Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Larry McElroy and Dale Schurter: What Do They Now Have In Common?

Dale Schurter and Larry McElroy were two of David C Pack's triumphs in poaching ministers and hope in drawing members from other COG's.

In their bid to jump ship they allowed themselves to be prostituted out to Dave's beliefs and rules.  Both of them bragged about how they had their "eyes and minds washed" when they came into Dave's personalty cult.  They sold their souls and integrity to accept everything Dave says as 100% truth.

Even worse, these two are complicit with Dave in defrauding and lying to the members of the Restored Church of God.  Both of these men now know for a fact, that Dave's recent 20 some week rant about the great COG reunification and the PROMISED deaths of three COG leaders, was an abject FAILURE!  Knowing this, these two men still support Dave in his insidious moneymaking schemes and building projects.

Both of these men are now unemployable in the other COG's for their apostasy to Dave's cult compound in Wadsworth.  Schurter will stay on with Dave, because Dave has promised him a garden patch to work his mind boggling agricultural miracles on. McElroy will continue to lie for and uphold Dave  because he has no income to support him in his old age.  Members be damned, the money is more important.

Neither of these two men have the balls to confront Dave in his bald-faced lies and walk away.  They are nothing more than cheap two-dollar whores who sell themselves to the highest bidder.  Money speaks in Dave's personalty cult and these two have lined their pockets.


DennisCDiehl said...

All's quiet on the "I was in church sabbath and Dave said..." front.

Maybe they all fled to Petra, Jordan where it is safe?

Anonymous said...

Great post in pointing out the hypocrisy of the ministers who remain in the RCG.

Byker Bob said...

This incident, due to its ridiculous extremeness, has got to produce some fallout. I would have to believe that some are in a state of shock. We'll know, soon enough, but people are often very adept in repressing their consciences and the rational portion of their minds. It would be extremely unusual if this repression were 100% effective, and universal amongst Dave's members and ministry.


Steve said...

So, what else is new? ALL of the "ministers" in ALL of the Armstrong cults are two dollar whores and hypocrites, not just Davey Asshole's cult. Money and power are the only things that matter to any of them. Show me a GOOD COG "minister" and I'll show you a dead corpse.

Anonymous said...

So sorry that you'ns could never quite get ove believing in Santa, the easter bunny, tooth fairy, and all that. So now yer stuck on the big daddy in the sky :) And to really show how easily fooled you are, you believe in these COG religious guys who tell you how to think. So much for growing up. Your still little children mentally. And if you are a minister and get a check from these liars, and if you know they are liars, then you are a fraud too. POS

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I'd be shocked if some are in a state of shock.

After all the hijinks and they still remain, I'd think their brains would be used to the latest supercraziness by now.

(Sort of like what might happen in the brain of a Creflo Dollar fan.)

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, people do wake up and leave these churches. We are the evidence of that.

Anonymous said...

I was a member of the RCG. I have met Mr. McElroy. He is a very nice man who deeply believes that RCG is where Christ is working. This will not change that fact. I have not met Mr. Pack but have met is son who is not a believer that Mr. Pack is an apostle.
I am aware of, and have met, most of the "16". They will not be moved for the ministers are "all in" (Mr. Packs words). Mr. Pack believes he is being attacked by the devil and his agents (I guess that is what you are). The members are tithe payers who are required to be happy, productive (paying tithes) and completely yielding to authority. Scripture is used to back this up.

Anonymous said...

I also knew Larry McElroy, in my case years ago when he was a deacon in WCG. The last time I saw him was at a UCG feast. He is very nice, sincerely so as far as I can tell. But he has a black-and-white mentality and is one who wants to be liked by men so he puts on a front trying to seem perfect.

I should not have been surprised but I was when I read his letter praising Dave Pack in which he claimed to have been dissatisfied with UCG from its founding. That is the opposite of what he said in a restaurant at that feast.

Anon 1:52, he may seem to be "all in" RCG but I would have sworn that he was "all in" UCG. Larry's appearance can be deceiving.

Byker Bob said...

Well, Isn't that a coincidence? I think a lot of us here also believe that Dave Pack has been attacked by the devil and his agents! It's about the only way you can explain his megalomania, his totally unwarranted insertion of himself into prophecy, and his delusions of being an Apostle. Most of us here are just casual observers providing insightful commentary; accountability partners if you will. Our prayers are with the RCG members, because they are by all accounts being put through hell!


Head Usher said...

I must admit that I among those who do not believe that Dave Pack is being attacked by satan and/or his agents.

IMHO, Dave Pack is the diabolical figure with agents who is doing the attacking. You know, wolf in sheep's clothing and that sort of thing.

If I were to view it theistically, I guess I'd characterize it as Dave Pack and his ministerial minions being utilized as satan's agents to attack others.

At any rate, Dave Pack is not under attack as he's the one who's the predator here. Dave Pack is the one hoping to pick clean the financial bones of his fellow human beings. No one is preying upon Dave Pack, although I think it would only be fair if the state of Ohio or the federal government brought some sort of charges against him. I'm not sure what U.S. or UCC law he's breaking, but you can't prey upon your fellow man as Dave Pack is without at least being in violation of the "good faith and fair dealing" assumption inherent to the Common Law.