Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Guru Eric King: NATO Is Heeding My Message and We Are Here To Help With The Ebola Crisis

“If humans were to be given an extending realm of peace they must collectively accept the reality of their condition and the current fallen state of their planet. They must admit their need for help. I have been given this message that humans could have a great age of peace and harmony but only if they collectively accept the SEVENTH MESSAGE. The SOCTteachings collectively make up what we call the 7th message” ~ E.W.King

Dingy Guru Eric is at it again.  He has written a letter to the world thanking everyone fore paying attention to his messages.
Nations Who Heed “The Seventh Message” will prosper!
~Positive changes in 2014
Here Mr. Eric W. King gives a strong and positive message regarding the current progress of the “Seventh Message”. The Seventh Message involves adhering to the teachings of SOCT and how they are positively effecting world peace. Please read and share!
Guru Eric let the United Nations know about his message which claims "education" is necessary to stop WWIII (which is currently going on.)

I will give you one guess as to where the "good leadership & good education" is going to come from....
What this world is lacking is Good Leadership & Good Education! ~
The Seventh Message states to the entire world; “Another world war may be the only hope…but a sad thing it would be. Global Sovereignty will stop world wars…nothing else can. This planet has been given a window to accept this message. The window opened on October 7th 2011. The United Nations is receiving this message.” ~E.W.King-
His new age enlightenment message says that the world needs to build new schools and find religious tolerance:
One thing that we here at SOCT have addressed is the way we must look at global education. I stated in a past article; “Once some stability is gained in the dangerous regions let us build schools. If we love all of humanity then we must truly teach the importance of religious tolerance and this must be taught from childhood up. If it is not then we will keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I realize that education is very different in other parts of the world. Some children are blessed with great material and others with trash. We need to make proper material accessible to those whom we are trying to free from tyranny. Education is key!”~

“Proper education should be made available to everybody. This should be a global effort. Enlightenment starts with proper education. Stability -political and social- starts with people who have had a good education. Anant Agarwal (CEO, edX) stated; “Education should be available to everybody, just like the air we breathe.”—E.W.King
Next he thanks India for implementing some of his measures...through democracy.
We are extremely excited about India’s new growth and plans of economic development. We have stated that the more India sides with democratic operating systems they well get our support. India’s people are truly a ‘people of peace’. SOCT is honored to have many students located there. ~
Next Guru King states that he is deeply saddened by the lack of leadership from churches in stopping the spread of Ebola.  Never fear though, Guru King and crew are ready to step up!
SOCT has actually been saddened by lack of the so called “big Christian” organizations to help in the Ebola outbreak. SOCT is grateful to what Pres. Obama has done to aid in this tragic situation. SOCT students have been and currently are offering our help in this issue. ~
Guru King then thanks NATO for listening to his message and implementing some of it:
SOCT is grateful to the NATO alliance. These countries are heeding “The Seventh Message” in their collective fight against terrorism. Only by this cooperation will the Seventh Message usher in the needed time of peace for global stability. We would like to see Germany get more involved in this matter. The Seventh Message states; ~
 Guru King has went from Christianity to Hare Krishna to Seventh Day Adventist, to Armstrongism and now to New Age malarkey.    Divine intelligence is waiting for you in Guru King's cult:
“Part of our mission is to allow the laws of science to merge with social and moral development of mankind. We need to be brave enough to stop clinging to old belief systems which do nothing but harm ourselves and others. Most all humans have reached a higher comprehension level than the present ancient religions have to offer. Public morals and values need to be reevaluated. No matter what kind of sentimental connection we may have to old beliefs that don’t work, we must let them go. We thus begin to replace the old system with the new and more enlightened system.  We must now separate fact from fiction. Will you join us on this bold journey into a better way? Divine Intelligence is waiting for us to grow to the next step. Are we willing and able? All things are possible with Divine Strength.” – E.W.King
I think the best news of all is that he claims to have received requests to start teaching his message in the Middle East.  With any luck ISIS will welcome him with open arms and keep him.  Though I expect they will do much worse to Guru King and his followers than give them a welcome meal of cookies, dates and warm camel's milk.
SOCT students are stressing to leaders that they would like to see more public and open talks about funding some new educational program to help our fellow humans in the Middle East. The entire globe should be involved in this project. We need to open up doors for teachers to get involved outside the United States. We need to prepare children to meet the future with hope. We need to start investing in proper education for radical parts of the planet that need our help.”-

“Civilizations are not a biological achievement as much as they are a cultural achievement.  Because of this fact morals and values must be taught and handed down. Moral advancement will only come through and by proper education.”-

“Proper family and home upbringing should start now for those we wish to help. The function of the home is not to make sure that everybody is always happy but instead it is a school of its own which helps to insure the proper survival of the race and culture. This can only happen through proper education, both private and public. We need to train on proper thinking skills. It is taught in circles of psychology and ‘logic science’ that you cannot teach a person how to “think”. However, true and clear thinking is in fact a skill. True skill is taught and practiced and not something that comes necessarily as ‘natural’.”

“So again, “we” cannot go over to these Middle Eastern countries and drop bombs every time they get too “out of hand”. These people are humans like the rest of us. WE ARE ALL HUMANS! Why can’t we begin to help them become stronger through proper education? We all need to begin to develop a proper relationship. Why do we have the United Nations if they cannot understand this fact regarding education?”-

“What we need to understand is the fact that relationships are simultaneously tenacious and fragile. Proper human identity is what needs to be developed for true stability andequilibrium in all of our thoughts and actions. This will help us all to better understand the differing portions of our selves. We need to start calling each other HUMANS…plain and simple.” – E.W.King


Anonymous said...

