Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Restored Church of God Atlanta Imploding As Dave Pack ADMITS He Lied About Three COG Leaders To Be Killed By His "god"

A reader here sent me a long pdf on things he has seen happening in the Atlanta,Georgia  congregation of Dave Pack's, "Restored" Church of God.

The most telling comment he makes is that supposedly Dave Pack, in a Bible Study on December 20, 2014 ADMITTED that he lied about three COG minsters that were going to be struck down.
  • After announcing that he knew the 3 men (howling shepherds) in 2013, he now admits he doesn’t. Bible Study Dec 20, 2014
This "prophecy" by Dave Pack was one of the most foolish things that he has done so far.  He became the laughing stock of the entire Church of God throughout the world.  Not learning his lesson the first year he made the predictions (2013), he claimed it would happen AGAIN the following year (2014) because his timing was off in 2013.  When that failed last year he went into hiding humiliated but not humbled.

The Atlanta member then says  that the ministry in the RCG are blaming the members (no shocker there!) for their confusion over Dave Pack's failed prophecies and outright lies.
  • PROPHECY. At the beginning of the 1335 Series, he said he will never give dates. The ones he gave have changed 3 times already. Some people are so confused over the prophecy that they thought not to have the Holy Spirit. Their pastors have in fact insinuated that the lack of understanding is a sign of not being close to Christ, but the truth is, there is simplicity in Christ 2 Cor 11:3 If the prophecy was indeed complex, and God revealed it, it would be getting clearer, not fuzzier. 1 Cor 14:33 The one sure sign of the Haggai prophecy applies to RCG. Ministers leaving/being disfellowshipped, Membership plummeting, Finances drying up, Love growing cold. Hag 2:17

Next we hear that Dave's congregations are shrinking.  Just like Armstrongism has always done from the start, when ever things look bad, the church leaders stand up and paint a "rosy" picture.  They lied through their teeth then and still do to this day through Dave Pack and his minions.:

  • b. Local Congregation Growth: Holding steady or losing members is not growth. 
  • c. Overall Church Growth: Gone from right under 3000 to less than half in one year. Listen to an affirmation of the opposite from Bible Study Oct 25, 2014 
  • d. Mr. Armstrong’s quote about Growth, included in: The RCG: Fruit Found Nowhere Else (An Open Letter to the WCG Splinters) Even with a vertiginous declining membership, rosy pictures of growth are announced. Bible Study Dec 20, 2014 
Davey has been on a huge spending spree over the last two years.  In his vain attempt to duplicate all things Herbert Armstrong, and to cover up his dung heap of failures, he has been building new buildings and landscape his cult compound in Wadsworth, Ohio.  No matter how hard he tries, he just CANNOT attain the heights that Armstrong did.  Regardless of that though, he still demands members send him all of their money.  Yet to come is his mini-me auditorium.

  • c. While obscene sums are spent on unnecessary ventures, Ministers are going off Salaries and the sheep suffer 1Tim 5:18  
Just like Rod Meredith and Herbert Armstrong, Pack treats his ministers like dirt. Its their fault that Dave's prophecies failed.  Its their fault that money is not coming in to support Dave and his Sixteen men.  The ministers then turn on the membership treating them far worse that Dave did them.  Its an endless circle of damnation.

  • d. Ministers being scourged, verbally abused, psychologically murdered and blamed for the lack of membership growth in the Church. We have forgotten who grows the Church. 1 Cor 3:7, Acts 2:47
Having lying ministers in the Restored Church of God  is not unique just to them.  The entire ministry of the Churches of God has been filled with lying men all calming they ave some deeper insight to God's word than them embers do.

When things do not go right in the Church of God there is one direct reason for this.  Its the members fault because they GOSSIP!  Been there heard that one before!

  • f. Gossip has been expanded on time and time again. Yet we have heard sermons made up of total hearsay. Sabbath Sermon Nov 22, 2014 g. Harsh loveless affection-less rule over the sheep. Anoint Your Eyes - Pg. 169, Is “That Prophet” Alive Today - Bottom of Pg. 125 & 124 - Pg. 96 - Middle of Pg. 84 


Anonymous said...


