Friday, October 25, 2013

David C. Pack Says Larry Salyer Called Me 'A Rude Brat!" Bwaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

Here is Dave Pack's knee-jerk reaction to the men and members of Global Church of God when they held him accountable for his despicable actions.  Larry Salyer is 100% correct!  Pack is a "RUDE BRAT!"

May 5, 1999

Greetings Brethren, 

I have wrestled with and prayed about what to say in this letter.  What I predicted would happen in earnest is happening in earnest.  I wrote that I would be attacked and destroyed and I suspected that I would be unrecognizable by the time the process was over.  That has and will continue to happen.  I have decided to list as many accusations against me as I could possibly think of and then make a concluding statement before going on to other matters that are much more edifying, encouraging and exciting.  I intend to try as hard as possible to make the following statement my last word on the vilification/persecution/dis-information campaign against me designed to scare people continuing to stay in Global while frightening them away from me. 

On Monday night I was fired and disfellowshipped from the Global Church of God.  I, of course, expected this.  I was told by e-mail late Monday night. No one ever called me. The irony of this action was that a deacon from the West told me Rex Sexton had told him fully 24 hours earlier that this would happen.  How unethical!  I was also told Monday night by a member of another Church organization that Larry Salyer told him 2 1/2 weeks ago that I would be a problem that "took care of itself soon".  It's obvious a trap was being laid for me.  Many perceptive brethren have discerned this from the events of recent days.  Jack Hendren told one of his members on Sunday night that his "testimony" was not the real issue in the judgment of the Council against me.  After Dr. Charles Jahrsdorfer's  letter and David Medici's letter describing the falsehoods of Jack Hendren's testimony purporting to represent them in my trial, should we not have expected them to say as much?  Once their case was blown apart in public for the fraud that it was, they now say they had me on "other" issues.  It is against this backdrop that I now will list as many accusations as I am aware of to show that desperate men take desperate action. This will draw further attacks, no doubt. This is why I will no longer respond. However, I felt the need to illustrate why this cycle must be broken now. 


  1. I am a "rude brat". (Larry Salyer)
  2. I am "a sad chapter in a long, sad book". (Larry Salyer)
  3. I "attempt to deflect the attention from myself by claiming the higher ground as 'a
      defender of the faith'." (Larry Salyer)
  4. I never "went to Bill Swanson or Harold Smith about my doctrinal concerns with  them". (Larry Salyer)
  5. I am a "railer". (Raymond McNair) [Incidentally, did Christ rail when he called the
      Pharisees or others  by various names?]
  6. I did not "hear the Church" or allow the Matt. 18:15 process to work.(Raymond
      McNair/Larry Salyer who signed my termination/disfellowship letter) [I did not "hear the  Church" in 1993 either nor did I "hear the Church" when Rod Meredith accused me
  7. I did not "notify the Council before my noncompliance" and thereby "broke my word" to the Council -- I apparently "told the Akron Church before the Council heard".  (Brian Hoselton/Rex Sexton) [It is unfortunate that the document sent to them BEFORE THE AKRON CHURCH HEARD could not be properly formatted after downloading it by those who received it.  It was a computer glitch that I still cannot explain.  But, BEFORE GOD I sent it before I said a single word to the Akron Church about what happened to me and the issues that I could not comply with.  I will certainly admit that I timed it to get ahead of the spinmasters in San Diego who I KNEW would attempt to destroy me, AS THEY HAVE, by exposing their deeds before they could write more wholesale lies to the poor brethren in Global who are trying to figure out who to believe.  My heart goes out to them.]
  8. I "lack faith because I predict bankruptcy for Global" (various people). [When Rod
      Meredith overspent and mismanaged the Churches finances many of the same people who accuse me of lacking faith went to him trying to stop him - - explaining to him that it was fiscally dangerous.  He told them that THEY lacked faith.  They now say the same thing of me for the same reasons.]
  9. I want "control". (Brian Hoselton) 

10. I used a "4-day interval" to smite the Church like RCM.(Brian Hoselton) 

11. I taught "born again" in Worldwide but claimed to hold to the exact doctrines of Mr.
      Armstrong. (Brian Hoselton) [ Brian quotes my apology letter of 6 years ago to prove that I compromise now.  I know of no ministers who wrote any letters of apology who taught MANY false doctrines and stayed in the WCG far longer than I.] 

