Friday, August 9, 2013

James Malm: COG's Should Not Be Renting Halls Where "pagan" Employee's Are Working to Keep it Clean on Saturdays

A Church of Malm acolyte asks the apostle:

James if we take the points brought out in the above posting and apply them to meeting in facilities on the Sabbath where employees are operating the facility, is that also not an area to examine in breaking the Sabbath?

The Chief Pharisee and apostle responds:

We have God’s command to meet, and therefore operating a meeting room for a meeting and sermon is NOT sin, it is obedience to God’s command. The tabernacle and the temple functioned on Sabbaths and High Days. That said such meeting places where there are paid staff working on Sabbaths should be reassessed and changes should be made, so that set up is before Sabbath and clean up is after Sabbath etc.

Also I do take issue with meeting in pagan environments like Masonic Lodges, other religious church buildings etc.

Efforts should be made to have a place for services that is in a godly environment and where as little as possible work is done on Sabbath and as much preparation as possible is done before the Sabbath begins. The COG Groups fall far short in these areas just as they fall far short by cooking and doing other work, or paying others to work on Sabbath.

I know that many people even shine shoes, do ironing etc etc on Sabbath to prepare for services; these things can easily be done the preparation day and on Sabbath we should be devoted to prayer, Bible Study and teaching our families and discussing the scriptures. Maybe along with a few breaks for a nap[ or a walk in the park. James


Assistant Deacon said...

The very essence of not being able to see the forest for the trees.

Ever learning...

Anonymous said...

This must be "Bad Mental Health Month" in the Churches of God.


Anonymous said...

When Paul urged the Corinthian church to expel an immoral brother, he went on to say that he doesn't judge the world (I Cor 5:12). Why does this guy expect a non church member to act like a church member? I wish he would show more sympathy than condemnation for others.

Anonymous said...

well you know.....unless the Church owns the hall, you will be in a pagan environment....

I wonder where JM buys his groceries....I don't know of a single store that is closed on the Sabbath.

he is correct on some points, but then, a blind squirrel will find an acorn every now and then.

Byker Bob said...

Malm is really effective in satirizing legalists. This is just cutting edge comedy! I can't imagine God or Jesus finding it worthy of approval, or laugh worthy, but from a human vantage point, what a hoot!!

He really ought to hold his Feast of Tabernacles at the Comedy Store!


James said...

Pagan days eh? Well the holy days are set after pagan days borrowed from the Canaanites. in other words, the Acog holy days are pagan celebrations.