Sunday, September 7, 2014

Why Do You Ignore God Telling You To Send Me Your Money When I Am Doing The Most Important Work In The World??????

There's one that about Armstrongism that all the splinter personalty cults have in common.  Its not doctrine, church government, or even prophecy predictions.  Those all are as varied as the hundreds of splinter personality cults.  The one thing they still all have in common is the lust for money.

Now the leader of the one and only true work of God on earth that restoring the truth to former members is now wanting you to send all of your money to him.  He can't work a real job because he feels he needs to write and do commentary on the Bible.  Therefore, he relies on handouts of the people that follow his malarkey.

Apostle James Malm writes:

It is regrettably necessary that I inform you that this past year has been very difficult in terms of income and that we are barely scraping by.  We are now in a very difficult situation; yet of course God will provide.   (i.e. you gullible sheep that will send me money)

Each one of our visitors has an opportunity to be a part of the only work, warning and turning the brethren back to God, restoring the truth that has been lost, revealing the new understanding promised to come in the last days, Dan 12; and expounding the prophecies and true sound doctrine of his Word.  In these historically critical times, you can be a part of this vital work of preparing the bride for her Husband.  Please use the Paypal on the sidebar or visit the Donations page.

As you prepare for the Feast, please think of this work and remember us in your prayers and with your financial support. As you see these things being fulfilled, please do seriously study the prophecy and doctrine and be zealous to learn and to keep the whole Word of God.

Lest you be like the miscreants in David Packs cult that refused to give him their savings account money, God will be watching you to see if you give Malm your money too.  If you do not send in money God will put some more black marks in your salvation records that will count against you on judgment day.
An acolyte writes:
I hope James lets this go on the reply. We should back the one that is doing Gods work for his people in these end times. I am sure that a lot of the ones that are studying on the TSL can support not only God but James also. We give to the COGs more then God asks for but we can’t seem give our True tithe to help God’s real work. God is watching. Thank you James for all you do and have to go through. We all know it is your love for God and his called out that you do this.


Anonymous said...

"We all know it is your love for God and his called out that you do this."

I wouldn't say we all know that Mr. acolyte. I would venture to guess that even a large portion of his readers know he is a religious nut who should just get a freaking job or cut back a little. But it's comforting to me that he upholds the fine Armstrong tradition of begging for more money.

Anonymous said...

Another thing they all have in common is a need to feel special. That they alone are "elected," "called," "chosen," "sealed," doing the REAL work, part of the TRUE church, in all the world only THIS handful of people understand the "secret" doctrines that nobody else knows, WE'RE the only ones that god could possibly like...

And then they'll wind up just as common and unspecial as everyone else. Death is the great equalizer.

Anonymous said...

My method of giving should solve this money problem. Mr. Malm could send money to Mr. Pack. Mr. Pack could send money to Mr. Thiel. Mr. Thiel could send money to Mr. Meredith. Mr. Meredith could send money to Mr. Malm. If each one did it often enough before the checks clear...

Byker Bob said...

Shoot. How could even the most sincerely deceived tell who amongst these vampires is the correct one to support financially? Answer: probably none!

Are there any leaders who know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are doing God's work, and therefore simply trust God to take care of the needs involved, and He actually does? You know, lillies of the field? Apparently not amongst the ACOGs.

The louder and more demanding they become, the greater the probability is that they are actually doing their own work. If it were God's work, they wouldn't need to even ask. He knows what He wants done, and makes sure the resources are there to do it.