Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ron Weinland: My Next Post To You Depends On Whether You Pray Enough For Me To Write It

The narcissistic mentality of Ronnie Wienland comes through in the following quote from his latest letter to his members.  He feels his messages are the most earth shattering thing of importance that has ever been.  His message is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO important that if his members do not pray enough over the next couple of weeks he may not write it out for them.  Even the words he will write are dependent upon the earnest prayers from his dwindling membership.  The bigger and better the prayers the better the message.

The fact that any of his members sit there and put up with this nonsense is beyond reason.  It has always been the members fault for everything in Armstrongism.  Look at the hundreds and hundreds of letters and articles that Herbert Armstrong penned threatening the membership with their salvation because of one reason or another.  Every crisis in the COG was the members fault, not the asshat ministry and leaders fault.

The next post for me, personally, is another exciting one to be (possibly) written, as it is to be direct, candid, corrective in nature, highly revealing for use as a powerful mirror, and for the deeper, far greater change and final refining transformation it can potentially produce. However, whether or not it is written, and to the depth and magnitude its impact can potentially have upon us, is dependent upon each of you in the Church. God is clearly showing me that whether or not it is even written, as well as its very content and depth of strength and revelation that it can potentially contain, is fully dependent upon each person’s petitions (prayers) that reveal such desire to receive what God can give to us. So my parting admonition and encouragement to you is that you pray for this next post in a zealous, fervent, and highly desirous manner.

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Anonymous said...

*Everybody hopes he doesn't write it, so they don't pray on purpose*

*Writes it anyway and thanks everyone for their prayers*