Friday, August 22, 2014

August Is Almost Over. Will David C. Pack Be An Epic FAILURE A Second Time Around?

Last year David C Pack predicted that three Church of God leaders would be struck down by his god and all their members would come over from the dark side to the glorious light of Packdumb.  This was all supposed to happen in August of 2013 so that the COG could be united in September at the largest unified Feast of Tabernacles in recent Church of God history.

Typical of all COG false prophets, no COG leader died and no members jumped ship to join him.

With that failure weighing heavily upon his now slouching shoulders, he claimed that God had delayed this major event and that it would happen in 2014.  There is nine days left for this great reunification to happen....again.

I can guarantee you that Davey is going to be another epic failure this year.  He has now joined the ranks with the other COG failures like Ron Weinland, Rod Meredith,  Gerald Waterhouse, and Herbert Armstrong.


Anonymous said...

Come on now, this isn't fair. Davey Packatolla got the basic facts right, he's just "a little off on the timing..." Davey is a visionary, he's just a peripheral visionary. He can see into the future, just way off to one side.

Eventually, three COG leaders will die (along with everyone else) and eventually all COG members will join Davey (in the hereafter). You just have to view Davey's prophecies from a sufficiently peripheral point of view to understand them "properly."

Anonymous said...

David Packs second annual Church of God Great Reunion will be as uninspiring as it was last year. Pack will postpone the prophesy again, which is no surprise, since Dave is a false prophet and a false Apostle!

He can host his annual Church of God Great Reunion every year, and it will have the same result every year. No one will show up, and more will see him for the liar and false prophet that he is. He will continue to make excuses and shift the blame for his mistake away from himself onto others.

On a positive note, more people from his exploited congregations will conclude that enough is enough, and they will decide to no longer take Packs abuse.

Nemesis of Pack

Corky said...

It should not come as a shock or a surprise to anyone that all the CoG prophesies failed, er, I mean all their bible based predictions. After all, they always have. Why should now be any different?

Anonymous said...

wow has it been a year already??

Redfox712 said...

ESN has released a testimony from the father of the PCG member who recently committed suicide.

As a former follower of LCG I am particularly disgusted and horrified that Fred Dattolo apparently participated in the gradual alienation of the PCG member, Janet De Gennaro, from her family.

He was warned in great detail that PCG's no contact policy is unscriptural. Clearly such appeals to reason had no effect on him.

Connie Schmidt said...


(to the tune of "Its My Party" by Leslie Gore)

It's my Church, and I'll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to, cry if I want to
You would cry too if it happened to you...

Nobody knows where my reunion has gone
All the church left the same time...
Why aren't they lending a hand
When they're supposed to be mine?

It's my Church, and I'll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to, cry if I want to
You would cry too if it happened to you!

Play all my sermons, keep praying all night
But leave me alone for a while
'Til all the Cogs are attending with me...
I've got no reason to smile...

It's my Church, and I'll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to, cry if I want to
You would cry too if it happened to you

EX-RCG said...

I am not taking up for Pack, but didn't he say it could be in the summer or Spring of 2014 or 2015?

Anonymous said...

Dave now hides his insanity from all but those who have been screened and determined to be naïve and gullible enough to beleive all of the lies that he puts out. Only his flock are allowed to come in to his 501c3 non prophet organization and only they get the letter filled with propaganda (the letters to brethren and co-workers). Other wise, it is very secret what happens at RCG. No wonder, sane people see right away what a whacked out person Pack really is. But, the truth will continue to leak out, and Dave will get older and older, and he will die, and life will go on. And the world will continue to deal with issues and emergencies and continue to move forward. Dave would have is beleive that the rotten satanic world will end in just a few more short years, why just watch the news everyday then come to services and I will tell you what you are really seeing, oh yes, and bring your checkbook because we need mo money for buildings, salaries, suits, nice cars, etc. And once I snare you because you were called by my extensive strategic internet advertising, and once you are convinced that it was really god who brought you to my web site so you were called (really you were tricked into thinking so), then if you are really fool enough to get baptized into the cult group, then you may not ever ever ever leave or you will suffer the punishment of one really pissed off god. Dave has got you, fooled. He is a fooler, his church members are ...... Sad, very sad. Keep exposing this asshole so that some might escape and others will not get tricked.

Anonymous said...

“Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has MADE HERSELF READY.” Rev. 19:7

This perhaps has been mentioned here recently, but weren’t we hit over the head with this verse, the charlatan in the pulpit proclaiming that WE HAVEN’T COMPLETED GETTING OURSELVES “ready,” and the Second Coming’s delay must be because of us, not him up there.

Whatever “ready” meant, anyway – did anyone every hear it defined?

Don’t really want to supply Davey with excuses, but I’m sure he’s got this one already. Whoever the lucky Davey-peon is who looks at Banned postings – hey, guy! – would you confirm what I’m saying, please? Sure you can.

Anonymous said...

Davey is always working an angle. It will be that the church wasn't ready and God will give them another year. In the meantime you slaves get out there and fundraise like never before so we will be more ready for next years failure.

Anonymous said...

There will be a gathering this weekend, started last night. Probably a ballroom dance/dinner dance..all to the pagan god of this world. Such blind sheep! I never saw such garbage in Protestantism. Closed doors for anyone not agreeing with my pagan style....says Pack of lies. I see them being more of this world than those that are totally in the world, if that makes any sense to you.

