Friday, August 9, 2013

James Malm: "Those leaders, elders and brethren who think that I am some kind of irrelevant flash in the night are gravely mistaken."

The Church of God's greatest legalist is back today stating his purpose for existence, though he is NOT starting a church.

Apostle Malm sees himself as an Elijah restoring truths once delivered which are ignored by 99% of the COG, as a prophet because his god speaks to him, and an end time witness.  His is a "WARNING" work dedicated to "HOT zeal" in the truly called out ones. He is preparing the way for the Two Witnesses and is the spokesman for Jesus Christ.  As a spokesman for Jesus Christ he is here to warn everyone that Jesus Christ is going to reject and spit out the disobedient COGers.

He is doing such an amazing work that literally thousands will repent and return to the truth over the next couple of years.

He is also so arrogant in his message that the thinks he is preparing people for their "correction" by Jesus Christ.

With Flurry claiming he has the only truth and Dave Pack's asinine pronouncements, it is getting really hard to know which idiot is the true COG end time leader.

This post is to restate my agenda and announce plans for the coming year.

I began this work about six years ago; and I began this Blog in April 2010.

From the very beginning I have said that my agenda was to: wake up, stir up and challenge, to provoke or inspire and to encourage the brethren into a zeal to study, to learn and to keep the whole word of God. 

Further, that I wanted to share the understanding that has been given to me; and to restore what has been lost over the years; and to reveal new things, according to God’s promise that in the last days knowledge should be increased, Dan 12:4.

Finally, this work is a work of WARNING and turning people to a dedicated HOT zeal for God and his word!  

Reaching out to those who are willing to respond now, preparing the way for the coming two servants of God; and also warning the unrepentant who are about to be rejected by Christ, so that in tribulation they will remember that they have been warned and will in their hour of correction turn back to the Mighty One of Jacob.  

I do believe that the vast majority will not repent and will be cast into the correction of great tribulation, that is when the main fruits of this work will come.  However at this time, hundreds of brethren in most COG organizations are turning to a wholehearted zeal for God and his word.

I expect this process to continue and to grow over the next year; and that hundreds, perhaps as many as a thousand will be ready to obey the voice of God’s two servants when they are revealed.

What I am doing is warning the Called Out and helping to turn them to a zeal for God and his word: and preparing the way for God’s two servants; and warning and preparing  the unrepentant for their correction; so that they will understand why they have fallen into great tribulation, and will repent at that time

Those leaders, elders and brethren who think that I am some kind of irrelevant flash in the night are gravely mistaken.  This work will go on and continue in scope and power right up until God’s two servants begin their work.


Steve Kisack said...

What an idiot Malm is! Of course, if you don't agree with HIS "truth", he has nothing more to do with you and will close you out. He's as much in the dark about the "two witnesses" as are the other nincompoops in Armstrong land. Oh, he might not say it, but deep down, he really hopes he's one of them. He's stuck in the old covenant more than the other splinter "ministers" who desire money... and AUTHORITY and dream that their god has given it to them.

Douglas Becker said...

It's worse: He's a flash in the daylight (that nobody much notices).

Sweetblood777 said...

For one that claims to speak for God, why does he not know His name?

Seems kind of foolish, don't you think?

Kind of like, 'Hey dumbass what is your god's name?' And he answers, 'I don't know.'

That sums it up for me. Besides if he truly believes that HWA knew the Word of Yahweh, then he is dumber than I thought.

HWA didn't know poop! He stole his doctrines and so-called prophecies from other organizations. When he said that God revealed these truths to him, he implied that God was opening his mind to understanding, rather than the books of other religions sitting on the library book sheaf.

Of course, HWA's twisted thinking, he must have thought that this was Yahweh's way of revealing His truth to him. NOT!

Byker Bob said...

We live in a time when everyone seems to have a need for being recognized as being unique or special. It's not just an Armstrongism thing, either, it includes the kid running around with a 10,000 watt stereo in his Subaru, or the young college girl who just got her entire upper body illustrated at the local tattoo shop.

Wouldn't you think that if God were behind any of the ACOG promoters, at least one of them would go viral?


Head Usher said...

But what if the COG OT god of jealousy, vindictiveness, judgment, and sadism never shows up?

Like, what if HWA had the wrong god to begin with? Then COG people wouldn't be "the called out" ones he thinks they are. Then his "work" will not grow in "scope and power." No "two servants" will be coming for him to "hand the reigns" over to. Most of all, all his "warning," his "hot zeal," his "correction" that makes him feel so warm and giddy inside every morning when he presses the "submit" button--ALL OF IT WILL HAVE BEEN IN VAIN!.

Let's not forget that his shiny fishing lure blog designed to catch COG people who want to be pharisees started out as yellow journalism--a cheap COG tabloid rag. We should never forget that this guy is as two-bit, also-ran, johnny-come-lately, discount apostle, whose underlying message, like so many other COG apostles is "LOOK AT ME!"

Like "discount insurance" which, though it satisfies the state mandate to carry "insurance," when you wind up needing it you find out it wasn't actually insuring you against anything because they won't pay out, that's the type of apostle James Malm is. He doesn't represent anything real, because if there is any deity responsible for the universe, it sure as hell ain't the god of HWA or James Malm.

James said...

Malm is irrelevant.