Saturday, December 27, 2014

Eric King Says New UFO Movie: Hangar 52 "We Are Not Alone" Is Based Upon His Teachings

Eric King believes his teachings about UFO's is a major part of the above movie.  If this clip is any indication of the quality of the final movie then it proves that King is as silly as the bad acting.

Eric writes:

Hanger 52 ~ New UFO movie based alot on Eric’s “SOCT” teachings!

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SOCT Extraterrestrial Theological Knowledge

one of his acolytes says:

COGSRdude says:
all other COG groups have there heads spinin

Yep, they are "spinin" at the asinine stupidity that they just watched. The idiocy that Armstrongites attach value to is just amazing.  They cannot pay any attention to the Jesus dude, but slobber all over UFO, Illuminati, trialteralists, and ever other conspiracy theory out there. 


Anonymous said...

"Eric King Says New UFO Movie: Hangar 52 'We Are Not Alone' Is Based Upon His Teachings"

Of course, it is the other way around. The teachings of kooks like Eric King are based on all the crazy movies they have watched.

Byker Bob said...

The condition of the folks in this group is one identifiable final resting place to which Armstrongism will lead one.

You'd almost think Eric was collecting his members from classic WCG's "Teenage Wasteland" of the 1970s.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Are we sure he's not pulling our chain?

It seems awfully suspicious.

R.L. said...

So is Mr. King going to sue for stealing copyrighted material?

He could be in for a financial windfall, to propel his "work" to new platforms all around the world.

Or did he think to copyright his material at all?

Anonymous said...

Gotta hand it to ol' E.W. He sure does chatter hep patter.

old EXPCG hag said...

I should've been a man, therefore I could be posting, saying stupid stuff and have a cult following and making lots of money by now, but noooooooooo, no such luck!

Retired Prof said...

No, old EXPCG hag, we've gone beyond all that misogyny now. We all know you can do it. Nobody's gonna hold you back. Look at the Weinland women, mother and daughter.

Even in the bad old pre-feminist days, there were women who cashed in. Think Aimee Semple McPherson. In Russelville, Arkansas, back in the 60s there was a woman preacher who had shifted rackets from prostitution to preaching. She capitalized on the connection by calling herself Madam Pugh. You lack the advantage she had of early training, but your title can partially compensate. "Hag" suggests "witch," and surely you can make something of that association in amassing a congregation.

Just think. Like Laura and Audra, you too could soon be shopping in Paris and Vienna.

Anonymous said...

He has pulled a boner