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King Gerald Flurry: "As Their King" God is Going to Give Me the Stone of Scone to Keep Safe in Petra...and Maybe Prince Charles Too...or Prince Andrew...or Prince George

The lunacy of Gerald Flurry just sinks further into the rabbit hole every day.  Thanks to Redfox712 for pointing out that Gerald Flurry is planning on having the Stone of Scone with him in Petra.  I guess when his god builds the satellite TV stations, installs electricity pants and gets the internet up and running, it will also build a memorial to house the Stone of Scone so that Flurry can preserve it so Jesus can come back to it.  Apparently Flurry still believes the myths of Armstrongism that this stone is necessary for Jesus to come back and stand on to be proclaimed savior of the world.

That throne of David is in Britain today. For millennia, the kings and queens who have been crowned on that throne have done so over Jacob’s pillar stone, also called “the stone of destiny.”

How could that throne be established in the context of Isaiah 16? Only the stone of destiny could firmly establish the throne of David!

Is Isaiah 16 telling us that God will somehow give us that stone when God’s people go to the place of safety? After all, we are going to be sharing that throne with Christ in a matter of just a few years!

The stone of destiny is really the symbol of David’s throne—not the chair that sits in Westminster Abbey. That chair was constructed by men rather recently—but the stone has been around for millennia! It goes all the way back to Jacob! It was at one time called God’s house—where God dwelled! Where will that stone be during the Tribulation? Again, Ephraim is going to lose it, according to Hosea 3:4.

Where will that rock be? Will God give it to the Gentiles? I don’t believe for a minute that He would. He didn’t give it to the Gentiles when Judah was taken captive. Jeremiah was in a prison in Jerusalem—and yet somehow he ended up with the stone, and he eventually took it with him to Ireland!

Wouldn’t God want us to save that marvelous stone of destiny, or to gain possession of it? I can’t see this verse as anything but a strong statement about where that rock will be. 

God says THE throne will be ESTABLISHED—and it’s in the context of a tabernacle, or temporary dwelling. The word “established” comes from the Hebrew word kuwn, which is used 25 times in Scripture to refer to the establishment of a dynasty. In this passage, it must be talking about the Davidic dynasty! God said there would never lack a man to sit on that throne—and here He says the throne will be established in a temporary, Tribulation setting, with God’s loyal people dwelling in a rocky fortress!

We must have faith to believe what the Bible says! This is an exciting prophecy!
Right now, the pieces seem to be falling into place for us to assist in uncovering the very place where David’s throne was, and where Christ will sit on His throne. Do you suppose God might also get us involved with that stone? Does it seem illogical that God would use His people, who have the key of David and are about to sit on the throne of David, to get that stone, which is a symbol of that throne and of Christ? Certainly not to me. The Key of David  pg. 78-79
Is this part of the reason Flurry wants to buy property in England to start what he thinks is a "college?"  If they are land owners in England it is a short jaunt up to Scotland to take possession of the Stone of Scone and haul it off to Petra where they will place it beside HWA's prayer rock that will also be hauled over from Edmond.

Then Flurry goes on to get any crazier in his beliefs about that stone. He claims that there may even be a member of the Royal Family of England with him in Petra.

Who will sit on that throne at the time described in Isaiah 16? I don’t know—but I do know that someone will be on it, and it will be established—and it appears to be there in the Middle East during a terrible time on Earth.

At the time of Jeremiah, he had with him a queen from the royal family to sit on that throne. Maybe there will be a member of the royal family with us in the place of safety.  However, considering Isaiah 16:5 says he will be “seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness,” that doesn’t seem likely.

There is much here we don’t know, but the context seems to imply that the “he” who “shall sit upon” that throne is a man from this Church.

As I point out in Who Is “That Prophet”?, Micah 2:13 refers to the office Christ has given me as that of “their king.” That couldn’t be referring to Christ, because the same verse separately mentions “the Lord.” The word king in that verse means the leader, or one in charge—but the word king is appropriate. 

In Micah 4:8-9, God asks the Laodiceans, “[I]s there no king in thee?” They don’t have a king. (You can also read about these verses in our free booklet Micah—God’s People Rise Up as His Enemy.)