A letter to all the world, you say!


Byker Bob said...

There is a character on South Park, actually the alter-ego of the young boy known as "Butters". Professor Chaos is his name, and he is constantly developing impotent little plots such as leaving his parents' garden hose on in an attempt to flood the world. He imagines earth-shaking consequences for these plots, but they always end up being nearly unnoticeable, not even causing minor inconvenience. I've often wondered if Trey Parker and Matt Stone might have based Professor Chaos on some of the minor ACOG splinter leaders, and their stupid theories, plans, and prophecies.

After a brief absence, it looks like Eric King is the leading candidate for Professor Chaos, 2014.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the Beatnik Kick???


Anonymous said...

Eric sure seems to be reinventing himself lately, and not in a good way. Prophet, political analyst, church leader, beatnik, UFO nut, Native American spiritualist- he's becoming quite the renaissance man through his journey to arrive at bat-shit insane.

old EXPCG hag said...

He must be on meth! signed: A. Hardin, ex sheriff in the Hood.

Anonymous said...

This makes me think of those "analogy" questions that are sometimes on academic tests.

Here's one I thought of-

Guru Eric King is to a humble person, as

A) Butters Stotch is to Eric Cartman.
B) Christine O'Donnell is to Satan.
C) Barney Fife is to Andy Taylor.
D) Speed Racer is to Racer X.
E) Uncle Fester is to Gomez Addams.

The answer is: "Barney Fife is to Andy Taylor."

Yes, Eric King is the ACOG's very own Barney Fife!

Anonymous said...

"We are here to help with the Ebola Crisis." GREAT! I'm sure the CDC is relieved and thrilled to have the help. The CDC will probably announce this at their next briefing on CNN. "Honey, turn on the TV, I think they are about to announce Eric King is on board with them."

Anonymous said...

Well I guess THAT problem is solved. What a relief. So many lives saved.

Maybe Eric could tackle that genocide in Darfur now? That one is a little overdue. Don't know why he seems to be dragging his feet on solving that one. Just a little wave from his magic wand should do it.

Anonymous said...

Eric King is a strange guy. On some levels he's more of a common man type than your average cog prophet come lately- though admittedly he has a strange grab bag of interest and beliefs.

On the other hand, he speaks at times with an arrogance that surpasses even that of Thiel. It's apparent that's he's not especially smart, which makes him look that much worse.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

What is SOCT?


Redfox712 said...

Gerald Flurry's new book, The Former Prophet: How to Become a King, is now out.

Here is what Gerald Flurry said to justify his draconian no contact policy in this book. He has no shame.

"What does this have to do with us today? Probably the biggest problem in God’s Church today revolves around essentially the same issue! God instructs us to cut off contact with those who have turned away from God (Romans 16:17; 2 Thessalonians 3:6, 14 and many other verses). The Laodiceans, who have rebelled against God, do not believe these scriptures; they reason that it is more loving and righteous to be friends with such people.

"GOD'S LOVE SAYS TO CUT THEM OFF. If they want to run around in rebellion against God, let them go! If we maintain contact with them, Satan will use them to destroy us! Satan would like them to stick around so they can do their dirty work in the Church of God.

"That is what these physical examples are to teach us. We want to help anybody we possibly can—but if they are Laodicean and want to go their own way, we must cut off contact with them. This is a lesson we have to learn! If we don’t keep this in mind, then we will make a lot of mistakes. Now, it is possible to go overboard in the other way—we need always to make sure we are doing it God’s way.

"We must keep the big picture in mind. This is all a work of mercy. God is doing this work in such a way that He can save the GREATEST NUMBER OF PEOPLE! That is what it is all about!" (Chapter 2, p. 32.)

NO2HWA said...

Science of Christian if there is anything scientific or Christian coming out of this as swipe!

Anonymous said...

You almost have to wonder whether some of these mini-splinter "leaders" have seen their doctors, and have gotten their medical marijuana cards prior to the Feast. Some of this ridiculous stuff they come out with makes me think that they are loaded when they write it.

Eric King: "Pffttt. Oh, man, this is some really good stuff!!! I know what we can do!! We can insert ourselves into this Ebola thing, man!!! Like who's to say that the CDC actually doesn't know about us?"

Bob Thiel: "Wow, man, Now I know why Paul always bragged about getting stoned! I wonder what kind of certs I need to write marijuana scrips for my massage patients. Maybe I should get into prostate massages, too."

Davey Pack: "Ah, lights, man! That's the one thing the AC campus had that I'm missing! Colored lights on the trees, stream bed, and fountains. Maybe I can get people to tithe their income tax return this year so we can get our lights!"

Flurry: "Man, I feel so lethargic! Oh, crap, now I'm like really freaking out! This stuff is what makes Laodeceans. I may have to put myself out of my own church, and instruct my family to shun me!"

Malm: "This is an awesome experience! There's just got to be a whole new set of laws and spiritual principles that we can visualize and trip out on!"

~Miguel de la Rodente

Corky said...

NATO is heeding this joker's message? Does anyone in their right mind believe such nonsense?