Friday, September 19, 2014

Restored Church of God Recruiting Methods

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Byker Bob said...

The problem is, some people didn't pass through this stuff. Some adopted it as their permanent sense of culture. I am certain that just as a fan of Arthur Lee and Love might have later gotten into the Grateful Dead, and later into Phish, the majority of the people who initially lined up behind Dave Pack and the RCG were attempting to preserve what they saw as their religious culture, started by HWA. However, culture always changes and morphs. Some call this growth or evolution. There is no going back.

Those who believe that their particular predominant culture will last through their entire lifespan should take a lesson from what they see happening around them. The pre-teen, sitting in the diner with his aunt, admiring the greasy hotrodder ducktailers, big cigarettes dangling from their mouths, and their bouffant hairstyle coiffed girlfriends of the late 1950s discovers that when he comes of age, everyone has gone hippie, is now wearing Levis with the holes patched with portions of the American flag, has forgotten about baths, is protesting, and is driving around in gutless VW vans. But, that's OK. Because ten years later, the marijuana-fueled underground radio, and long hair and alternative lifestyles have bitten the dust, and a new GQ look has emerged in response to a new president, and the new trend is "Yuppies". Truth is, eventually the rug gets yanked out from under all of us!

When expectations have not been met, when things did not work out as anticipated, and when the proverbial rug has been yanked out from under a group of people who are still wanting and filled with angst, there will always be a nostalgia factor, one in which some will attempt to re-create what they feel had been cut off prematurely, and lost before it had a chance to come to full fruition. That is what the
ACOG splinters are all about! They are at this point an impotent nostalgia movement, for entertainment only, like wistfully watching Fonzie in the early 1970s. Without the deep longing for what might have been, and what is perceived as lost, there would be no splinters. Like all other cultures, classic Armstrongism, too, was fragile and transitory. It should have all ended in 1975!!! And again, two decades later, when the human genome was mapped!!!

The difference, of course, is that Fonzie did not use the late 1950s to crack the whip, to extort and impoverish, to brainwash, scare, and modify peoples' behavior. That people would be nostalgic for those things in their religious beliefs is indicative of a deep inner sickness!