Monday, October 6, 2014

Gerald Flurry Now On Tumblr: The Largest Purveyor of Porn on the Internet

Gerald Flurry thinks his message is soooooooooooooo important that he has now started hosting one of his sites on the Yahoo owned Tumblr.  While Tumblr is open to all kinds of sites it is one of the largest purveyors of porn out there today.

One of the most telling comments I've seen about Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr appeared on Reddit last night: "lol someone actually paid for porn on the internet," wrote Redditor nhztgb. Meaning, family-friendly Yahoo is acquiring a giant purveyor of porn in buying Tumblr. It's an open secret among the Tumblr community that a, uh, healthy proportion of the site's explosive growth since its birth in 2007 has been thanks to NSFW blogs. In fact, Tumblr has officially had a rather hands-off policy when it comes to porn.  Crain's New York Business
In fact, there’s so much porn on Tumblr that they can’t even list all the results for blogs that distinguish themselves for being “not porn.”

Suffice to say that no matter what your kink is, there’s a Tumblr for that. College girls, high school dudes, foot fetishes, yoga pants – Tumblr has the full spectrum of porn covered...

Because purveyors o’ porn are some of the best digital marketers in the world, and they were early adopters of message boards, email, groups, search, etc. You name it – porn was there and there early. They get there first and scale it until it stops working. Thus it totally makes sense that they would be the first to adopt and proliferate inside of social, blogging, social blogging or however you want to categorize Tumblr.

So while Yahoo! might not worry about their porn problem, they do have an issue to deal with.   How Bad Is Tumblr's Pron Problem?

I guess we could say that Flurry's brand of cult nonsenses is porn also, spiritual porn.

See Gerald's spiritual porn site on Tumblr here:  Gerald Flurry


James said...

So how did Gerald find out about Tumblr?

Anonymous said...

Why any church would want to maintain a presence on Tumblr is beyond me. Not a good venue. It's not like they're going to convert any Tumblrs. Might as well maintain interweb presences on Reddit, 4Chan, and Silk Road while they're at it. Maybe they could start accepting tithes and offerings in Bitcoin?

old EXPCG hag said...

Have I mentioned Brian Davis lately?
Ha, the last time I was disfellowshipped by Brian Davis of the PCG,...(but actually it was the first time as the other first time Brian Davis told me: "You're disfellowshipped. And don't tell anyone we had this conversation", but I did, and the church's attorney told me I was not disfellowshipped),...I was disfellowshipped by Brian Davis for posting on my mothers facebook page.

Right after I was disfellowshipped Gerald Flurry told everyone they could have a facebook page etc. ONLY because he wanted one for the church!

Isn't that special!

Anonymous said...

So, Gerry has gone from forbidding the interwebs to embracing the largest purveyor of porn on there?

NASCAR fans will now be toasting "Six Pack Gerald"!

Anonymous said...

How fitting. A religion invented by Herbert the Pervert is advertised on Tumblr, a purveyor of porn.

Allen C. Dexter said...

I've never had any experience with Tumblr and was only vaguely aware it existed. I hardly think this is a good investment on their part, but that doesn't make me sad. The more money they waste on non-productive outlets, the fewer people that might be hoodwinked.