These scriptures are talking about a man who leads a breakaway from a rebellious church! It’s end-time prophecy in your Bible!

Like Herbert Armstrong, Flurry claims he has "kingly blood" running through his veins.  It makes no difference that he blood line originated in a trailer park in 1935 because only a REAL leader in Armstrongism can have his bloodline go back through HWA and David to Jesus.

It did, however, come from Herbert W. Arm strong during his more than 50 years in the ministry. And since Mr. Armstrong died in 1986, God has given me the responsibility of continuing in that same law He established through Mr. Armstrong.

Some of you might remember how surprised Mr. Armstrong was to find that the ancestry on one side of his family could be traced back to King David. I too was shocked to discover this fact concerning my own lineage, also on one side of my family. Is there a reason why Mr. Armstrong and I both can follow our roots back to David’s kingly line—to the tribe of Judah? Does it have anything to do with this “law giver” coming from Judah’s feet—or Judah’s descendants—in the last days, “until Shiloh [Jesus Christ] come”?

Mr. Armstrong had to establish God’s law and government. He was the Elijah who restored all things just before Christ’s return. I have continued the same law and government that he taught. No other church can truthfully make that claim!


Connie Schmidt said...

Are you sure Gerald did not mean "STONED DESTINY"??

Connie Schmidt said...

This descended from David stuff is all rather silly genetics. Anyone and EVERYONE who is of British/Irish descent has at least some British "royal blood".

It is a virtual certainty in fact that everyone who has an European ancestry has a common ancestor with EVERYONE within the last 1000 years.

In fact, statistically, you have on average, at least 6 ancestors who were royalty. It is all simply a matter of math, and realizing that there are 60 generations going back for the crown. Two to the 60th power is a lot of ancestors!

Anonymous said...

"After all, we are going to be sharing that throne with Christ in a matter of just a few years!"

Mr. Flurry. Pack, Weinland,and Thiel will definitely not be sharing a throne with anyone. They will be fighting amongst themselves who get to sit on it. In a mad dash to the throne they will all crash into the throne and break it.

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me on how these men leading the splinter groups get dumber and crazier every year.

Byker Bob said...

There was a time, even after I left WCG, when I would read a story in the paper about the crazy activities of some whacked out religious nutcase, and I would say to myself, "Well at least all of our peculiar beliefs made some sort of sense." This, even though I had often found it appropriate to listen to Dylan's surreal "Desolation Row" on the car stereo as we drove from San Gabriel to the Pasadena gym for sabbath services. I applied the lyrics to the interaction between what was going on in church, and world events that seemed to be unfolding, and couldn't get enough of Charlie McCoy's guitar fills. As the GTA scandal came into play, the line "Casanova is being punished down on Desolation Row" seemed somehow prophetic and significant.

Since sometime in the 1990s, you can't say that the stuff makes sense, any more. These latest statements from Flurry are as bad as any of the ridiculous full page ads that the people who have gone off the deep end regularly take out in the Journal. When it gets right down to it, Buffalo Bill Hawkins makes just as much sense as Flurry, Pack, or Weinland. It's no longer an honest mistake or slight inaccuracy to classify Armstrongites as Jews, Seventh Day Adventists, or Jehovah's Witnesses. The ACOGs have already fled to their "place of safety", the Twilight Zone.

Personally, I'm still tuned in to Dylan, though he is now in his 70s, listening to his latest CDs, and occasionally getting out and playing my old vinyl copy of "Desolation Row". How roles so often get turned around! It was I who was thought by Armstrongites to be the whack job for liking Bob Dylan music back in the day.


Redfox712 said...

Thanks No2HWA. Glad you found that useful.

I was pretty amazed reading that myself actually.

Actually Flurry's comments regarding the Stone of Destiny in Chapter 6 and 7 are quite bizarre. Like look at these, and Gerald Flurry is talking about the Stone of Destiny in Britain.

"The whole world is going to have to come to understand what this stone is all about! It really does have to do with surviving as a nation or as a Church or as an individual. That stone ought to give you a special relationship with God. It isn’t today in Israel like it should, but it certainly should and it could." (Chapter 6, p. 62.)

