Wednesday, August 21, 2013

James Malm Inches Closer Every Day To Starting His New Personality Cult

The apostle Malm, the Church of God's greatest Pharisee and promoter of legalistic bullshit has announced the name of his new "fund raising" organization.  Since the guy has not had a steady job in several years and spends all day dreaming up the next legalistic claptrap to burden his members with, this will turn into his own personal bank account.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   The new tax exempt fund raising organization in the United States, named   ”Gospel Outreach International”  has been approved.  More information will be announced as soon as a mailing address and bank account have been set up.


DennisCDiehl said...

I'd start a personality cult for the income too but I don't have a personality.

Jimmy Malm is becoming flagrant in his pastoral and New Testament ignorance. I'd love to meet the brain dead folk who believe any of this important. I can see why Marcion cut the Old Testament God loose from the New Testament and all things Hebrew. Marcion could not believe that the New Testament Jesus was related to the Old Testament God. He opted for the Apostle Paul's genuine writings and threw out the rest.

Everything Jimmy Malm says should be thrown out and taken as majoring in the minors as COG types are wont to do.

Gnats and Camels and all that....

Anonymous said...

Our English word GOSPEL comes from the Old English word "godspell" and is a compound word made up of "god" meaning "divine", and "spell" which has nothing to do with god knowing how to spell or a period of time, but goes back to the old meaning of "possession, enchantment, trance" like a MAGIC SPELL. This "divine spell" has morphed its way into being proclaimed as "good news" by all Christianism. Their whole theology is nothing but a magic act of deception using smoke and mirrors.

Corky said...

GOICOG...has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

C-o-w...e-i-e-i-o...yep, just saw that ad on tv.

I'd start a personality cult for the income too but I don't have a personality.

Jesus has the personality, Dennis, use that one instead...hell, everybody else does... That is, everybody except the cults. It's not that hard. All you have to do is be pious and pretend to know a lot of stuff that you don't know, preach about it, beg for money and before you know it - you're a big time preacher driving a Cadillac...

Byker Bob said...

Here's one to ponder. In order to follow someone, you must put them above yourself in numerous areas. Admire them, respect them. What kind of person would put Malm in such a key position in their lives? If I were any sort of minister (God forbid!), I would want to be able to effectively minister to people on all socio-economic layers, with various levels of intelligence, not just to those who are seemingly perennial bottom feeders.


Douglas Becker said...

Corky, I would not want a Cadillac.

I would like to have a Ferrari and a Tesla (for around town).

But the nice thing about being a cult leader is that you can own anything you want... and even maybe have an American Express Centurion card made of platinum to charge your purchases. Forget Harrods and spending $68,000 in one day for gold and silver tableware for your personal edification -- that's piker's change.

Learn from the Best. Around these parts we have a "humble" preacher who started out decades ago with 25 people or so. Over time, his little flock blossomed into a megachurch with over $10,000 per weekend. He moved from his humble little shack into a mansion worth millions overlooking the water in an exclusive part of town. He also bought his daughter a mansion worth millions hardly a stone's throw away, also overlooking the water. There are definitely perks. And the best thing, he doesn't even have to preach those 10 minute sermons as filler between good old go$pel mu$ic. No one of his old congregation get to see him any more unless they are part of the corporate church board.

And you can bet he pays his taxes.

Malm isn't even small potatoes -- he's more like the leftover French fries after everything else is picked over.

Head Usher said...

If you wanna know where the bodies are buried, follow the money.

Yeah, BB, reminds me of that song, about a guy putting a girl on a pedestal:

"She's so high/
High above me/
She's so lovely..."

Something tells me that James isn't particularly good-looking. But I guess if you keep telling people to put you on a pedestal day-in and day-out, and you do it loudly enough for long enough, no matter how unappealing you are, there's a few suggestible people who will fall victim to anybody's powers of persuasion. But I think those people are going to have be people with even lower self-esteem than James has, which it's obvious is pretty low. A sad lot altogether :(

And to be perfectly honest, that might be the thing that I hate about most of all. He can say his mission is this or that, and I am sure he "believes" it when he tells that to himself every morning when he looks in the mirror. But everything he writes drips with the transparent insinuation that he's asking to be put up on a pedestal. His mission is to have a following that puts him up on a pedestal. And that might be the very most offputting thing about him.

Painful Truth said...

Malm, the un-happy meal.

DennisCDiehl said...

James Malm is as undereducated theologically and ignorant of just about all real Bible realities as most COG ministers and fundamentalist Baptist "preachers" around here. They get all the air time they need to keep people stupid along with fear, guilt and shame driven which keeps em coming back.

Most would never be able to do what Huxley said about sitting before the facts like a little child and allow them to lead you to wherever they go. They allow their facts to only lead them where they are told they will lead them.

It's why the Creation Museum in Ky finds itself in denial resting on millions of once shallow sea fossils from the Cretaceous period as a gift from the Karma Fairy. lol

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the Creation Museum in Kentucky!

Ken Ham MUST be right because he's got a 'loikable' accent and gets children to repeat things he says, like, "Were you there?", in giving lessons in how to respond to his critics.

What amazes me is how mainstream Christians in America have failed to denounce, en masse, Ken Ham and his museum.

I read an article which was about seventy paleontologists visiting the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky, named "Paleontology and Creationism Meet but Don’t Mesh"

Here's a very telling part of the article-

“Near the entrance to the exhibits is an animatronic display that includes a girl feeding a carrot to a squirrel as two dinosaurs stand nearby, a stark departure from natural history museums that say the first humans lived 65 million years after the last dinosaurs. I’m speechless,” said Derek E.G. Briggs, director of the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale, who walked around with crossed arms and a grimace. “It’s rather scary.”