Friday, August 16, 2013

Quote of the Day: Doug Winnail Says Dave Pack Is Not Connected To Reality.

Today's Kewpie Doll Award Winner
Kewpie Doll:  A small inexpensive and cheaply made doll given as a prize for winning a game at an amusement park or fair or given as a consolation prize. A sarcastic term to denote a figurative prize (not actually given) for either accomplishing or not accomplishing a trivial goal, such as attempting to spell an easy word or guessing the answer to some trivial question.

Doug Winnail at Living Church of God had some precise words for Dave Pack and his grandiose reunification project.  Rod Meredith is one of the men that Dave's god is  supposedly going to kill by August 31, 2013.

“While some critics and self-appointed prophets and apostles continue to predict the imminent demise of the Living Church of God, these predictions are simply not connected to reality…


DennisCDiehl said...

Thousands coming to Restored Church of God this week alone. Tens of thousands of phone calls for help from the splinters....nah, just kidding.

Joe Moeller said...

Doug wins this weeks Living Church of God "cupie doll" award for this amazing insight!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

NO2HWA said...

Joe: I like! Just give him the golden award

Douglas Becker said...

Actually, perhaps the Golden Calf award is more appropriate.

If anyone can show me that any of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong is connected to reality, I will be shocked.

Byker Bob said...

My own prayer efforts have been devoted towards asking God to turn around the bad things Dave Pack has been prophesying on others, and to focus them on Dave himself.

I believe that is a Godly standard, too, because we are told in the New Testament that we will be judged by the very standards which we apply to others. Dave has acted as judge and jury here, and it is very unlikely that he will repent. He has decided who he thinks history that he has morphed into prophesy applies to, and he has judged and sentenced three people to a horrible death.

When an individual begins to act as if he is God, it is an insane pathology, a terminal mental illness.


Corky said...

Yep, 'the power of positive thinking' sometimes accomplishes much but it doesn't move mountains. Of course, some bulldozers, explosives and positive thinking will work wonders.

Dave doesn't have the equipment and wishing people dead only reveals a sick mind.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if we pray the right way it will get better, yo.

Just don't be listenin' to the WRONG Holy Spirit and be prayin' the WRONG way, yo!