The Stone of Destiny in Britain will give you a special relationship with God, Flurry says. How is this not idolatry?

How is it that PCG members do not think words like these are strange?

I am well aware of how things like that can occur but it is still amazing to witness such things.

Also it is worth quoting Silenced on this issue.

"Proponents also claim the Stone of Scone, or the Scottish coronation stone, is Jacob’s Pillar, an ancient Israelite relic. But this also makes no sense: “Despite the claims of British Israelism that the Stone of Scone or Stone of Destiny was Jacob’s pillar, the stone did not originate in Palestine at all, nor is the Stone of Scone the Lia-Fail of Ireland. It is just a piece of sandstone from Scotland.” (Nettlehorst)"

So it's all nonsense that the Stone of Destiny is Jacob's pillar. It's not. It's not going to give anyone a special relationship with God. It's not even from the Middle East.

Gerald Flurry is wrong. Totally wrong.

Anonymous said...

The Wanderer


With your experiences with do you feel about COGWA? Is this group the same?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that river-dancing, Guiness-drunk old fool doesn't mean Lia Fáil and not the Stone of Scone when he says "Stone of Destiny." But inconsistency is the hallmark of the religious mind, and on a whim, cherry-picked legends are transformed into truths.

To add to Redfox's comment, Wikipedia says of the Stone of Scone, "The stone taken by Edward I of England to Westminster has been proven by geologists to be a 'lower Old Red Sandstone' quarried in the vicinity of Scone. This account has, of course, limited its history to that land."

But even if that were not so, even if it were the very stone that a man long ago in the middle east put his head on...SO? And even if every far-fetched tale in the bible were the veridical truth, where does the bible say that Jacob was even a demi-god instead of just an ordinary fellow, or that this stone was ever imbued with any sort of magical powers? Idolatry indeed.

What's the difference between COG beliefs, mainstream Christian beliefs, and occult beliefs? They all make the same sorts of leaps over logic, over the probabilities, make legends into facts, and contribute to expectations of all kinds of superstitious nonsense. It's all 100% esoteric mysticism.

DennisCDiehl said...

King Flurry noted:

"I too was shocked to discover this fact concerning my own lineage, also on one side of my family. Is there a reason why Mr. Armstrong and I both can follow our roots back to David’s kingly line—to the tribe of Judah?"

First of all, NO, there is no reason for this.

Secondly, I had my DNA mapped by National Geographic Genome project and traced my ancestory back 100,000 years to East Africa along with my specific journey through Yemen, Iran, Iraq, the Himilayans into the Russian steps and left into Europe 35,000 years ago.

Your real ancestors trump Adam/Eve-David and Jesus

It's in your spit Gerald....

Black Ops Mikey said...

With your experiences with do you feel about COGWA? Is this group the same?

The CoGWA (Cult of Gall, Worst Asswipes) is a knockoff of United (to the point of true weirdness) and the UCG is a knockoff of the WCG.

The all teach the absolute garbage of British Israelism, make wild prophecies which never came true and never will, support an insulting bogus church history, demand tithes (which are not at all covered by the 'New Covenant' and create an only slightly less anti social dysfunctional society than Davey Pack and Gerald Flurry. Their expensive corporate center 'feast' sites are centered on boozing and schmoozing under the pretense of being godly. If Jesus were to attend he'd quickly be ejected. They don't much like the message of redemption because what use does a secular corporation have for redemption, unless it's about redeeming checks for processing. They do not and never have had your best interests at heart.

They flat out lie. And then they take your money. Just like the other Armstrongists. They have absolutely positively no integrity whatsoever.

You can't trust any of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia, no matter what gloss they've applied to the veneer: They are like a toxic dump site covered with fresh snowfall where it looks all clean and white.

Just watch where you step.

Or better yet, avoid the recycled garbage entirely.

Byker Bob said...

Anonymous 11:34 inquired about COGWA. Basically, the answer to two questions tells the tale: 1) Is COGWA a derivative of Armstrongism? 2). Do they still teach falsehoods such as British Israelism?

