Monday, August 4, 2014

The Broadway To Armageddon Book Now Online

The Painful Truth web site has the link to the book 
Broadway to Armageddon by William Henson online.

A review on the Living Armstrongism blog has this to say:

I found Mr. Hinson's book very difficult reading as it most vividly describes the monstrous abyss of tyrannical Armstrongism and how it quite literally destroys people.

The author himself tragically lost his own son to Herbert W. Armstrong's anti-medicine superstition. (An idea Herbert W. Armstrong stole from the 1921-1952 Jehovah's Witnesses.)

The book is to a large extent a collection of letters, personal testimonies, and recollections made by WCG ministers and members crying out for reform within HWA's WCG, pointing out the many terrible shortcomings within WCG (largely due the authoritarian manner in which HWA lorded over it) and how they were cast out of the vicious cult as HWA and his cronies proceeded to destroy any attempt at reform to secure their power over the eternally abused flock.

It provides an important account from the those who strived to correct injustices within WCG before the mass defections of 1974. It certainly is well worth reading. 

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Connie Schmidt said...

Whatever became of Hinson? Did he stay religious, stay a Sabbatarian. How did his career go? Would be interesting to know "The Rest Of The Story".

James said...

Correction. The Painful Truth now has a LINK to Broadway To Armageddon.

Whoever has put this online has provided a valuable service. Look for the links provided to read other books related to armstrongism at the bottom of the page.

RSK said...

Beware fools. You mock God's servants. Keep whining about your time in God's true Church all the way to the lake of fire!!

(no, not really, just beating the lurkers to it)

Byker Bob said...

Is there any way of obtaining this without joining scribd or downloading their ap?