Black Ops Mikey said...

You can't be a member, minister, leader / founder in the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia without being a cheat.

Anonymous said...

Just like Rod Meredith and Herbert Armstrong, Pack treats his ministers like dirt.

If you choose to support the lies of Rod Meredith or Dave Pack, in order to draw a paycheck from the tithes of the innocent dupes, you are dirt.

Don't tell me that the ministers don't know Meredith and Pack are willfully lying. Don't tell me that they aren't aware of the double-standards for family members and big tithers. Don't tell me that they aren't aware of the unbiblical demands for inheritances and continual pressure to give money they can't afford to give.

On second thought, if you are an LCG/RCG minister, you are at least a baby wolf, and if you go up high in the organization you are probably a fully grown ravenous wolf. To call you "dirt" would be too kind.

Anonymous said...

Dave is a fraud in a criminal way. The FBI should look closely into his scam. His rankings are also very unamerican. To prove these allegations one need only go to his web site and read some of his booklets, you will see. The letters to brethren and coworkers are secret and hidden from the public because they really go way out there with the insanity. To be called to the retired church of god really means to be gullible and naive enough to believe what Dave sells. There is a good reason why the group,is small; it's because normal folks see instantly that the man is a fraud. Dave likes "like minded people" in his cult group. Of course, who else would give money to this fooler. The day he goes bankrupt will be a joyous event. I am afraid, however, that his little flock will buy some ever changing story about how satan is behind dave's downfall. Some people can be fooled all of the time.

old EXPCG hag said...

This is why you don't follow a goober.

EX-RCG said...

I knew that it would only be a matter of time before the RCG started going downhill.

DP has had many people leave his church over the past 15 years. I am one of them. He has had his time of growth and the work of RCG will eventually come to nothing.

James said...

Dave, Dave, you fucked up! Not only will your corporate credit rating take the big shit, your personal credibility is taking one. Just what do your ministers and your members think of when they hear the prophecies you utter and see the failure before their eyes come to pass?

Dave Pack, your no Herbert Armstrong. Your a failure! At least Herbie was a decent con man.

Connie Schmidt said...

From Dave Pack's letter after his prophetic failure (the old "its not whether it will happen, only a matter of when" routine) ...

"None of this speaks to WHEN the prophecy will be fulfilled. I will certainly never repeat such a mistake. Those who believe the prophecy and are waiting on God will understand how important these elements are once it is fulfilled. Remember, you can wait in God’s Church for this fulfillment...

Byker Bob said...

Know what REALLY made his behavior in this seem so strange? Dave was around in 1972-75! So, he knew. Did he imagine that it is a total accident that ego-driven prophecies fail, and make people leave a church? And that they leave beause they are sick that their lives and financial conditions have been horribly diminished by a false teacher or prophet?

There just aren't words for this and no excuse covers it. What a disgrace!


Anonymous said...

One correction to your post. It is no longer the sixteen suck ups. Gabriel Lischak was apparently fired for believing the prophecy would not take place. They have also fired at least six or eight ministers in the last nine months. Good times at the most fabulous, awesome, greatest cult in the world.

Anonymous said...

These videos they call their church services. I wish we could somehow hack in and add a laugh track when they record their sermons on prophecy. Somehow, it just seems, oh, I don't know! Appropriate?

~Miguel de la Rodente

Minimalist said...

Is the 3000 annual growth or total membership? Has the membership gone down to 1500?

Sweetblood777 said...

I wish that you would have linked or copied the PDF that you received. I for one, would really like to read it.

If you prefer to email it, you can send it to :



RSK said...

We had a lurker around here briefly who told us that if we'd "just listen to Mr Pack you would know that it is not a man speaking but God".

I'd wonder what he thinks now, but I'm really way too familiar with the litany of excuses for false prophets.

Byker Bob said...

While most of us read this stuff and think, "Oh, man, the cheese done finally slipped offa this guy's cracker!", who actually follows someone who is deluded to the point that he believes he's a prophet? Other deluded people!

Some of the members may seem like really nice people, but there is some flaw somewhere deep inside that makes them become willing codependents to deluded megalomaniacs!