Friday, November 22, 2013

Eric King Predicts DIRE Christmas Shopping Season and VIOLENCE in Hospitals

Armstrongism's greatest living prophet crackpot is back with his end of the year predictions.  King believes he has a 100% accuracy when it comes to prophetic brain farts.

This time it is a DIRE Christmas shopping season and violence in hospitals because they did not join Obamacare.

I predict that this shopping year for ‘2013 Christmas’ will be dire. The economy will show just how much it has slowed down by what we will witness. I have warned that all the pagan holidays should not be kept by true Christians. I have taught and informed true Christians just why this is so. What will we witness this Christmas and during the other holidays, now in 2013? We will see poor people do desperate things. We will see the middle class spend way less than ever before. We will witness those who have been repressing their anger explode with violence. Our SOCT teachings have warned about this type of behavior. Our people [COGSR/SOCT] are not left in the dark. We are awake, aware, and alert to what is happening in these last days.
King then goes on to make other "prophecies" that are ripped right out of he headlines and then ends with this. 
Also, we can begin to witness that Hospitals will close and many doctors will go independent due to Obama Care. The Liberals will accuse the hospitals and doctors of being greedy because they refuse to join the Obama force. I predict violence will begin to occur at hospitals.


DennisCDiehl said...

One never finds the words "I predict" in scripture. It was not the nature of "prophets" to speak in such terms. It is a term a modern uses to try to set himself apart from the average person who also has a brain and can see trends if they are half way literate. Bob Thiel so badly wants to be able to say, "as I predicted" but again, the terms and concept is not one prophets in scripture used.

Wanting to be able to say, "see! see! I was right. I'm special!" is lame and easy to spot in these fools

DennisCDiehl said...
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DennisCDiehl said...

Somehow I can't imagine Isaiah saying, "I predict prices for Hanukkah this year will rise and I predict those with less money will spend less for the holiday showing a fall in our living standards. I also predict violence when the Assyrians kick our ass again as the Babylonians before them did."

Wow..Prophecy come alive! Being the Jean Dixon of Assthology is no great achievement

DennisCDiehl said...

Awesome inspiration to notice or speculate on what thousands of economists, politicians and websites and hundreds of thousands bloggers also notice and speculate about. I guess the only diff is that they don't ask for your tithes and try to convince you they are the true blog , economist, politician or website.

They never get this stuff in voices or in the dark of night in visions from the Deity itself. No
visits from impressive angels. No talking animals. It is never "thus saith the Lord" but rather, I predict which is hardly impressive. No "hear the word of the Lord." Instead it is blog reading and then passing it on to others hoping the others did not read the same articles and blogs. Hilarious actually. amen...

Someday I'll be able to put all my thoughts into one comment. lol

DennisCDiehl said...
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Anonymous said...

yeah I noticed that there is no "thus saith the Lord...", but only "I predict..."

what's in the heart comes out the it's pretty obvious that with Mr. King, it's all about him, not God. (I guess you can say that about most of the so called COGs)

Byker Bob said...

Looks like Ricky Baby reads the financial section of the newspaper.

There are still a lot of people going through hard times, so a lackluster holiday shopping season is really not that much of a stretch to foresee.


Douglas Becker said...

Couldn't many of the same things be said for the 2014 Feast of Tabernacles?

Anonymous said...

Well his "predictions" not only are not biblical but they are contrary to the facts. Obamacare is forcing doctors into hospitals and forgoing independent private practice----the opposite of this "predictor".

Also, hospitals will be growing because the demand will be greater due to the increased health insurance coverage for millions.

Not much of a theologian or economist.