Saturday, October 11, 2014

LCG and COGWA: The Churches of Non-Brotherly Love

Two of the COG's most loyal and faithful churches claim to be the final repository of all things correctly biblical and believe they alone are God's most beloved church organization in this dispensation, are showing to the rest of the COG's how much they are NOT brotherly in their deeds and actions.  Two different Church of God's are meeting in the same location in the Philippines. Then add to that mess a third non-COG group that is also meeting there for their version of the Feast of Tabernacles.   It couldn't get any more messy than this!

Both of these splinter personality cults are meeting in the Philippines in the SAME complex, but in different rooms.  They have been encouraging to NOT attend with the other group.

Most of the larger church groups, however, are continuing to observe the festival separately - even at the same venue - the Living Church of God and Church of God a Worldwide Association are both meeting at Teachers’ Camp, Baguio City, Philippines, but in different halls. Sharing Village, a Filipino church group, will also be observing the festival at Teachers’ Camp.
Armstrongism has proven its self over the decades to be one of the most spiteful churches out there.  The heathen non-COG Christian in the world pale at times to the silliness of Armstrongite thought and practices. 

Several other cities around the world will be hosting simultaneous COG Feast sites.  None of these will gather in fellowship or even picnic together because of their shared heritage.  Bitterness, intrigue and a false facade of superiority is the preferred route of presenting their public face.  When truth only resides in the particular group it would be spiritual damaging and dangerous to let members make up their own minds as to whom they fellowship with.


Byker Bob said...

There you go! I am of Apollos, I am of Barnabas, I am of Paul. Yet, they all share the same deep shibboleths.


Anonymous said...

Hey, folks!

What a great opportunity to bring about the Dave Pack-proclaimed miracle of everyone from the COGs getting together all of a sudden! At least they could start out by getting a couple of the groups . . . .

Oh, wait.

If any two – ANY two – groups got together for even a half hour . . . each group “LEADER” would insist – would DEMAND – that he be named leader of the potential larger group. They would split again, before they got started on being united, over which incompetent oughta be in charge.

And there’d be no endorsement – and probably some condemnation – from Pack-man because he wasn’t included. (What a surprise!)

Aw, and I got so excited!

Hey, Feastgoers! Why don’t you all GET A LIFE, go home, let your poor children have a normal school routine, and spend that money on something really helpful to this world! Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

And here I am at home taking care of 3 kids while my significant other is off to Wadsworth staying at a resort / tabernacle worshipping the only human being on the planet who is defineately put here by god just like the bible says according to the one, the only............ Daaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid C Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccccck,

Thanks Dave for fucking up my family

Anonymous said...

I'm sure James Malm is seeing this and is thinking about reviving his prediction of a LCG-COGWA merger. Surely the fact that some congregations are sharing a building must have a deep, larger implication.

Anonymous said...

Holy Spirit?

Holy Spirit?

Never seen any evidence....

old EXPCG hag said...

Yea all these orders of not talking to this group or that group are coming from the puffed up men over the church.
It's just like the leaders of the world that can't get along either.

VOTE FOR ME and we'll just all get along little doggy!

Allen C. Dexter said...

What a waste. All that money and time could be put to so much better use. My rear end still aches when I think of all those hours spent sitting on hard seats listening to the same old bullshit hour after hour while being convinced it was all pleasing to gawd and secured me my place in that wonderful kingdom where I could spend eternity bossing defenseless people around and being that "voice behind them" if they dared have a contrary thought. The "Reich of Tomorrow" was just as illusory as the thousand year reich the Germans bought into. Both were to be a thousand years of utopia and bliss -- fascist style.

Anonymous said...

UCG and LCG members, families and friends quietly and frequently get together at several sites without fanfare. E.g., At the Alaska UCG/LCG site in Anchorage a couple of years ago, both churches had a joint day-long sight-seeing Alaskan train ride to the Mt. Denali area. UCG hosts LCG families at the Winter Family Weekend and other activities. The fact that members and families get together is a non-event.

Byker Bob said...

Yes, it is a waste. I'm so glad that I got out when I did, just in time to spend my money on hotrods, motorcycles, girl friends and wives, Led Zeppelin, the Lynyrd Skynyrd Band, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Those things were much more positive and beneficial than giving someone thousands of dollars to falsely teach that the Germans were coming in '72, and Jesus in '75! It boggles the mind that there could even be any HWA-followers for a 2014 Feast of Tabernacles.


Corky said...

Nobody even suspects that Herbie and Loma coldbloodedly made every bit of that wcg religion up by plagiarizing other crazy ideas from other crazy preachers before them.

Just a conglomerate of religious ideas all squished together. Plagiarizing that British/Israel theory was what got Armstrongism off the ground and made it different from all the other silly little cults springing up during the great depression.

Of course, all American Christians thought that, surely, the United States didn't get ignored in the big black book of magic interpretations. National pride, doncha know. So, all the "tea party" type people ate that crap up. Just like the same type of people fall for all the crazy "tea party" memes today.

Anonymous said...

COGWA pretty much believes they are the only true COG and no other exists.