Byker Bob said...

He had really gone high profile last year at this time. When someone is brave enough or stupid enough to do that, it tends to make people think that such a guru is committed. This can motivate those who are sitting around waiting for the next shoe to drop to join in that commitment. Mass psychology, and they probably had assessed this and knew it as they went public last year.

Collectively, Armstrongism has attempted to fan the flames of prophecy too many times, and they always fail to catch. If some of the events they regularly prophesy ever accidentally do end up happening, they are not going to unfold as they forecast, the events that partially happen will not mean what they say they will, and the remaining illusions or delusions will not proceed in a massive confirming manner that favors any one of them, or suddenly catapults them into the position of advantage. Their fear motivation and rhetoric, in the mean time, temporarily assists Armstrongish leaders in living a lifestyle beyond their normal capabilities, just as they watched it do in the life of one Herbert W. Armstrong. It also causes their followers to readily accept this brand of cruel and irrational authority into their lives, permitting micro-supervision, artificial impoverishment, and a counterintuitive (spiritual guidance is supposed to enhance one's existence) decline in overall quality of life.

We speak of embarrassment. The reality is, they have lost their capacity for such an emotion. One of the problems is that what most rational people recognize as profound failures are not acknowledged as such by these groups, and there is no embarrassment or, more importantly, any apology. They keep the deceptively gotten money, the social status, and the authority, all the while counting on the fact that most of their people will not learn. Such a pity.


Anonymous said...

Having learned so much more since leaving Armstrongism about, not just the bible, but also about all the rest of the texts that weren't selected to be in the canon, 151 Jewish texts, 144 Christian/Gnostic texts, Jewish philosophy, Jewish "heretical" movements, Christian "heretical" movements, as well as some of the other religions of the ancient world that seem to have arisen in exactly the same way as Christianity did (syncretistic fusions of other religions), except instead of the "local" religion involved being Judaism, it was a different "local" religion, you start to realize how everything that goes on in Christian "orthodoxy" today and in the COG movement are things that were happening all over the ancient western world (Roman empire) 2000 years ago.

Christian "orthodoxy" was just one movement among many, but became the "standard" view, not because it was any more "correct" or "true" than any other movement's opinion (which were labeled "heretical" by the "orthodox" movement). The "orthodox" movement 2000 years ago borrowed elements from Judaic apocalypticism, Christian gnosticism, Jewish philosophy, Hellenistic philosophy and much more. So did the Adventist movement only 150 years ago.

The quote attributed to Seneca, "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful," is as applicable today as when it was first written.

Adventism has a heavy apocalyptic bent, and it's that apocalypticism that HWA found so "useful," and that now many splinter leaders find so useful. Such apocalypticism also employs an element from gnosticism, specifically the idea that special knowledge (in this case, lost for 1900 years before being re-revealed) is necessary to be accounted "worthy."

All the elements necessary to make HWA's and now Dave Pack's cult function are elements that were being employed 2000 years ago, not just in Christianity, not just in Judaism, but in Greek cults, Persian cults, Babylonian cults, Egyptian cults, Thracian cults, and across dozens of other mystery cults across the Roman empire which all bear similarities to the COG mystery cults.

Dave Pack's cult is just as man-made as HWA's cult, which is just as man-made as the Jesus cult. There is almost nothing original about any of them. As much as anything else, what makes them seem believable is stark ignorance about how unoriginal they are. They are just as man-made as any other mystery cult that has ever existed.

Black Ops Mikey said...


Davey Pack isn't going to watch the Dr. Who season premier tonight??!!!???

It is certainly more believable than what the RCG teaches!

Black Ops Mikey said...

Will David C. Pack be an Epic FAILURE?

They are all failures.

Every last one of them.

It's all insane rubbish.

We've already proved them all dead wrong.

But still...

They lie to you,
and then they take your money.

old EXPCG hag said...

Sometimes it appears as if David Epic FAILURE Pack is copying Gerald Epic FAILURE Flurry. Has anyone else noticed this? It's like instead of "keeping up with the Joneses, it's "keeping up with the Epic-Failures!"

EX-PCG & RCG said...

Anonymous old EXPCG hag said...
Sometimes it appears as if David Epic FAILURE Pack is copying Gerald Epic FAILURE Flurry. Has anyone else noticed this? It's like instead of "keeping up with the Joneses, it's "keeping up with the Epic-Failures!"

August 24, 2014 at 7:36 AM

Yes, I have. Unfortunately, I wasted several years of my life in both of these groups. After being with Flurry it was pretty easy to see-through Pack.

He never knows when to shut-up. This is a sure sign of a foolish man.

It's hard to believe how gullible people are to stay with these 2 ass clowns.

Anonymous said...

Here we are a year later and it's awfully quiet in Wadsworth, even the poop smell has died down a bit (maybe the wind just changed direction).
Hardly a peep from the 21st Century Apostle as we approach the Fall Holy Days... The latest World to Come program is just rehash from
a holy land trip a few years ago- nothing new since the moveout from the old HQ. I guess Packman is waiting for the studio to be completed
in the glorious new Media Center.

I still can't stop laughing over the fact that Packman devoted two World to Come programs to blast Harold Camping, only to slip in his own
pile of sheet...

Who bears the Atomic Wedgie now???


Anonymous said...

I bet there won't be any crooked bookcases in Apostle Pack's magnificent new studio...