This material about this stone is pretty much standard fare for all of the Armstrong groups, because it is part and parcel of the junk theology allegedly supporting British Israelism. The difference in Flurry's case is that he has totally co-opted it, personalizing it using his own ethnicity, and actually prophesying that PCG will be the guardian for the stone. While all of the splinters have painted themselves as the gatekeepers to the place of safety, and ultimately to the kingdom, Flurry has been especially heavy handed in imposing his fantasies upon his followers.

Over the past several decades, geologists, historians, linguists, geneticists, archaeologists, and anthropologists have weighed in on many of the theories which Herbert W. Armstrong infused into his teachings. With all of this corrective knowledge from the scientific community which members of the splinter groups could have on these topics, many of us here cannot understand why they continue to believe debunked theories, and to base their lives upon them. They are not unlike flat earthers or young earth creationists.

If you are looking for truth, it will not be found amongst any group from the Armstrong movement. They are all based on a false foundation, theories, speculation, and error.


Anonymous said...

Dollars to donuts some overzealous idiot is going to try to steal that stone for King Gerry. Won't that make a lovely headline?

There was a Highlander TV show episode about the stone. It ended up in a park with two old ladies sitting on it.

RSK said...

HWA claimed that the Stone of Scone was the same as the Lia Fail (stone of destiny). I'd presume he got that from some old source or another, though I don't know exactly where. (His claim that it is "sandstone" and "(sandstone) is abundant around the Dead Sea" may be out of date, as simply identifying a basic stone type does not a quarry location make.

Geologists have classed the Stone of Scone as identifiably Scottish sandstone from the Scone quarries, its not from Palestine or Ireland. The Lia Fail is sometimes identified with a monolith on the Hill of Tara instead. (

Bear in mind that to make the connection at all, HWA had to admittedly "throw out what is obviously legendary" to allow any of his "master key" to fit. The Lia Fail would roar, functioned as a sort of fountain of youth, etc.

old EXPCG hag said...

This is ridiculous how he and HWA claim their ancestry goes back (at least through one parent, and by the way Gerald...did you know Brian Davis is also claiming the exact same thing?)to Judah. So What! Like Connie implied, their are lots of people that can probably make that claim.
For instance ME. My father's side Windom, Windham, Wyndham, Wymondham traces back to Wymondham England and Ralph de Wymondham is suppose to be my 33 grandfather back which also just happens to be Prince Charles and Princess Diana's lineage too! I haven't traced it back any further yet, but could end up in Judah's lineage, after all me and my brothers and sisters all looked like a bunch of Jews growing up, ha! We grew up around a bunch of Nazi blonds and had eggs thrown at our house. This is all claiming to be a Jew leads to. lol

Byker Bob said...

Yes, back in the glory days, what did all upstanding families need to find in their background???

1). You had to find a Jew somewhere in your ancestry.

2). You had to be able to trace your heritage to someone in the British Royal Family!

We found our Jew, and we had our member of the royal family, so our family was good to go,

Nobody, and I mean nobody told us that the British Royal Family is not Anglo Saxon! Read the history and weep, kiddie kiddies! The British Royals are in actuality (John Bonham style drum roll!) German! That's right, those guys that HWA branded as Assyrian! So, if you can trace your ancestry to someone in the British Royal Family, you've got Assyrian genes????

And, of course now that genetics have disproven British Israelism, how do we retain this all important "understanding" for the end times? Why, how else???
With a conspiracy theory! We postulate that the Jews of today are not really the Jews, because the "real" Jews would be sharing our key Anglo Saxon haplotypes! As the theory goes, sometime around 70 AD the Ashkenazic Jews suddenly appeared and supplanted the "real" ones!

It just doesn't get any dumber than this, folks. It's even worse than Hislop and Velikovsky!


old EXPCG hag said...

"The Queen is dying!"

Time for Jeremiah 13:18 yet??

Anonymous said...

No, not really, Hag, because Jeremiah 13:19 already happened over two thousand years ago. Down with Armstrongism and fake "dualism". The only "dualism" they possessed was their own two-facedness.

old EXPCG hag said...

Anonymous said...

No, not really, Hag, because Jeremiah 13:19 already happened over two thousand years ago. Down with Armstrongism and fake "dualism". The only "dualism" they possessed was their own two-facedness.

August 21, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Thanks for your output mystery person, and that's "hag" to you!