12. I am guilty of "division and discord" in the Church.(Brian Hoselton) [By the standard that Joe Tkach and Rod Meredith used, I acknowledge I am absolutely guilty.  I would not go along with false teachings among us that were not minor by any stretch.  Mr. Armstrong said repeatedly to deal with both heresy and heretics.] 

13. I "limit God's powers" by saying we cannot repay the loans. (Brian Hoselton) 

14. I have "supported Global's new government as recently as 3 months ago while now calling it 'unscriptural'. (Brian Hoselton) [I was led to believe that Mr. McNair was making the decisions guiding Global by the end of January when I said this.  I was trying to be supportive.  It was not until April 13 that I realized WHY our government was so bogged down with inaction, indifference, indecision and incompetence.  It was on this date that I learned we had no Chief Executive Officer!!!!!  Do you comprehend what I just said? This is a HUGE statement.  It reflects the deliberate position of not having a
      decision-maker in the wake of the Rod Meredith break-up.  I have always felt that God's form of government should have been since the death of Mr. Armstrong one-man
      LEADERship. This is as opposed to one-man RULERship which occured we had when we had a living Apostle who outranked everyone.] 

15. "Dave Medici is only supporting me because he is going by what I reported Jack Hendren's report to be.  Dave Medici got his report 'second hand'". (Brian Hoselton) [This is not true. Dave Medici got the report of Jack Hendren's falsehoods FIRSTHAND. My attorney tells me that I may tell you that I taped the entire proceeding. Call Dave Medici and ask him if his pastor told falsehoods. I have never tape recorded anyone in my life before and will never have to do it again. I knew what I was getting into in this unique situation.]

16. I want to "promote myself and gather a following". (Rex Sexton) 

17. I'm "belligerent, arrogant and accusatory". (Rex Sexton) 

18. I did not "deny the charges" against me. (Rex Sexton) [I did deny the characterization of the charges.] 

19. I told one lady that "she should not tithe and then lied about it". (Rex Sexton) [The many people that have asked me if they should tithe to Global because of circumstances there seem not to be confused. Tithing is a matter between them and God.] 

20. I told Mr. Sexton "not to accept a 30% pay cut". (Rex Sexton) [He knows there were
      qualifications to this and that I immediately reversed my position right in the discussion when he explained that his wife was employing him part-time.] 

21. I accused Mr. Sexton of "not believing Mr. Armstrong was Elijah". (Rex Sexton) [Reality is that he believes that Mr. Armstrong and probably one of the two witnesses will probably BOTH be a form/type of Elijah.] 

22. I have been planning to "split" for some time because I said "I may not be in Global by the Feast". (Rex Sexton) [The latter part of this statement is absolutely true. This is only because of the impending financial collapse that I anticipated.] 

23. I "reduced my offerings to the Church after the split in November." (Rex Sexton) [False] 

24. I told Warren Zehrung's wife that "I would have a budget of $200,000 and that Warren could get a piece of it". (Rex Sexton)  [Mr. Zehrung's wife does not remember the gist of this story very well at all and why this subject might have been under discussion.] 

25. "I inherited $1 million dollars and two health food stores". (Rex Sexton) [This is
      preposterous regarding the money.  I had NO MONEY left after settling my father's estate-- only the net worth of my company.] 

