California Attorney General's office or the US Postal Service."