Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Get Ready For Rampaging Minorities Killing White People

The false prophet and Chief Pharisee of Armstrongism is painting a dire picture of the soon coming destruction of the U.S. and Britain.  A lot of this destruction will come from rampaging immigrants out to kill white people.  In Armstrongite mythology this will be blacks and Mexicans with a few Muslims thrown in the mix. This is typical Armstrongist bullshit that comes from the racist beliefs fostered off in the discredited and illogical cult belief of British Israelism.

America and Britain

The next point is that those killed by the sword need not all die instantaneously at the same time.  There may well be nuclear strikes on key sites and bases, but very large numbers will be killed in internal conflicts.  

Today in America and Britain almost half of their populations are made up of large minority groups.

Remember the race riots of the 60’s and factor into that equation; drought, mass famine, thirst in various areas, hunger and disease in the starving population.; causing people to struggle for the available resources.  Not a pretty site as great riots will erupt with the have not’s seeking to take what little the haves have.  Very many will die in these internal battles and such riot’s will increase as the necessities get more and more scarce over 3 1/2 years. 

Not just nuclear strikes but the collapse of the economic system will prevent the import of needed fuel and food during extreme drought conditions.  Many will rise up to try and take for themselves as governments fail to cope, making the situation even worse.  Then in the extremity the governments will have to shoot looters on sight.  

These riots will further disrupt any remaining distribution centers and overwhelm medical facilities, which will already be overwhelmed by a weak population being afflicted with many diseases. 

A starving population will be afflicted by diseases such as influenza, or one of the more modern diseases, possibly mutated by a few nuclear explosions would bring on mass epidemics, and depleted medical facilities will not be able to cope;  hence massive deaths from disease and pestilence. 

Pestilence is the crop eating insects and rodents eat the remaining crops in the fields and will enter the storage bins and eat up much of the stored  grain while spreading disease as well. 

The rampaging Germans/Muslims or whoever the latest boogeyman is will demand that all US citizens turn over their food.

The greatest suffering of all is often the victor demanding spoil from the defeated. Suppose the victor demands large amounts of food and other things, looting the defeated; or face more attacks?  

Malm's god has also be restraining huge earthquakes and volcanoes in California and the West.

Along with these things God has been restraining massive earthquakes on the West Cost and in other areas.  When that restraint is removed the already long expected Big One will probably come and major earthquakes could also come in the Easy central region.  The danger of an eruption of the Yellowstone system which could devastate as much as 20% of the United States is very very great.  

An eruption of the Yellowstone volcano could affect three quarters of the US. The greatest danger would be within 600 miles of the blast where 90 per cent of people could be killed. Large numbers of people would die across the country after inhaling volcanic ash. Inhaled ash forms a cement-like mixture in human lungs.  Some articles on the Yellowstone volcano.

I cant imagine a life that is filled with this bulllshit on a daily basis.  These kind of miscreants find no joy in life or the creation around them.  It's death and damnation that excite them. Its no wonder that the 700+ splinter personality cults are dieing internally.  When this is the crap that members have to listen to day in and day it what hope is there left in the church?

Lest you think this is isolated with James Malm and his little splinter personality cult, it is also believed by UCG, LCG, PCG, RCG and a myriad of other personality cults of Armstrongism.

You can read Malm's silliness here:  The Great Tribulation: What it Will be Like: Part 2


Anonymous said...

I know it's not a main point of emphasis, but if Yellow Stone were to erupt again the entire world be in trouble. I'm not entirely sure why he wants to sic God on the world but Malm has never struck me as healthy or sane. The vibe I get is that the rest of us are doing everything wrong and he can't wait for us to pay.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Not a pretty site

That was my opinion when I saw Malm's site.

The United States is not a lost tribe of Israel, so the whole thing is a bizarre fantasy.

James said...

In the history of the world there has been several die-offs. It is what nature does. Kills.

If or when there is an economic collapse, sure there will be riots but that too shall pass. The nature of man never changes. All one needs to do is to have a grasp of the past to understand human nature. This will give you a behavioral model to work with.

Everything has an end. Understand what you have to do to live and thrive in such times would be a more apt reply to ones tithe debt slaves.

As to the ACOG's, they will collapse when the SHTF moment comes upon the USA or the world. Its over for their happy ass because the gates of hell have already overcome them. Self survival is more important than feeding a bunch of tithe farmers! They are in themselves, self defeating morons.

By the way, Malm should have mention Fukushima and how the oceans are being poisoned by radioactive material spewing into the ocean. He could have thrown a scripture in there from Revelations. You know, the 3rd that dies off...Perhaps Weinland would be more clever.

Maybe not. Ronnie is piss poor on tax laws but that is another story Mike can tell over at "flavoraid".

Byker Bob said...

Every time I read trash like this, I laugh at the sheer idiocy and impotence of the people who believe it, teach it, and revel in it. I'd like to say to them, "This crap was supposed to have wrecked my life by the time I reached the age of 27!" As a matter of fact, that is precisely when it lost its scare motivational value, because nothing happened as or when they insisted it would. Haven't they, too, watched the entire movement which they based this on self destruct?

