Sunday, September 8, 2013

Samuel Kitchen: Christ Will Not Marry You If You Allow A Member Be Raped, Slandered, Attacked or Debased

In Samuel Kitchen's ongoing slobber-fest over Herbert Armstrong he has these comments for anyone who dares to criticizes HWA, Waterhouse, or other Armstrongite heroes he worships.

Kitchen apparently thinks Herbert is being raped and slandered by countless people on Facebook and elsewhere.
God doesn't need anyone to defend him? Now let me put it this way. Christ is our future husband, and we are to be the bride of Christ. The Church, the spiritual body is composed of many members. If a man comes and rapes a man's fiancee does she cry out defending herself? Or does she just let the raper do what he wants without a fight? If you do not resist or cry out when a member of the body is being RAPED, and slandered, YOU ARE COMMITTING HARLOTRY, AND ADULTERY! This is how I look at it with myself.
Christ will not marry you or me if we allow a member of the body BE RAPED, SLANDERED, ATTACKED, and debased! For then Christ sees you have no love for another. And you have no love for him as he wants a wife UNDEFILED.

So by defending a man who I see is over me in the Lord, in the office and spiritual rank of apostle, I see as defending the body in which Christ is going to marry. I LOVE CHRIST AND GOD FIRST! 

That is the greatest of all commandments that Christ taught. Love God FIRST. Then you can Love PROPERLY your neighbor! If you love your neighbor first you are placing them before God! The world will know us for the love we have for one another! YOU DON'T LOVE MR.ARMSTRONG! You consider him not apart of the body of Christ! AND I DO! Even if he was a lay member, and I see him being attacked and slandered I WILL STILL DEFEND MY BROTHER IN CHRIST! Eccl 4:9,12.
You don't show love towards him! And I do.


Anonymous said...

When I came to recognize that Herbert Armstrong and his god had completely failed me, not making good on any of their promises for the here and now, I realized that this did not bode well for any of the promises made for after we die either. So, if the Armstrongist cult does turn out to be the one true cult of the one true god after all, then I guess I'm going to miss out on all the festivities of that wonderful wedding supper. Given what a mess Armstrongism is, and what havoc it's wrought upon my life, I've decided that it's well worth that small, tiny, insignificant risk. But I hope that Herbert Armstrong, Samuel Kitchen and all the other "members of the body" have a great time. Tell Mr. Christ hello for me and that I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend.

Anonymous said...

Huh? Excuse me Kitchen, can you repeat again what you just wrote? You are a man of contradictions, just like the rest of the brain-damaged emotionally scarred and sexually starved Armstrongites. Love God first before you love your neighbor but you are saying that by criticizing Armstrong, we don't love the body of Christ that Christ will marry? Where is the logic there? Since when did Armstrong become the body of Christ that Christ will marry? And what is the connection to loving God first? Armstrong is not equal to God and much more not equal to the body of Christ. You are definitely an IDOLATER and breaking the second commandment. Repent of Armstrongism or you will never enter the Kingdom of God. You are committing harlotry and adultery for such idolatrous following of Armstrong who does not have the an iota of truth in his teachings. Tsk, tsk, tsk . . . Just go to the kitchen, Samuel Kitchen rather than go the Great Tribulation and later to the Lake of Fire for raping and slandering God's true believers who expose the Fake Apostle.

RSK said...

Wow, the circular argument is giving me a headache.

Joe Moeller said...

Kitchen writes:
If you do not resist or cry out when a member of the body is being RAPED, and slandered, YOU ARE COMMITTING HARLOTRY, AND ADULTERY!

I respond:
Kitchen is right. I hear-by cry out against the rapes and the slanders that were committed by both of the Armstrongs.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Douglas Becker said...

Seeing as how Herbert Armstrong rebelled against the Church of God Seventh Day and libeled and slandered them and was of Satan the Devil, it isn't clear what form love should take toward him, since Scripture said he should be put to death because he was a false prophet.

Some nerve slandering and libeling people who tell the truth about that pervert who committed incest with his daughter for 10 years as he began his ministry and taught lies about British Israelism as cult kook. I guess it's the Lake of Fire for Samuel Kitchen then.

If you can't stand the heat, stay away from Kitchen.

Byker Bob said...

I guess it was inevitable that sooner or later from the ashes of Armstrongism would emerge something similar to the JDL. Is this guy Gerald Flurry's version of a Bob Thiel?


Anonymous said...

"We point to God's true and test proven faithful minister and apostle, Herbert W Armstrong."

HA was a man who never accepted the Son, instead he gave himself to Him. These are his words in one of his sermon on YT.

What blasphemy! What hypocrisy!

It is interesting that Kitchen states that those that left the WCG are the ones who fell away, when it is those that stayed with HA. Many left WCG in early seventies due to the change in marriage and divorce doctrine and due to the falsely prophesied coming of the Son.

Anyone joined to any of these splinters preaching HA and the false doctrines, are in the assembly (synagogue) of satan.

Please read your bibles and drop all other literature.

Anonymous said...

Is he actually advocating breaking Ron Weinland out of the Federal Pen?

Anonymous said...

Samuel Kitchen: Christ Will Not Marry You If You Allow A Member Be Raped, Slandered, Attacked or Debased

I guess this means Mr Kitchen won't be joining the United Church of God- which had ministers go to court to defend, slander, attack and debase a UCG stalker.

Thankfully, the Judge in that case found in favor of the stalking victim, reamed new assholes in those UCG ministers, and made those UCG ministers his bitches.