The above list of accusations represent things that are true but incomplete or a grain of truth but twisted and outright falsehoods that include inventions.  It is amazing to me that 5 months ago I was accused of saying "I would destroy Rod Meredith".  I now marvel at the zeal with which people try to destroy me while showing so little zeal for the Truth -- which is the real issue at hand here.  Other than the brief comments I included on a few of the above accusations, should I attempt to deflect and explain these and all the subsequent ones that will flow endlessly at me?  Would Mr. Armstrong? Would Christ? What would be gained? How often should I do it? How much time would it take? Is it really going to edify you? Will it help you achieve the Kingdom of God?  I want it to be said here that I am going to strive to overcome the temptation to answer back the endless charges against me that are sure to flow from here on out. Exceptions to this rule will be few. I am part of a wonderful new organization that is going to hold to the precision of God's Truth as we received it from His servant.  I am excited beyond words.  I want to share that excitement.  I do not want to remain bogged down by events moving deeper into our rear view mirror. 

It is on the above basis that we are moving to incorporate a new church.  It will be called THE RESTORED CHURCH OF GOD (based on Matt. 17:11).  This name will make clear for all just EXACTLY where those of us that are part of it do stand!  Once again, many many people are responding and want to know the address.  It is: 

Box 23295
Wadsworth, OH 44282 

On Friday I will begin a series of updates to appear each Monday, Wednesday and Friday on my website. It will also be sent to any who wish to be included on an email list. Eventually we  will reduce the frequency of these letters. I will be announcing many exciting plans on Friday and keeping you updated as things develop.  There will be some introductory explanation about what we are doing and a little more about my background.  My entire pastorate (OH, PA, IN, NY and MI) appears to be standing  with God in this effort. 

In conclusion, there is a reason we should expect attacks for standing on the many scriptures that say we should not compromise.  How can we expect people to understand those who love, are zealous for, and demonstrate the courage to protect and defend ALL of God's Truth when they do not feel this way themselves?  On what basis can they understand us?  How do they relate to us?  We seem strange to them -- rigid -- intolerant -- stuck in the past -- unable to grow, etc.  Their spiritual value system will not allow them to see us as otherwise.  Those of Philadelphian zeal must accept that their tribulation is NOW not later. 

Remember David said, "The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?"
Psa. 118:6. 

In Christ's Name,
David C. Pack 

P.S. If you have not yet heard the three sermons proving that Mr. Armstrong was the Elijah to
       come, please listen to them as found on this website:   (link is no longer working.)


Byker Bob said...

I wasn't around when this all went down, and learned some history from the post. It appears that at the time all of this was going down, Rod Meredith had already left Global.

I wondered to myself while reading this, if this type of maelstrom accompanied every split in the Armstrong empire. No matter what guidance is claimed, these "leaders" seem to have an abundance of ego still left.

Pack's statements and reactions seem to give the lie to his now infamous list of questions for defecting ministers seeking to join RCG. I am also wondering if what he stated regarding his entire pastorate sticking with him ended up panning out.

Obviously, he feels as if his real leader is HWA, and that anyone else he reports to or is employed by is simply an inconvenient formality that he must endure.

Had it been me, I would have been tempted to keep one health food store for myself, and give the other one to brother Bill, and to simply walk away from the bogussness of Armstrongism.


Lurker said...

Wow. First time I have agreed with Larry Salyer in years.

Joe Moeller said...

Speaking of Larry Salyer, he has got to be close to the record for how many COG organizations he has been a part of. Odd thing is, that no matter what org it is that he is in, he seems to always get a position near the top!

Some people are like cats... always landing on their feet!


I think that Don Billingsley holds the actual record though with I believe 5 different orgs.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

NO2RCM said...

Actually, Joe, Salyer has been a part of FIVE COGs. Remember CGCF, which was formed from the remnants of GCG? It later folded into UCG. The interesting thing about Salyer is how many COGs he can bankrupt! He helped bankrupt GCG and CGCF. UCG dodged the Salyer curse, but COGWA had better beware!