Friday, August 16, 2013

UPDATED: Gerald Flurry Fails To Buy A Large Portion of Bricket Wood Campus

It seems that Flurry was not able to buy as much of the old Ambassador College Campus in Bricket Wood, St Albans England as he wanted too.  Other people were bidding on the property also, and they won!  Poor Gerald, so much Herbert Armstrong merchandise to buy up and no money to do it with!  He just cannot ever reach the pinnacle of success that Herbert Armstrong was able to accomplish.  Poor Gerald still remains the laughing stock of the Church of God for his idolatrous worship of Herbert Armstrong.

HSBC training site set to be used for 160 new homes AFTER months of fine-tuning, a planning application to build more than 160 homes on the former HSBC training centre site in Bricket Wood has been submitted to St Albans district council. Developers St Congar Land intend to turn the 185-acre site in Smug Oak Lane into 167 new homes and convert the existing New Lodge and Hanstead House into a further eight dwellings. The project, to be named Hanstead Park, would be focused on the areas of land that have already been developed, and much of the existing high quality trees would be retained or supplemented. St Congar Land director Steve Taylor said: “We’re delighted to be submitting this proposed scheme for the much needed redevelopment of the former HSBC site. “Future residents of Hanstead Park will enjoy a range of housing types, surrounded by stunning landscaping that is in keeping with the area.” Mr Taylor added: “St Congar Land would like to thank the local residents for their feedback following the public exhibition in September and subsequent meetings. “We were encouraged by the high turnout and this vital engagement has allowed proposals for the site to be shaped with sensitivity to the surrounding area and the needs of local residents.”  The Hert's Advertiser
St. Conger's plans for the former campus are here:  Hanstead Park

Poor Gerald also was never able to buy up the old Imperial Schools either.  It is the local Community Hall and been used by UCG for many years as their church facility.

Here is one of the buildings that Gerald was after.  Locals are not too happy he is getting it.  Another American cult in their midst is not that appealing.  Hanstead Estate

Here is our favorite idol worshiper kneeling at what is supposed to be the very rock HWA prayed at over 80 years ago.  Gerald went to great lengths to dig this up and haul it all the way back to Edmond to place on his compound. Whenever Gerald needs strength he goes and sits on the bench staring at the rock asking God why he has never been able to do the same things HWA did.


The report suggests that Hanstead House is part of the conversion into apartments. As Hanstead was the original college building, he would be gutted, I'm sure, if he didn't get it and maybe wouldn't want anything else. The Japanese gardens surround Hanstead & the mansion housed the library, some offices & originally student accommodation. Dr Rae had his office there and was confronted by a newspaper reporter doing an expose & had a heart attack & died as a result. The reporter left without helping him. The other newer bits of the campus, such as the gym and dorms, are quite a distance from this central "gem." There is also a small private cemetery on the estate with railings around it, built by the original owners. I think there are at least 2 WCG members buried there, one is Mrs Silcox, wife of the Head Gardener & Deacon, Howard Silcox. I think the other was a Dr Bogdanovich, a musician who taught at AC and who's wife taught at Imperial.


Head Usher said...

Where is god when his prophet's egos need stroking the most? It's almost enough to make a prophet think maybe he's just hallucinated hearing voices this whole time, and needs some psychiatric help. Almost.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, I wish I had had the foresight to go dumpster diving around AC for some of Herb's chewed toothpicks and used insoles. I could be rolling in a fortune of PCG tithe money.

Anonymous said...

The poor members will be in for a sour Saturday sermon now I gather. They clearly weren't praying hard enough to their deity; if they had been they would have gotten the whole Bricket Wood Campus.

Anonymous said...

Gerald needs to go out and buy something--anything!--so that his dwindling number of followers have a reason to send in more money.

Anonymous said...

Very symbolic of Flurry to buy a fogbound forest.