Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bob Thiel Says The End Is Not Nigh But Will Happen in 2021

Bob Thiel is all in a dither about the recent spat of books that have come out by evangelicals about how the end times is here.  From Billy Graham and Michelle Bachman to lots of books, the theme of the end is at play.

He uses as his source of information the WorldNewsDaily as his source of TRUE news. WND is the favorite "news" site for the conservative Armstrongites who feel the entire world is sinking into depths of depravity, particularly here in the US with a gentile President.

Thiel says all of the "so-called Christians" and the book authors are all wrong.  Only he knows the real time of the return of Jesus Christ. 

Just as Noah did in ancient times, world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham is sounding the alarm that the Second Coming is “near” and signs of the end of the age are “converging now for the first time since Jesus made those predictions.”
Earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the United Nations General Assembly “biblical prophecies are being realized.”
And last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., claimed the world has entered the last days.
“When you see up is down and right is wrong, when this is happening, we were told this: that these days would be as the days of Noah,” Bachmann said.
The remarks by Graham, Netanyahu and Bachmann come amid a steadily rising wave of public interest in the end times, as demonstrated by recent polls and New York Times and Amazon.com bestselling books such as “The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future,” by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and “Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change,” by Pastor John Hagee. http://www.wnd.com/2013/10/billy-graham-sounds-alarm-for-2nd-coming/#AuAU01RTqCOwD3ud.99
Protestant minister John Hagee and Mark Biltz have suggested 2014 as a possible date for Jesus return.

While we are in the last days, and probably in the time that Jesus referred to as the beginning of sorrows (Matthew 24:4-8), there is no possible way that Jesus will return in 2014.  Actually, I do not believe it is biblically possible that Jesus will return before 2021.

Thiel says these people are all wrong for saying the end is here, yet that has also been the same mantra that Armstrongism has spouted for over 70 years.  The end is nigh, lower your standard of living and send  your money in for the final push.

Theil then quotes, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18, as his source for the true date so that he can declare:

 And since that tribulation cannot start for at over 3 1/2 years from now, then there are another 3 1/2 years, etc., this means that Jesus will not return before 2021.

There you have it!  You have a few more years to eat ham and shrimp and decorate that Christmas tree before you repent and return to the one true church of Bob Thiel.


DennisCDiehl said...

Or you could take 6:31 and get your perspective back and ask;

Do I really care what Bob Thiel, Dave Pack, Ron Weinland, Gerald Flurry, James Malm, E.W.King, Rod Meredith or any other uninspiring, undereducated, overly egocentric hairless apes believe.?



I am so pleased to live in a time where genuinely intelligent and dedicated humans who actually do the hard work of study and research can show us such awesome realities. My parents were taught our galaxy WAS the Universe.

Our entire universe is probably one grape on one cluster on one vine in one row of one vineyard of multiple universes.

I would suggest that those enchanted with the silly speculations about when the gods will return for them because they went to church on the right day and thought the right things giving the right amount of money upon command and listened to the right apes who don't actually know much at all, grow up and reclaim what short time you have in reality for yourself.

Anonymous said...

So are we supposed to take this more seriously now that Bob has proclaimed himself a prophet? I would like to see what a psychologist or other qualified person would have say about his personality.

Dr. Not In The Know said...

Thiel is setting dates by saying this. He is another false prophet just like his brothers Dave, Ron, Gerald......

Anonymous said...

I think it's so silly, a mild-mannered average joe blow nobody named "Bob" declaring himself to have a "double portion" of the "holy spirit" (as if that meant anything) and using that as a pretext to then declare himself a prophet. If he were a prophet or oracle of some deity or another, he wouldn't have to speculate or use words like "probably" or base his speculations on purported catholic prophecies. We would know he was a prophet of a deity that really did exist because (1) He would say, "Thus saith the deity..." and (2) it would happen, right on time, just like he said, on multiple occasions, and without fail. Nevermind part (2), what "prophet" or "apostle" or "witness" or whatever of armstrongism (or any other dude on the planet, with or without a pointy hat) has even done the first part? Not even Herbie. Until then, he'll just be ol' Probably Bob.

Byker Bob said...

Guess he gave up on the Mayans, but he could still be tuned into St. Malachy.


Allen C. Dexter said...

I remember back in the sixties drawing an elaborate chart based on the prophetic abortion know as the book of Daniel and being so sure It would all come to pass just as Worldwide and the JWs expected it to. It was so clear! Yeah, clear as mud! What in the world could Thiel be basing this bullshit on?

Byker Bob said...

I'm just thankful, Allen, that ol' hog jowls didn't plagiarize the JW practice of going door to door! I mean, we already brought all manner of contempt on ourselves just in trying to explain everything to relatives, employers, school friends, neighbors, etc. Stuff like no Christmas lights, no gracious acceptance of presents, no vaccinations for school purposes, no military service, etc. We were required to ask to be exceptions, and to receive special treatment in every way imaginable.

The problem is that if you make a regular practice of this, you become marginalized to the point where your contributions can't possibly compensate for it all. Isolation results, and with occasional notable exception, people generally do not thrive in isolation.


Anonymous said...

I believe we're in the beginning of birth pangs but that's just my opinion...btw did anyone see those oarfishes in CA? There's some speculation that it might be an indication the West Coast will experience an earthquake in the near future...

Douglas Becker said...

For credibility, Boob needs to perform some miracles to silence his detractors.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for relaying this information!

While I was mowing the lawn, a neighbor came over and asked me when The End will come. I didn't know what to tell him, but thankfully, now I do!
If he has any hesitation believing the Truth, I'll tell him that Mr. Thiel gots hisself a double dose of God Sauce and's been prophetized, so no need to question.

Corky said...

IF, and that's a great big IF, Jesus was to return, as he said, in the lifetime of the original 12 (11?)apostles - then Paul was the return of Jesus Christ. Because Paul himself said that Christ was in him, dwelled in him, and was taken up to the third heaven.

I would say that the probability of that was very low and Paul just made it up and really wasn't called from the womb like Jeremiah...