Monday, November 18, 2013

Eric King Says "True" Christians MUST Stay Away From Science

Leave it to Eric King to give us the perfect reason as to why he and others of his ilk have no credibility. According to him, there is no need to worry about science when as humans we are moving in a sea of cosmic energy.

Without science he would not know about atoms, principles of motion, galaxies, vibrational rates and cosmic energy.

As true Christians we have learned to stay away from “science falsely so called.” [1st Timothy 6:20] We understand that everything is in motion. We know that in our physical world nothing is at rest. Everything that we see is made out of atoms. Atoms are little ‘galaxies’ of power with particles spinning and moving. As a matter of fact, we can only see particular objects due to their vibrational rate. God determines how all matter is to be organized and on just what vibrational plane that it is to manifest. As true Christians we understand ourselves to be moving in a sea of atomic energy. God has given us the “human spirit” which is able to record this great experience that we are having.

King goes on to say that "true" Christians rise above natural rhythms and learn to control them.

We also experience in God’s creation the idea of rhythm. There is a manifested measure of motion in the working of all things. We can watch the tide of the ocean come in and out. We can watch the four seasons come and go. We understand this as action and reaction. As true Christians we rise above this law of polarity through what we call MOCA [Mind of Christ Action]. We teach this in the “Science of Christian Thought”. As Christians we can enjoy these laws in nature but can also learn to neutralize their control over us through MOCA (pronounced, mocha).

King also has this which sounds exactly like Scientology.  Is King secretly reading Dianetics?

As begotten children of God we begin to go through personality cleaning and true character development. This is an ongoing process. Today you see people who call themselves Christian but have no real motivation [from Holy Spirit] to grow and change their ways. True relationship takes work!


Byker Bob said...

I wish these folks were allowed to watch the excellent TV series "The Stranger".

In one of the episodes, Jesus says. "Oh, I LOVE Science!". One of the people He is working with asks, "You do??? Why? ". And, the reply is, "It teaches people how my Father does His work!"


Douglas Becker said...

Well, fine.

Eric needs to give up automobiles, the Internet, computers, modern banking, television, electric stoves, microwaves, power from the electric plant, modern printing, telephones, powered lawn mowers.

They are all created by science.

He should go back solely to the Iron Age, since he's so deeply rooted in the Bronze Age.

Let him give all form of modern money, because it was not only created by science but also has high tech embedded in it.

It would be interesting to see him abandon his hypocrisy and go out of the religion business because without science he can't conduct a religious organization these days (no fair using the United States Post Office, since they use so much technology based on science).

Otherwise, he has to bite the bullet, admit that DNA proves his entire religion completely daft and go out of business.