Didn't Shakespeare, Nimrod, or Pegassus say that heroes taste of death but once, but cowards die a thousand times? Malm apparently has not quite used up his thousand just yet, , so spreads them around for others to "enjoy."

Redfox712 said...

I would like to state here that Joel Hilliker of PCG also indulges in similar nuttiness. I remember when there was a bit of discussion after a certain African American (one man) was exposed as preaching vile hate speech against white people. Just one man. And Joel Hilliker wrote an article all about it.

Never mind that there is an entire sub-culture of white racists like the Ku Klux Klan and various Neo-Nazis who comprise thousands of members and sympathizers and some of them actually have murdered people they regarded as somehow of less value then themselves. But one African American says stupid racist things and Hilliker writes an article all about it saying that some sort of "race war" is coming.


Here are some of the more "enlightening" bits.

"the inevitability of devastating racial violence engulfing the nation..."

And because this racist man happened to be an employee of the Department of Homeland Security Hilliker indulges in fear mongering against the US government.

"Why would such an individual even seek out a job in Homeland Security? What is his real intent?

"And why would DHS employ someone who thinks this way, and pretend like such incitement is acceptable? ... Or is there something more sinister at play?"

I know of one thing of more sinister at play: PCG is trying to get three tithes and extra offerings from people tricked into thinking that PCG has something of value for them, partly by sowing fear and hatred of racial minorities with article like that.

It is really disgusting how so many of the so-called leaders within the COGs are so narrow minded and bigoted.

Anonymous said...

One of the four reasons why Richard Carrier does not believe in god is that if there were a god, we would all know it, and not only that, we would all know what he wanted us to know. I think this is a salient observation.

If claims that humans can solipsistically receive actual data from actual supernatural beings (instead of it being merely pseudodata made up in their own heads) were true, then from the earliest of times, shamans, priests, soothsayers, oracles, prophets, etc., in all times, places, and cultures would all have been "receiving" the same convergent storyline: "Yes, there's this being out there, his name is đť’™ and he wants us to know đť’š. What we see, of course, is the opposite, that is, instead of converging, the messages, purportedly from beyond, are divergent. I've seen people trying to put together complicated inductive arguments that in fact what we see in the world is, in fact, convergence. Can reasoning get any more "motivated" than that? The sun rises in the east. Religions are divergent. These are two observations any teenager could make.

Malm's central message, which, whatever specific thing he may be writing about, he's always trying to communicate, is that there's this god, his name is Yahweh and he expects us to know above and beyond all other things, a few extremely specific ways of interpreting a few biblical passages about sabbath observance, calendar observance, food laws, wearing of crosses, make up, blah blah blah, and moreover, this Yahweh is PISSED to high heaven that you don't seem to "know" these things.

In the midst of so much "noise" (religious divergence and confusion) does Malm's Yahweh, with such a weak "signal," and such a lackluster messenger (the only thing in common with all gods in all times, places, and cultures is that they can't seem to speak for themselves), have any right to be pissed? Is Malm's god trying to hide his "truth" under a bushel? Because if Malm is right, and Malm is the only one he gave it to, then yes, he most certainly is. In fact, one could make a similar argument about HWA and HWA's god.

So if everything Malm says is true, then the Yahweh he preaches has no right to be upset at anyone, except, perhaps, himself. And if he really is about to show up and make everyone else pay for his own incompetence, then so be it. It doesn't move me one iota because this isn't a god that's worthy of worship, and I'd rather spend eternity as far away from this middle eastern despotic deity as possible. He kinda reminds me of Saddam Hussein.

Anonymous said...

"...this Yahweh is PISSED to high heaven that you don't seem to "know" these things".

More than that, James Malm seems to be angry and sullen that we don't follow HIM. By his reckoning he has a special understanding that we are foolish to ignore (and support financially since he is lighting the way). Never mind that his message comes almost elusively through his little crappy blog filled with typos and misspellings- complete with condescending tone and a killjoy attitude that just oozes depression.

old EXPCG hag said...

I still haven't gotten my Obama phone!

Anonymous said...

old EXPCG: you don't want one of those phones that spy on you. It's a giveaway that it makes noise when you walk into the room you left it in.

Byker Bob said...

I happened to be thinking about the psychological implications of thisq in the car on the freeway today. This so called prophecy is just another way of subliminally fomenting racism.

What if you are repeatedly told by your guru that sometime in the future, certain minorities may beat, rape, or kill you?

How does that make you view these folks in real time, today? It sure doesn't make you see them as just fellow human beings. If you believe this crap, In your mind, they become the enemy.


old EXPCG hag said...

I still haven't gotten my insurance or Obama phone I never wanted in the first place.

OR child support the >Philadelphia Church of god< kept me from getting. And that wasn't Obama's fault...completely.